How to be a Work-At-Home Mom


The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life! This 70-page guide is the resource I wish I had had when I was starting out, 7 years ago. It’s packed with tips to create a home that’s happy and thriving and a business that’s profitable and flourishing. It’ll outline exactly what you need to do to set up systems that work, give you swipe copy you can use to pitch clients and show you how you can set up a business from the ground up, using your talents and abilities, while raising a family and managing a home too.



How to be a Work-at-Home Mom eBook: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life

  • Do you want to enjoy staying at home with the kids while doing something professionally fulfilling as well?
  • Do you want to spend time networking with like-minded professionals without having to get a “job”?
  • Do you want to quit having to commute everyday but keep the financial independence a job brings to you?
  • Do you want to be at home when the kids come back from school or are unwell or just want to hang with you?
  • Do you want to be a work at home mom but don’t know where to start?

If so, then our How to be a Work-at-Home Mom is the eBook for you.

Written by a work-at-home mom who’s been successfully juggling home, baby and husband for over 4 years now, How to be a Work at Home Mom is designed to be a go-to guide for mothers wanting to get started with living the work-at-home lifestyle in an intentional and focused way.

Inside the eBook

In How to be a Work-at-Home Mom, you will find:

  • 50 work-from-home business ideas as well as a brainstorming printable
  • 3 Steps to finding a work-at-home job
  • 4 ‘red flags’ to look for and avoid scams
  • 3 Must-Haves for starting your work-from-home life
  • 10 Reasons to Assemble a Personal Cheerleading squad and 5 Ways to do that
  • 3 Home Management Mantras and organizing tips for work-at-home moms
  • Fun ways to keep kids busy and engaged while you work
  • 5 ways to involve your spouse in your work-at-home life
  • 10 tips to network professionally plus 3 oft-overlooked “social” opportunities
  • 5 Free ways to promote your new business
  • How to dress for success and stay fit as a work-at-home mom
  • How to manage your money using a Downloadable Business Budgeting Tracker
  • 3 must-haves for staying organized and productive
  • Tips on dealing with guilt, making time for self-care, dealing with loneliness and isolation and achieving that elusive work-life balance
  • 5 Pitching styles, including the EXACT one I’ve used with GREAT success, and LOTS MORE!


What You Get

When you buy How to Be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life, you will get:

  • A gorgeous 120+ page eBook filled with tips on kickstarting the work-from-home lifestyle while managing home, health, husband and kids.
  • Business Brainstorming Ideas and Printables
  • Business Budgeting and Productivity Trackers
  • 5 Proven Pitching Styles that Work Like a Charm to Get You More Business
  • Tips and Tools from 4 Successful Work-at-Home Moms, including Karen Gunton of, Heather Allard of TheMogul and Angela England of
  • Actionable strategies to boost productivity, improve focus, manage work while having kids at home, deal with loneliness and lots more.
  • Everything YOU Need to put together YOUR own WAHM Toolkit – free business listing sites, free press release submission sites, mentoring resources, support groups for WAHMs and LinkedIn groups for mom entrepreneurs, free productivity tools and ebooks.

What You Will Learn from this eBook

After reading How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life, you will be able to:

  • Start working from home after finding a niche that interests you and can make you money.
  • Take your work-at-home life to the next level without losing your sanity.
  • Balance your roles as wife, homemaker, mother and entrepreneur.
  • Manage your time, money and resources in an intentional way.
  • Connect with other moms and learn from them.
  • Build your business and grow it without busting the bank.

What Others Are Saying

I recently came across the How to be a Work at Home Mum ebook. Which helped me realise I need to take my time more seriously and to delegate tasks. The author, Prerna from “The Mom Writes” has given me the kickstart I needed by teaching me how to be more productive with my time. ~ Kat, The Organised Housewife
“I am SO grateful for your eBook. I’ve truly read it TWICE already. I’m still in the process of note taking from it. :)” ~Melissa Vandermeer, owner and founder of

“It’s made a difference to my productivity, so thanks for that. I think it brought home to me that my time management wasn’t as good as it could be and it was time to do something about it.” ~ Helen Lindop, Business Plus Baby

“Over the summer I had the opportunity to read How to be a Work at Home Mom by Prerna Malik and gleaned a ton of useful info that I’ve been implementing gradually. For example, she shares practical ways in which organizing, cleaning, and decluttering benefit the work at home mom… also talks about budgeting, setting up your workspace, meal planning, and ways to keep your kids engaged. There are other helpful tips about dressing for success and staying fit as a WAHM.” ~Christine, iDream of Clean

Ready to make working from home the BEST thing to happen to you?

Go ahead, get your copy of How to be a Work-at-Home Mom: The Happily Ever After Guide to Leading the WAHM Life for just $19.



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