how to accomplish you blogging, income and business goals without stress and overwhelming.

So, has the freshness of January and a new year worn off yet?

Is the year already feeling like the last and the year before that as far as your business goals go?

Does that momentum seem to have lost its way?

You aren’t alone, my friend.

That is one of the reasons, resolutions have been known to fail.

When the year starts, we’re all excited about a fresh, clean slate and everything seems possible, achievable, doable.

We set impossible goals and they seem possible.

But when the fresh dawn of January starts to give way to February and the rest of the year, reality sets in.

After all, the year did change, but our life, it’s seasons, our personality, our needs and wants, and to an extent, even our skills is pretty much the same.

We are the same person.

So, does that mean, you stop setting blogging, income and business goals that push you, stretch you, make you wonder “Can I, really?”

Oh no!

You do that.

You do just that.

You set goals that light your heart up.

You set goals that scare you.

You set goals that stretch you in ways you didn’t even know you could be stretched.

But instead of drowning your overwhelm in a jar of Nutella…or wine..or Nutella with achieving those goals, you get the tools or resources you need to turn those goals from line items on a sheet of paper to actual, tangible results.

Yes, all your goals are get-able if you have the right resources handy.

For instance, one of our top goals this year is to double our email list from 5,000 subscribers to 10,000. Does it stretch me? Sure does.

But I know it can be done if I have the right resources handy. That’s one of the reasons, I ended our longterm love affair with Mailchimp and hooked up with ConvertKit . But I digress.

See, the thing is I know ConvertKit offers way more features and functionalities to help me give my email subscribers the best experience ever. That goes a long way in keeping people on my list and engaging with them.

Top 5 Business Goals for Every Entrepreneur

On that note, here are the top 5 business goals that every entrepreneur, big or small, makes every.single.year. The shape and form may differ from niche to niche but the broad outline remains the same.

1. Goal: Increase Revenue

Let’s be honest.

We all have this goal. I mean, we make a full-time income and we still want to increase our revenue. 😉 Because really, who wants to stagnate? Moving forward, even with income, is integral to our existence as an entrepreneur.

On that note, if increasing your income or revenue is one of your goals, you can do that by

a) Selling more products- physical or digital

b) Getting more clients, if you’re a service-based business

c) Monetizing your blog, if you’re a blogger.

d) Finally, taking the plunge and starting a work-from-home business

And here are the handy-dandy, good-for-business resources that will make these goals happen.

Here are your ready-to-go resources:

Want to sell more products? Get Delectable Done-for-You Product Descriptions. It works wonders on increasing sales and turning browsers into buyers.

Want to monetize your blog? Reserve a Coffee N Critique session to identify what elements need fixing and what monetization avenues you can explore successfully.

Want to get more clients? Revamp your sales pages with sizzlingly scrumptious sales copy that speaks to your target audience and leads to faster bookings.

Want to finally take that scary step and start working from home but don’t know where to go or what to do? How to be a Work-at-Home Mom walks you through the steps you need to take in order to succeed and also, balance the home and biz elements with ease.

2. Goal: Increase Brand Visibility and Awareness

Is one of your business goals to be more out there?

Spread the word about what you do and have a rock solid brand presence?

Establish yourself as an expert in your niche and be the go-to person for all the awesome brand building campaigns and joint ventures?

Be invited to speak at conferences, contribute to leading publications, lead booked out summits and retreats?

These are the resources you need:

The Go Bananas Blog Package is perfect for creating a blog that brings your brand alive, showcases your expert status and spotlights your value, vision and voice.

Affiliate Abundance is what you need if you’d like your affiliates to be your brand ambassadors with ease and effortlessness. It gives you everything you need to help your affiliates share your products while building your brand visibility, just the way you want to.

3. Goal: Increase Engagement and Grow an Online Community

Is social media sucking the life out of you and you want to stop feeling overwhelmed with it all? Is your goal to grow your Facebook or Twitter following?

Do you want to have a consistent presence on social but honestly, hate crafting those updates?

These are the goal-getting resources to help you sizzle up your engagement and finally, have that awesome community your biz or blog deserves:

Craft killer content and updates for social media and blog with Content Cookbook. It is THE recipe book that I’ve personally used to build communities reaching hundreds of thousands and to craft updates that are bound to engage, interest and connect.

Want to take a sassy shortcut instead? Snag a copy of The Social Spread. It’s jampacked with 600+ ready-to-use updates that are designed to increase engagement, traffic, and brand visibility while reflecting your voice and vision. It’s seriously the best in the industry and I don’t think there’s anything like that.

Speaking of shortcuts and best in the industry, if you’d rather just have custom updates but don’t want to sweat the creation process, you’ll accomplish your social media goals with Grab and Go, gourmet custom-created social media updates at pocket-friendly prices.

And finally, if you’ve been finding managing your social media presence just way too much of a drain on your energy and productivity levels, it’s time to get a completely done-for-you solution. Where you have a dedicated community manager create your updates, share them with you AND also, engage with your community, while you can focus on doing what you truly enjoy doing.

4. Goal: Increase Traffic

Maybe your goal is to increase traffic. To increase traffic, you can do a few things:

You can start to blog, if you haven’t already.

You can blog more often.

You can use SEO to woo organic traffic from the search engines.

Want to know what would help you accomplish this goal?

The Go Bananas Blog package has been known to make traffic go bananas in a good way. From increasing your search engine rankings to getting readers to share your stuff, it does it all.

5. Goal: Work Less, Travel More

Finally, if like most entrepreneurs, you crave for more work-life balance and want to free up your calendar, so you can work less, earn more, travel the world… you know what you gotta do, right?

You need to evaluate your goals and priorities and say “yes” to the resources that help you do that. Whether you take social media off your plate with a community manager or reduce the time and effort blogging and email newsletters take, it’s your choice.

Choose wisely.

I know budget is a constraint for many of us, so step back, pause a while, review your goals and how they tie in with your overall business plan and then, act.

Business Goal Setting

Because without action, goals remain just that… goals.

Clear, decisive, well-thought out actions are what make goals go from dreams in our heads to real results in our hands.

So, which one of these business goals are you shooting for? Share with me in the comments!

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