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Rave Reviews. Real Successes.


Copywriting skills seasoned to perfection

(Don’t believe us though. Listen to what these legends say!)

“I can’t speak more highly about Prerna and working with her. She is a master at her craft.”
– Pat Flynn

“Prerna and team, they don’t just do copywriting.  What I appreciate most about them is they are so focused on sales and strategy.”
– Vanessa Lau

“It is almost like you have a business coach and a copywriter all the same time. Working with Prerna directly in just January of this year alone we did $65,000 in sales.”
– Brad Bizjack

“I had a 6-figure launch. I’ve made back my money more and more with her service, so I’m very thankful for that!”
– Cara Clyne

“One of the emails generated us $100,000. Overall, we had a $786K launch!”
– Tanya Aliza

“Prerna is a master at doing research and helping you optimize what you offer. Her beautifully written copy helped us double our membership in 10 days.”
– Heather Eland

Give your launches the Content Bistro advantage!

(AKA burnout-proof, profit-focused, connection-fueled)

“I really have no idea where my launch would be without Prerna.

Prerna wasn’t just a contractor I sent a project to and waited for it to be completed, she completely integrated herself within my business.

Prerna and the team pulled out all the stops, did everything I hoped for and SO much more than I could have even dreamt about.

And after Prerna delivered the sales page and emails, she could have signed off and sent me the bill, but instead, she followed up every step of the way, kept my team accountable, asked the tough questions, and was available for everything we needed.

Prerna didn’t limit herself to her role in the launch only, she jumped on calls, gave ideas, recommendations and weighed in on all the aspects of the launch (she could have easily ignored).

I have never worked with a service provider like Prerna before, and I swear I have no idea how I will ever work with anyone else again.”

Talia Wolf

Get Uplift

“Prerna crafted copy that completely connected with our customer’s core struggles and challenges and, at the same time, spotlighted how our program could help them resolve those struggles easily and effectively.

I love how she took the thoughts and ideas we had put together and created powerful, engaging copy that beautifully represents the love and concern we have for our community.

We hired her to write our email sequence and then ended up hiring her to do our sales page too!

As a business owner, it’s such a relief to find someone as capable, kind, and awesome as Prerna!”

April Perry Wilson

Founder, LearnDoBecome

“Prerna is an expert at online persuasion. In a matter of days, she wrote a long-form sales page for me that touched on every pain point and desire my audience felt, and nudged them to purchase the solution that would solve their problem.

The page that Prerna wrote for me brought me over $17k within 20 days. I would most definitely work with Prerna again!”



I can’t say enough wonderful things about Prerna and her work. She not only found the perfect name and tagline for my course, but she wrote a phenomenal sales page that shares the heart of Gainful Growth so well.

I recommend her copywriting to everyone that needs to better connect with the people they serve.

Alli Worthington

Author, Speaker, Business Coach

“I loved the copy that Prerna wrote for my sales page and evergreen email sequence. But the ultimate test was seeing if it converted. And it did! Using the new copywriting and sales sequence we had our biggest promotion ever! Almost THREE times more than our previous promotion! And now that it is set up on “evergreen”, we hit our sales goal of one course per day — something I’ve been trying to reach for over a year! I would definitely say investing in working with Prerna on our evergreen launch copy was worth it :)”

Cassidy Northrup Tuttle

Succulents and Sunshine

My Copywriting “Guru”!

That’s what I call Prerna!

I love this lady!  She has helped me and my business sooo much!

Not only has she helped me to grow my business – she helped me to realize my self-worth as a business owner.

You see – I’m very good at what I do – that’s teaching and helping people grasp difficult to learn concepts… but I’m NOT GOOD AT WRITING.

In fact, I hate it and because I was putting it off it was crippling my business and my growth.

Not only did she learn about “ME” as a person from our conversations, questionnaires, etc… she actually took the time to research me!  YEP!!  

She googled me, scoured my facebook and Instagram pages, read each of the 175 YELP Reviews and over 100 Facebook reviews!!  WHEW!!  

She took my thoughts, wants, and needs and was able to put them in words in a way that represented “me” and “my voice”!  

When I first began to receive copy from Prerna –  I was like “YES – that’s exactly what I wanted to say but didn’t know how!”

When we first started – it was for one product and one sales page. 

Our relationship has expanded into over 9-10 evergreen sales funnels.

The result? My income has tripled!

When we first started – I was earning approx $5,000 – $6,000 a month with my existing course and sales page – so it was a very “difficult” decision for me to invest over $4,000 in a copywriter and pray that it works out..

But let me tell you – My income has skyrocketed! 

My courses are now earning over $20k a month and I’ve only implemented 50-60% of the material thus far!!!

I have soo many other course ideas and projects “in my head” that I want to implement in the near future and I’ve forewarned Prerna that she is “stuck with me” for at least another year or so!!

– Artricia Woods

Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Services

Building intentionally profitable businesses,
one bite-sized step at a time

(Power bars for profitability, productivity and peace-of-mind))

Tripled my average revenue during quarantine!

OK, in the last six months I’ve launched three programs. All sold out. 

Wanna know how many I would’ve launched on my own? Zero.

Prerna & Mayank Malik literally walked me through productized services step-by-step and made me launch. They idiot Justin-proofed my plan and refused to let me over-complicate anything. (Looking at you, G-Doc sales page.)

And y’know what? It. Worked. I’m not one to share numbers, but those three simple launches tripled my average revenue during quarantine, without having to write a single word for clients.

And they were my favorite projects ever.”

Justin Blackman

unleashing monsters, one word at a time at Pretty Fly Copy

“I was trying to create an offering that would suit my current personal situation (baby on the way / limited time). I was struggling to nail down what the offering would look like and I had no hesitations about signing up for a Rapid Rise Revenue Session at all to get that clarity.

What I loved the most about this was your passion. I felt really supported. The combination of both your skills was also extremely valuable to get a full picture. Prerna with the creative and Mayank with the numbers. Your session gave me clarity and confidence on what I need to do next AND how to go about it.”

Nikita Morell

“I was looking at repackaging my services and offering a more premium, robust service for my ideal clients.

That’s when I decided to work with you to give me clarity on the offer name, inclusions, pricing, etc.

The session I had with you both has given me the confidence to go ahead and launch my new white-glove experience for my clients. The PDF you sent has been very useful in helping me implement your recommendations. Your contribution has been vital in helping me scale up my business.”

Jyotsna Ramachandran

Happy Self Publishing

They did the brain work for me!

Other coaching mastermind programs require me sharing the mentor’s or coach’s time with other members. If they’re one-on-one then their style of coaching requires me to do the brain-work and come up with my own ideas.

With MMP there was none of that. I got my 2:1 time with Prerna and Mayank AND because they understood what I wanted to achieve in my business and the kind of person I was, they did the brain-work for me.

The result? A plan that I could execute without worrying about something not being “me”.

Samar Owais

writing emails that build eCom empires at Emails Done Right

A high-touch launch and
sales copywriting program that brings the heat


The depth of content/learning and high touch nature is like no other course I’ve done. The MOST valuable part for me was the discussion and feedback in the FB group and in my copy docs.

Ready-to-Sell helped me see the plethora of options for selling and helped me organize my ideas for copywriting (via the frameworks/formulas that you share) and getting an inside look at Prerna’s copywriting and strategy brain was incredible.”

Rebecca Vigelius


“Ready-to-Sell gave me the tools I need to confidently share about my course and help more people! I learned so many new strategies that will help me in all aspects of my business! Emails, social media, sales pages—all the things! I just loved that it addressed so many different aspects of a business in such a practical and USABLE way!

I feel like I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. I know how to create an online course and I know how to teach, but learning how to market and sell the course is another skill set.”

Andrea Davis

Course Creator, Better Screen Time

“The best part was learning from Prerna and being surrounded by an amazing community of talented folks. I loved the expert sessions too. Super valuable. I love that it doesn’t feel cookie cutter-ish. The recipes are truly recipes. I can take something and add my twist to it. I loved seeing the guest expert session (Gina) on what you do AFTER you’ve sold the course.

Lots of course creators drop the bomb on that. It’s something I’m going to strongly recommend to my clients. I also love the fact that you can plan an evergreen content calendar on how to keep your course on top of mind when you want to sell daily (something I want to do for my digital product)”

Amisha Shrimanker

Launch Copywriter and Digital Product Creator, The Copy Crew

Our passion for profitability
and heart for service is Michelin-starred

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few.

She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.

But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.

But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.”

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copyhackers

Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lacklustre text and turning it into something magical that also SELLS. There are many “cute” copywriters out there…you know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across. But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING!

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.”

Bushra Azhar

The Persuasion Revolution

“Running a high profit/low overhead boutique copywriting agency is CRAZY hard.

From packaging/productizing the right service to attracting the right clients and delivering like a boss… it’s something that can overwhelm even the most ambitious copy pros.

Somehow Prerna and Mayank Malik have managed to refine the strategies, systems, and processes that not only make running a highly profitable copy agency possible… but also hugely rewarding and sane.

If you have a chance to learn from them… DO IT.”

Ryan Schwartz

“When it comes to packages, Prerna and Mayank are the first (and only) people I think of. They’ve created compelling packages and used them to grow their own business. And they’ve taught dozens of other business owners (including me) how to do it as well. If you ever have the chance to learn this stuff from Mayank and Prerna, jump at it.”

Rob Marsh

Conversion Copywriter, Brandstory Copy and Content

“There’s a reason Prerna and Mayank have built their business to $250K+/year (actually, there are several reasons, including the fact that they’re crazy smart, values-driven, and hard-working)…

….but, the big reason they’ve built this resilient, thriving business and platform is because they’ve mastered profitable packages & processes.

They know how to build packages that serve both the client and the bottom line. It’s brilliant. They’re brilliant. And you’re brilliant for working with Prerna and Mayank on your packages and business.”

Kira Hug

Certified Conversion Copywriter,

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