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Struggling to sell your courses because what worked in 2020 doesn’t fly any more?

Wondering how to charge high-ticket for your copywriting services and deliver with confidence? 

Frustrated that even though you’re doing all the things, you aren’t where you’d like to be?

The Sales Kitchen

Prerna Malik

Sizzling Strategy, Sparkling Copy,
Strong-on-Sales Launches

A FREE 5-part course, complete with community and LIVE calls, to give you the confidence to think like a strategist and write like a human!

Let’s be honest, fellow entrepreneur … 

Marketing and selling an online course feels more challenging than ever in 2023. 

Given the constantly changing socio-economic landscape, it’s no surprise the traditional game plans for online launches aren’t cutting it anymore. 

Whether you’re a course creator or a copywriter who writes for course creators, chances are you’re exhausted. 🤯

The tactics that worked in the past fall flat like a batch of rogue muffins. 😭

“Proven” launch blueprints have left you (and your bank balance!) burned to a crisp. 

Every other day, you find yourself signing up for yet another tool or template and sending up a prayer that it might be the answer to fixing your launches or evergreen funnels. 

(Narrator: it isn’t!)

Your course’s marketing campaign isn’t a microwave meal.
Don’t treat it like one.

Hi! I’m Prerna Malik,

Copyhackers-certified conversion copywriter and sales strategist for course creators who want to serve and sell, fearlessly and intentionally. 

I’m the co-founder of Content Bistro and the brains behind several profit-rich (yesss, 6-figure and 7-figure!) launches in niches as diverse as astrology, homesteading, natural health and wellness, stitching, skincare, Cricut crafting, bridal haircare, and of course, online marketing. 

Over the last few years, I’ve extensively tested sales strategies that have single-handedly increased opt-in conversion rates, webinar show-up rates, and most importantly, course sales. 

Yes, I’m a seasoned strategist and copywriter who’s not only actively working with clients but is also teaching what works, so you can cut out the confusion and amp up that confidence. 

Because sales, like copy, is totally learnable!

I can’t wait to share everything I know with you so you can stop flinging limp spaghetti at the proverbial wall and give your online course marketing campaigns the Michelin treatment.

2022 Launch and Copy Stats

Launches and Evergreen Funnels

Sales Pages


$$$ from copy projects

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few.

She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.

But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.

But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.”

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copyhackers

“We were preparing for a launch of our private membership Stitch Club but were struggling to find ways of conveying the benefits in fresh and exciting ways.

You came highly recommended from a trusted source and exceeded our expectations. I guess our one hesitation was paying for copy – up until this point we’ve always written everything ourselves.

BUT we loved it all because you were so approachable and open. The process was thorough, but not overwhelming. 

I felt you worked extremely hard to get to know our particular community and write with them in mind. It felt like a fully tailored and bespoke experience.

As a result of working with you, we were definitely able to focus our attention on other areas, which meant the videos we produced to go along with the launch were of a better standard than ever before. 

The emails were a big success – I was slightly worried about sending so many and in a slightly different tone to anything we’d sent before – but the messaging really resonated. 

The email copy and strategy resulted in our most successful launch of Stitch Club ever, with over 1,350 new members signing up for a monthly subscription, taking us to 4,000 members in total, which is the most we’ve ever had!

Joseph Pitcher

Stitch Club

“You did excellent research on our product and audience before you got started on the copy. You gave us a fantastic promotion structure for our website copy and email campaigns. 

You were always on time. 

You developed a campaign that was successful in helping us reach our list-building and revenue goals!

The largest impact was the structure you provided and the time you freed up so that I did not have to originate the sales message and copy. 

It was a very successful campaign with average open rates over 46%, click rates over 8% I believe during the campaign and sales conversions over 5%. 

These were all OVER our goals!”

Josh Thomas

Founder, School of Traditional Skills

Step Into The Sales Kitchen for a Healthy Serving of Strategy
and a Solid Side of Copywriting Techniques

Lesson 1: The Michelin-Starred Menu for Stress-Free and Profit-Rich Launches

In this meaty first video lesson, you’ll discover how to:

Create a campaign that doesn’t fall flat when selling in crowded niches or to skeptical audiences 

Use secret (but totally ethical!) persuasion propellers to increase sales with every message you send out

Create your own 3S Copy Suite so you can make magic with your words and build genuine connections with your customers 

Deploy 5 proven “copy engineering” strategies designed to reduce friction and double conversions

Lesson 2: Preventing Copy {Kitchen} Disasters

In this spicy-like-salsa lesson, you’ll uncover: 

The #1 mistake most course creators make when planning sales campaigns

The fatal-for-sales approach that can crush your conversions like an empty soda can

The 3 culprits behind a sales campaign gone bad

The 3D strategy for planning your course relaunch without second-guessing or worse, winging it

Lesson 3: The Million-Dollar Launch Mise-en-Place

Time to roll up your sleeves, marketing masterchefs! With this easy-paced lesson, you’ll become a pro at:

Mapping out the 3 most important phases of any online course sales campaign (Nooo, they’re not pre-launch/launch/post-launch!)

Optimizing an online offer so it sparkles like a diamond in a coal mine!

Excavating key messages your perfect customer wants to hear

Strategizing and planning campaigns that don’t crash and burn

Lesson 4: Whipping Up a Resistance-Melting, Friction-Free Sales Page

Now that you have your offer and strategy in place, you’ll whip up the words with:

A step-by-step recipe to write the most powerful sales page without struggling for a milisecond 

3 distinct ways to write your bio section so it brings your expertise to life

Tested strategies to remove objections and present your offer so it grabs attention and opens wallets

Real-world examples so you can see how each section can be the same and still stay unique

Lesson 5: Sauce Up Sales with These Next Steps

Not gonna leave you hangin’! In this last video lesson, you’ll get:

Those all-important next steps so you can confidently face any sales campaign and not let it stress you out! 

PLUS! A chance to join your fellow sales scientists inside Ready-to-Sell and save on the enrollment fee


The Sales Kitchen Pop-Up Community

This pop-up community will give you the perfect space to ask questions as they come up when you watch the video lessons. 

Not only that, but if you have a funnel or launch you plan to test these strategies on, this is the place to ask questions as you implement!


Sell Strong with LIVE Strategy Sessions

Imagine sitting down with me to map out your sales strategy. Well, you get just that with The Sales Kitchen. In fact, you get not one, but TWO live (virtual) strategy sessions. 

Session 1 on May 10th, 10 AM EDT/7 AM PDT/ 7:30 PM IST/3PM BST will focus on strategy related Q&As. 

Session 2 on May 12th, 10 AM EDT/7 AM PDT/ 7:30 PM IST/3PM BST will tackle all your copy-related Q&As!. 

Each group session will be via Zoom and broadcast in the Facebook community too. 

(Sidenote: I charge $1997 for a 60-minute strategy session and you get TWO of these for $0!)

What Copywriters and Course Creators
Say About My Teaching Skills

I loved getting to learn from Prerna and see her approach to her work! It’s really helped shape how I’m approaching my own client work. 

Jaimie McDonald

Copywriter, Jaimie Lee Creative

Why wouldn’t you want to study with a copywriter whose words were responsible for the conversions in several multi-6 and 7-figure course launches?

Jackie Sunga


I have learned SO much about how to strategize for sales, beginning at the very first step of the process. I feel confident that I can use these steps to sell anything because they’re backed by data, they’re not sleazy, and they’re aimed at being supportive to clients.

Steph Hall

Course Creator, Nine Types

I’ve never taken a copywriting course, so this was all gold for me. I learned so many new strategies that will help me in all aspects of my business! Emails, social media, sales pages—all the things! I just loved that it addressed so many different aspects of a business in such a practical and USABLE way!

I feel like I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. I know how to create an online course and I know how to teach, but learning how to market and sell the course is another skill set.” 

Andrea Davis

Course Creator, Better Screen Time

With a rapidly changing sales and marketing landscape,
copy alone isn’t going to cut it

Let’s be honest here. 

With the reality of a recession knocking on the front door and AI knocking on the backdoor, the “same ol’, same ol’” approach to launches and evergreen funnels won’t help. 

What will? 

Approaching sales fearlessly with the flair of a creative and the precision of a scientist. 

You need to know that writing great copy is yes, a coveted skill, but more than that you need to think like a strategist — a marketing Masterchef, a sales scientist. 

When you blend your strategic side with your creativity, you’ll be unstoppable!

Join us in The Sales Kitchen
this May IF …

You’re a copywriter who’d like to add “sales strategist” to your skillset and do so with confidence

You’re a course creator who wants to understand how to not only plan launches that don’t leave you feeling like a limp noodle but also how to write copy that sparkles and sizzles

You’ve been writing copy for a while but are struggling to see it convert

You’re excited at the idea of coming up with complex launch strategies and figuring out what a particular sales campaign needs (Hint: it’s not always copy *gasp*!)

You want to (finally!) figure out the secret sauce behind charging high-ticket for your copywriting services AND be confident delivering as well!

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