“I am still learning.”–Michelangelo

 This is a quote I found in Pat Flynn’s amazing book for business owners, Let Go, and it seemed perfect to kick off a brand-new series here where every month, we’ll share one seriously amazing business book to help you, the busy, time-starved business owner, become the best you can be.

 On the Bookshelf: Let Go by Pat Flynn

The book, autobiographical yet educational and eye-opening, is Pat Flynn’s account of how he was “let go” from his “job” and how that became the best thing to happen.

Pat Flynn is the owner of Smart Passive Income, one of my all-time favorite sites for everything legit about making money online, via affiliate and content marketing. His emails and blog posts are one of the very few that I wholeheartedly enjoy opening, reading and applying.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Let Go as part of being an Ambassador for the book and happily wasn’t disappointed.

 Learning from Failing

Losing one’s job or being laid off is everyone’s worst nightmare. Pat’s story is no different. He was doing well, but with the recession, came an event he’d not planned for. But there’s a lesson in every failing, every stumble, every fall.

As Pat says, “The best and worst things that happen in life are usually the things that happen unplanned. There are miracles and there are misfortunes. Big breaks and big let downs. We remember those single moments in life like scenes from a movie we didn’t expect. But how we react and live life after those moments is what shapes who we become.”

The book describes how he turned around a misfortune into a fortune.  No hype. No drama. No trying to sell you a dream. Seriously.

 What I Loved About this Business Book

Although it is Pat’s story, there is something in Let Go for everyone. The uncertainity, the fears, the doubts, the holding back, the joy of finding something that works, the thrill of that first dollar. Yes, I can relate to every single one of these emotions and can see how you would too.

The other thing that really drew me to Let Go is that it encourages, in fact, pushes you to  test your boundaries and go out of your comfort zone to really create the life you want for yourself. You don’t have to wait to be let go. You can start right now. Where you are.

Pat’s vision is completely in line with my own, “I wasn’t on someone else’s predetermined path; I was out there creating my own.”

Finally, the book gives you a glimpse into every aspect of Pat’s life with its multimedia content. From interviews with his wife and father to traveling with him when he’d take the train to work, you can experience it all.  It also shows you that overnight successes do take a long time in the making and they do require excellent quality and some amount of work. Yes, there is no get-rich-quick scheme.

I think Let Go is an inspiring read for time-starved business owners because it is personal, real and even, raw with emotion. Something that most business books aren’t.

It leaves you with an important lesson that you, yourself are the creator of your destiny.  Now am off to watch Back to the Future and write a letter to my younger self. Why? Read the book to find out! **smiling**

“The best thing to do is just let go.” ~ Pat Flynn {Click to tweet it out!}

Are YOU creating your own path? Share with me how in the comments below!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of Let Go and yes, this post includes affiliate links to Amazon which means I make a small amount of latte money if you buy through me. However, I wouldn’t be sharing it with you if it weren’t seriously awesome. 

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