“We won’t be continuing for another month.”

Although not in all CAPS, the words yelled out at me.

The year was 2014.

The client was one of our biggest retainer clients.

The shock was real because everything was going great.


That’s the reality of business. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Things can go from great to not-so-great faster than Taylor’s Era Tour outfit changes.

A client may cancel a contract.

A retainer may not renew.

Or … there may be economic, industry, or life-related turbulence to tackle.

But here’s the thing …

A slow business season doesn’t always mean no one is buying. 🔥

For instance, last year when sales slowed down, Mayank and I had to get real and ask ourselves, “Is it a sales problem?”

The neon-lit answer on our mind’s wall?


It was a marketing problem.

Marketing is the engine that drives sales.💯

If you’re in a slow business season, chances are your marketing may have slowed down way before that.

And if it didn’t slow down, maybe it’s just gotten a tad stale.

Here’s what you need to know (and always remember!) …

Nothing stays the same forever.

Including your offers, audience, and industry.

What worked 3 years ago can flop like a bunny’s ears today.

What worked 12 months ago can grind to a halt today.

Frustratingly enough, that’s the beauty and excitement of entrepreneurship.

It keeps things interesting.

You can’t take anything for granted.

You gotta experiment.

You gotta innovate.

If your sales, for courses, products, or services, have slowed down … take time this week to take a good, hard look at your marketing and ask yourself, “Is it a sales problem or a marketing problem?”

Odds are, like us, you’ll find it’s a marketing problem.

Which brings me to the other thing …

Whether it’s a marketing problem or a sales problem, it’s a “problem.”

Problems, by nature, are solvable.

They may take time.

That may stress us out.

But at the end of the day, they’re solvable.

Take the time this week to sit with the slow business “problem” to solve it. 👇🏼

9 Strategies to Navigate a Slow Business Season

4 Problem-Solving Strategies We’ve Used In The Past When A Slow Business Season Stares Us In The Face

Get honest: Challenges will happen. And more than a few of them will be out of your control. But what’s key is to get honest about the role you could’ve played.

For instance, let’s be real … retainer clients aren’t going to stick around forever.

Even long-term retainer clients may need to hit the brakes at some time.

Sales can slow down at any point in time for a bunch of reasons. 😳

As business owners, it’s our responsibility to ensure a pipeline of prospective clients is ready to replace a current client.

Being radically honest about the part we could’ve played has helped us prepare for these situations over the years and not get thrown off when things get rocky.

For instance, our revenue dipped for the first time ever last year.

But we knew exactly WHY it happened and HOW to fix it. ​

Get smart: “Save like a pessimist. Invest like an optimist.” I read this line in Morgan Housel’s latest book, “Same as Ever,” and it stuck with me because it’s exactly how we approach our investments.

We save for worst-case scenarios, but we invest for best-case outcomes. Creating a business development fund over the years is how we’ve continued to invest in our business even when growth starts to dip.

Get skilled: A slow business season is the perfect time to skill up. Why? Because odds are you have the time to focus on learning and skill development. And with a complementary skill set under your belt, you’ll be able to add more value, bring more expertise and even, serve a different set of clients or customers.

Get support: Most importantly, get strategic, distraction-free, skip-the-mistakes support. ​

Business is an exciting game, for sure.

But it can also be quite overwhelming and frustrating.

Especially when it feels like you’re making your way through a maze. Blindfolded.

Support from those ahead of you and those who get your season of life and business can be quite the game changer.

Caveat: Not all support is created equal.

Over the years, we’ve selectively invested in masterminds and coaching, and every time, we’ve found that when stuff gets sticky, our business support system comes through.

On that note, if you’re looking to set your own goalposts and increase both profitability for your business and peace of mind for your life, applications are now open for Intentionally Profitable.​

This is a 2:1, 6-month mentorship engagement with Mayank and me and includes monthly 60-minute strategic planning calls, back pocket Voxer/WhatsApp support for ongoing access and accountability, copy co-creation calls with yours truly to write any of your copy assets and more.

BUT most importantly?

It includes us thinking deeply about your business, coming to the table with ideas to prevent curveballs from creating chaos, and helping you build calm, financial freedom, and white space into your life. On your terms.

Disclaimer: This isn’t your “go figure it out” coaching.

This is a strategic partnership. We come to the table with problem-solving hats on and tactical ideas in our back pockets.

This is firm handholding and gentle butt-kicking. We work with your season of life and stage of business, but we don’t hesitate to call you out when we see you playing small.

This is done-with-you and done-for-you. We work with you to set your own goal posts and then, strategize for you to reach those goal posts.

Sound like what you need?

Fill out the application here, and we’ll reach out within 24-48 hours.

Next up …

Once you know what will solve the problem, you need to double down on strategies that’ll get sales coming in.

5 Business Growth Strategies We’re Doubling Down On to Avoid Slow Business Seasons in the Future

🔥Treat our business like our #1 client

We’ve talked about treating our business like our #1 client a lot, but we often forget to do this. 🤷🏻‍♀️

And every time we shove this advice further down a list of to-dos, we’ve seen it slice our revenue and leave it bleeding. Not anymore.

💪🏼Make big asks

I have this one written on a hot pink Post-it and tacked to a soft board on the wall in front of my desk so I can see it daily. And remind myself to make those big asks.

Full disclosure: It does NOT come easy to me, which is why I need that reminder! 😆

You define what a “big ask” means to you, but once you know what it means, go forth and make that ask.

What’s the worst that could happen? They’ll say “no”.

But what’s the best that could happen? They’ll say “yes.”

You’ll never know until you ask.

📝Create more than you consume

Consumption is easy. Creation is hard.

Guess which one sneakily moves into “default” status and stays there? Yeah. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Picking my phone to scroll through Instagram and calling it “engaging on social” isn’t helping anyone, least of all our business.

At the same time, creation doesn’t always mean creating something from scratch. 😱

Creation can also mean intentional repurposing.

With 13 years of full-time entrepreneurship and content creation under our not-Gucci belts, we’re up to my greying roots in content.

Can emails be combined and expanded into blog posts?

Can blog posts be condensed into carousels?

Can carousels be distilled into reels?

Yes, yes and yes. 💯

In fact, I have a full session on repurposing inside Ready-to-Sell because the last thing you want to do is create once and call it a day. Nope.

💡Test new-to-us marketing strategies

A slow business season is the perfect time to test new strategies since you have the time and energy to invest in these efforts.

For instance, we’re testing out newsletter advertising.

We’re buying ad space in newsletters we know our audience reads so we can make informed decisions for the rest of the year.

Marketing makes your sales engine run, which brings me to growth strategy #5 …

🎯Always be marketing

Another strategy we’ve spoken about often (most recently on The Content Byte podcast) and one that we’re tripling down on this year.

But the key here is to not spend energy on marketing that doesn’t move the needle.

If social isn’t where you’re getting most of your business from, do you really need to be there because everyone else is there?

Or can you try something different?

Whether you’ve been in business for a year or over a decade, like us, you know what marketing methods work for you. 🙌🏼

Double (or triple!) down on those.

And then, add a few new ones (like we have!) to the mix so you can test those out.

Slow Business Growth Strategies

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