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Intentionally Profitable

TheMentorship-Meets-Mastermind Experience for Creative, Growth-Loving Entrepreneurs
Who Want to
Make More Money, Spend Less Time, and Enjoy A Bigger Bite of the Profit Pie

Intentionally Profitable is for sanity-first entrepreneurs who want to grow with alignment, intention and agility.

It is for you if you want more.

A meaningful more.

More money but not at the cost of giving up days (and weeks!) off.

More authority but not at the cost of burning money on ads and PR.

More growth but not at the cost of forgetting what’s most important to you – time doing what you love the most. 

What “more” ^^ looks like is totally up to you.

Build a business that puts money in the bank and time on your calendar.

Step out from the sidelines and shine bright in the spotlight.

Build a fireproof business growth plan that is as unique as you are. Quirks and all.

Ditch “toxic productivity” for a structure and rhythm that works for YOUR life and season.

Foster a connection-first culture and build relationships with intention.

Have a cashflow-rich business that fuels your life goals with savings and a retirement corpus to lean on.

Build processes, systems, team, boundaries. ALL designed to suit you.

You decide what your milestones and goalposts are.
Not someone whose life season (and lived experience!) is dramatically different from yours. 

Intentionally Profitable: Where Mentorship Meets Masterminding for Radical Growth that is Perfect for You.

In this 6-month skillfully structured “mentorMind”, you apply thoughtful strategies designed to help you increase cash flow in your bank account AND white space on your calendar. 

You want more time to play, travel, be, read, bake, sleep. 


You also know that right now… your business will go up in flames (or at the very least, stop ka-chinging) if you step away for a hot minute.

Let’s change this.

For good. For growth.

Over a period of 6 months, you work with an intimate, curated group of entrepreneurs (who, btw, will quickly become your go-to besties for life!) and create a sustainable growth plan for all these areas: 

Scaling Sustainably (and On Your Terms!) is Not a Solo Sport

How will you build an intentionally profitable business?

With a truckload of support and structured-to-you guidance. This mentorship-led mastermind doesn’t leave you floating by yourself in a Slack community. 

Insanely customized 2:1 support

Every month, we’ll meet for a 30-minute 2:1 call so you can get strategic guidance and tailored-to-you advice on what’ll move the needle for YOUR business.

Here’s what that can possibly look like for you: 

  • Want to launch an online program or digital product? Let us create the roadmap and strategy for it. From positioning to pricing, we’ll do it all with you!
  • Stuck with mapping your content marketing strategy? You’ve got us on your team.
  • Planning to take FOUR WEEKS off in April? Totally possible. We’ll show you how.
  • Have a dream client you want to pitch? We’ll show you what to do so you get noticed and can sign them on.
  • Need insight on increasing visibility? You got it.
  • Want to work on creating your signature packages and offerings? We’ll be there, sleeves rolled up, ready to do this.
  • Hiring a CFO? Let’s look at that job ad, outline roles, and responsibilities and help you create workflows and SOPs for onboarding.

Swipe Our Processes and Steal Our Systems

Whether it’s strategies to save and invest more or tactical techniques to make more money with every project, you can ask us ANYTHING and get the actual systems and processes we use to run our $600K+ business. Time to make brain work feel easy!

ONE Seasoned-for-Sales Copy Co-Creation Call with Prerna

Got a sales page you’d like to finesse and finish? Have a couple of sales emails you’d like a pro copywriter to finish up for you?  Use this 60-minute call to do just that.

THREE 15-minute “Get Out of Overwhelm” Jail Calls

Stuck with a client situation and need to talk it out? Have an important guest expert session or podcast coming up and want to know how to capitalize on it? Wondering whether your lead magnet is falling flat and need improve-it-now feedback?  Jump on one of these 2:1 calls with Prerna & Mayank any time during your 6 months.

MONTHLY 60-minute Intentionally Profitable Q&A Calls

Laser-focused and guided by the theme for the month, everyone in the group will have time to get strategic insights from not only us but your peers as well. Think hot seat calls for everyone! Every call will be recorded AND time-stamped and added to the relevant Slack channel so you can revisit it anytime you want.


24/5 WhatsApp and Slack Access

Prefer voice messages? Go for it. Want to record a Loom? Sure thing. You can reach out to us anytime you want with real-time questions or challenges that come up while you’re working on your business growth or profitability plans and get clear, custom-to-you ideas, answers, and advice.

Dedicated Slack Channels

Every focus area will have a dedicated Slack channel so you can brain bump with other Intentionally Profitable peers on specific strategies. Plus this is where we’ll also share those additional resources, like worksheets or idea maps for you to use when working on your own business. And we’ll share what’s working (and not working!) for our business so you can get our “battle plans” and make your own blueprints. 

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

Working on your business is so much easier when you have accountability that doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted or overwhelmed. Depending on what you’re working on, we’ll check in with you every other week so you can update us or chat with us about any roadblock that may have come up.

Access to Past Themed-Group Calls

Get access to all past Intentionally Profitable group calls and guest expert sessions via a handy course dashboard. From understanding how to plan your business finances to navigating lean or slow seasons in business, we have a call for everything!

“Growth Feels Fun” Goodies

Creating intentional profitability with us will always be FUN. Starting with:

  • A gift box packed with goodies for you to enjoy. Mailed to your doorstep. Anywhere in the world.
  • Accountability buddy pairing: After your very first group call, we’ll pair you with a buddy who’ll be in a suitable time zone so you can meet whenever you want and enjoy working on growing your business on your terms.


$1099/month for 6 months.

This is a strict 6-month commitment.

Ready to get on the waitlist for the next cohort?

Prerna Malik Content Bistro


We’re Mayank and Prerna

a husband-wife duo who’ve been doing entrepreneurship on our terms for the last 11 years.

What does that look like?

Dealing with chronic illness. Both of us have chronic health conditions that demand more time off to rest and recover from flareups.

Raising our daughter. She was a toddler when we started. She’s 15 now.

Living in India. While serving a largely US audience. Juggling time zones, insane travel times, tech, and (red) tape has all been part of our growth.

ALL while keeping values front-and-center


Here’s a quick look at our values:


This business started because we, as a family, wanted it. Manini was a toddler and I (Prerna) didn’t want to go back to a corporate job. Mayank was suffering from chronic pain and had to quit his job. This business was the result of us having our backs against the wall. Even today, family is what’s at the heart of it all.

Financial stewardship

Committing to staying debt-free in life and business. Intentionally building a retirement fund (we’re already 40% funded!), a healthy savings corpus, AND a legacy for our daughter. We live this value in our business as well with extended, interest-free payment plans and generous give-back, pay-it-forward initiatives.


Saying “never” to the “Fake it till you make it” mentality and instead committing to teaching what we deeply know and actively do. Honoring our word and showing up to serve with intention and integrity.


We share what’s working and what’s not with complete openness. It’s actually easy to live this one when you aren’t faking it. 😉


Every little thing, right from our call timings to our client appreciation initiatives to our team reflects our love for diversity and deep respect for all ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds.

Our clients include

Intentionally Profitable is where we’ll live these values yet again. With you.

The question here isn’t whether you want a business that makes a certain $$$ amount.

The question here is whether YOU want a business that grows with intention and profitability so you can make more money (and keep it too!). WITHOUT spending every waking minute chained to your laptop or stuck to your phone.

We hope you do.

Exponential growth doesn’t need exponential exhaustion.

There’s a different way. A better way.

We’re in the trenches with our own copywriting business. AND we bring that real-time experience when mentoring you.

There’s a reason your fellow creative entrepreneurs trust us when it comes to their business.

Here’s what they say

With Intentionally Profitable, sure, you’ll make more money.

But what’s even better is that you’ll know how to keep more of it too.

AND you’ll do it without cramming more to-dos on that Notion task database.

Let’s give your business the profitability it deserves
and your planner the breathing space it wants.


Fill out your application today

Umm…Why an application?

We want this to be perfect for you and us. If based on your goals, we determine we wouldn’t be able to help you, we want to be the first to let you know that. This isn’t about filling a room. This is about curating connection and facilitating growth intentionally.

So… What happens after I apply?

Applying doesn’t mean you’re enrolling. If after we review your application, we can see that we’d be able to help you accomplish your goals, we’ll send you a link to book a call with us.

On that call, we’ll chat more about your vision for your business, your season of life, the structure of this mentorship-mastermind, and what we expect to see unfold for your business.

Apply today!

Ready-to-Sell is closed for enrollment now.

Jump on the waitlist to get first dibs when doors open in THREE weeks.

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