Zoe Linda & Prerna Malik present

“Is Copywriting Dead?”

The 3 Skills Copywriters Need to Acquire FAST (and no, AI isn’t one of them) So They Can Charge More, Attract Clients on Demand and Build a Burnout-Free Business

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Imagine being able to roll up to your desk every day, coffee in hand, and power up your inbox to see requests from cool-as-Clooney clients wanting to work with … YOU! 

That’s what I see in my inbox every day! And now YOU can too. 


Plate Up More Sales

Hi! I’m Prerna Malik,

Copyhackers-certified conversion copywriter and course sales strategist extraordinaire. 

I’m SO excited to partner with ______ on this info-packed, do-this-next workshop!

#humblebrag incoming: I’m the brains behind several 6-figure and 7-figure launches and have had the privilege of working with legends like Pat Flynn, Vanessa Lau, Joanna Weibe, Tanya Aliza, Amy Porterfield, and hundreds of other clients. 

“Content Bistro has changed my business…”

– Vanessa Lau, VanessaLau.com

“Prerna is a master at her craft…”

– Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few.

She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.

But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.

But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.”

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copyhackers

Best part?

I’ve done ALL this without … 

Boxing myself into a narrow niche: I’ve written for niches as diverse as Cricut crafting and succulent gardening. 

Living in North America or Europe: My husband-slash-biz partner and I live in India with our daughter. 

Sacrificing my peace of mind and sanity: I work 17.5-hour weeks and we travel as a family at least 4 times a year. 

Now I can’t wait to share my battle-tested secrets and strategies with you. 

You’re part of _____’s community and I can’t wait to get to know you better!

I promise to show up and make these 60 minutes totally worth your while.

12pm Eastern

Here’s what you’ll walk away with after our workshop with Zoe Linda:

Clarity on HOW to position yourself so you aren’t denting your reputation and profitability

Knowledge on HOW to side-step the 3 mistakes most copywriters make that keep them broke, burned out, and scrambling for clients 

The key mindset shift (nooo, no affirmations here!) that leads to an instant uplift in your pricing

Confidence in taking the 3 key steps to help you build a burnout-free, profitable business regardless of economic conditions and AI advancements  (Step #2 barely takes 5 minutes but can 5X your fee!)

Real-world examples so you can see how these steps play out and implement them FAST! 

PLUS, because this is LIVE … you’ll have plenty of time to throw your questions at me! I love a good Q&A round so bring your best questions!

Ready to build a copywriting business that doesn’t hinge on bots or bleed your sanity dry? 

Ready to save time and money by skipping over expensive mistakes that leave most copywriters feeling burned out and overwhelmed? 

Ready to go from being an overlooked on-looker to the go-to expert creators trust and want to hire fast? 

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Read this incredible case study

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