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Pinterest is more than crafts, décor and fashion. Way more than that.

In fact, it is a fantastic way for bloggers, writers, eBook authors to create a community around their content. We’ve already talked about basic and beginner Pinterest marketing tips on the blog earlier… but today, today is different.

Today we’re gonna look at how to use Pinterest for marketing your eBooks smartly.

So smartly that you can double or triple your sales and of course, your community in less than a month.

That’s right.

Pretty bold claim, there but I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this.

Ready? Take a big sip of that coffee, right there, because you’re gonna need it!

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing eBooks So You Can Triple Your Sales in Half the Time

1. Create a Group Board for eBook Readers

Start by creating a group board for folks who buy your eBook.

Through your emails to them, encourage them to join that group board by requesting access and then share pictures of them with their copy of the eBook or their fave takeaways from it shared in a blog post or even, content related to your eBook topic.

It’s a visual and fun way of creating a community around your eBook instantly. If any of your eBook readers are active on Pinterest, the group board and it’s pins will be visible in their feeds as well, expanding your reach instantly and easily.

2. Create a Set of Inspiring Quotes or Excerpts from Your eBooks

I did this with all my eBooks and have since done it for clients too. It’s a strategy that works really well on all networks but more so on Pinterest {and also, Instagram}.

You can use a free tool, like Canva, Picmonkey or an app, like Wordswag to create gorgeous images complete with your quote and then, pin them to relevant boards.

Don’t restrict pinning those quotes to just ONE board though. See strategy #6 to see how you can pin to multiple boards without spamming people!

PowerPinPunch: Make sure when you pin the quotes, you edit the description to make it appealing and persuasive, by using compelling copy and also, that you add the URL or link to your eBook sales page or a blog post sharing that eBook.

3. Dedicate a Pinterest Board to your eBook Topic

Next, create a Pinterest board {or two!} that’s dedicated to your eBook topic. For instance, if you’ve written an eBook on toilet training toddlers, create a board dedicated to all toilet training tips or even, toilet training tools.

Not only will you be adding great value for your followers by pinning thoughtfully curated content, but you’ll have an opportunity to share your eBook as well as content related to your eBook on those boards, regularly and easily enough.

4. Dedicate a Pinterest Board to Your eBook Freebies

This one is another often-ignored but super powerful Pinterest marketing strategy to help you build a {caffeinated} buzz about your eBook!

Create a board where you pin all your eBook launch freebies, guest posts, interviews, giveaways and more. You can title it “Free [topic of eBook] Resources”

Not only will it help you to drive traffic towards those posts that talk about your eBook but you’ll also be adding value to your community by sharing info-packed content.

5. Host a Contest to Connect with Readers  

Pinterest contests are popular and have been pretty much done-to-death.

But how about a contest that shines a focus on connection.

That’s right.

Y’see… At Content Bistro, we’re all about creating content that creates community, increases conversions and most importantly, connects.

So, on that note, for a Pinterest power punch that supercharges eBook sales, you need to host a contest that focuses on connecting with your readers.

Create an eBook-themed pin, linking to your eBook sales page with the condition that readers need to comment on the pin in order to enter.

Some of the comment “ideas” can be:

One thing that they’re struggling with related to the eBook topic

One thing that they loved about the eBook  {good for purchases!}

One thing that they want to know more about related to eBook topic

Join them in the comments, replying to them and actually, connecting with them. Getting to know you will not only encourage them to read your eBook but also, continue to stay connected with you!

6. Use a Tool to Space Your Pins Out

Finally, and most importantly, it’s super easy to get excited and push a ton of pins out but with that you run the risk of spamming your community. Ugh!

That’s why… you need a tool. We love Buffer for this, but there are others, like Tailwind that help you do this too.

Scheduling pins out keeps your feed fresh and fabulous while helping you save time too 😉

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