31 Days to Get More Customers, Increase Traffic and Boost Sales eBook: Recipes to Show You How to Sell More Successfully with Ease and No Sleaze!


Ready to get more customers?

Increase sales?

Boost traffic?

All without breaking the bank or losing your mind?

Yes, this easy-to-implement eBook and eCourse do just that.

Packed with proven-to-work, actionable and best of all, profitable sales-boosting strategies, 31 days to Get More Customers is just what you need to stop the overwhelm and frustration of no sales and instead, enjoy the confidence and clarity that comes when you know exactly what works to boost the sales and how to make it happen. Every.Single.Time. All.the.Time.



Are you frustrated with the lack of sales in your boutique?

Do you feel embarrassed when you look at the number of people who’ve signed up for your yoga classes?

Are you irritated {or even a bit envious} when you hear about 6-figures and even, 7-figures in revenue while you’re barely touching 4-figures for yourself?

You aren’t alone and this isn’t your fault!

It isn’t as if you aren’t working hard enough.

Truth be told… you’re like one of the hundreds {if not thousands} of online business owners who are passionate, driven, focused, have insanely great products and services… and yet, aren’t seeing the sales come in.

You’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked.

You’ve taken eCourses only to be disappointed that they lack the nuts-and-bolts of strategy.

You’ve spent money you don’t really have on sponsorships, advertising and the sales still aren’t there.

You feel as if you’re missing a vital piece of this business puzzle and it’s killing you not knowing what it is or where to look.

Well, let’s just say, your search is over.

 Presenting… the 31 Days to Get More Customers, Increase Traffic and Boost Sales eBook.

31 Days to Get More Customers

This power-packed, actionable, bite-sized and easy-to-implement recipe book for sales strategies is designed to take your business from curl-up-in-a-fetal-position-and-cry-about-it to sizzle-like-a-red-carpet-superstar.

You’ll go from floundering in the sea of information out there to having a playbook of sorts to walk you through key strategies that give your business a much-need sales shot in the arm.

You’ll finally have that missing piece of the puzzle and getting more customers will be as easy as having that last slice of pie.

You’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed and no, it isn’t what you think and no, it wouldn’t break your already bootstrapped budget.

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 Who Are We and Why Should You Learn These Strategies from Us

Prerna and MayankWe are Prerna and Mayank and we’re the chefs;) at this gorgeous space called Content Bistro, where we work with time-starved entrepreneurs worldwide and serve them with good-for-business content and community management solutions.

For the last 5 years, we’ve worked with over 100 clients in countries ranging from of course, the U.S and Australia to Canada, Switzerland, Dubai, Denmark, and Singapore.

Did I mention we stay in India? 😉

We also have a steady stream of customers buying our information products, literally while we sleep.

Yes, we’ve built a business that generates a healthy full-time income and at the same time, yes, we know what it is like to hear the death knell of no sales.

However, over the last 5 years, we’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t and now we want to share these sales success secrets with you.

How Do You Know These Strategies Work

We’ve personally used every.single.one.of these for myself and our retail clients and seen sales increase anywhere from 40% to 90%.

A 90% increase in sales. Can you imagine how awesome that would be?

These strategies work because they’ve been tested over the years and some of them have been known to increase sales by 2000%. On the moderate side, nearly every single strategy has been known to increase sales by 70% or more.

These strategies work, because business owners just like you, have put them to work and seen the impact.

Revka Stearns

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire 31 Days to More Customers series. As with everything I’ve ever read by Prerna, I found actionable tips presented in tasty bite-sized portions that were easy to digest.

While I didn’t always read the tips on their allotted days, I did go through the entire series. Although I’ve been an entrepreneur since 1993 (my junior year of high school) and have owned several businesses, including a web design business, I found that this series highlighted areas I had either inadequately addressed in my business or had missed altogether. 

Take, for example, Day 8: Fix that FAQ page. 

I can’t tell you how many times in my web design capacity I have reminded other business owners to add this page to their website. 

When I read this lesson, I was embarrassed to realize that my website did not have a FAQ page. I had a policies page, but that’s not quite the same thing. I used Prerna’s prompts to kickstart my FAQ content.

 I then asked my customer base to review the page and let me know if they thought I should add anything else.

 I had four additional Q&A suggestions, which were all great. I’ve added those, and I’m quite pleased with my finished content, an informative page that addresses most, if not all, of the questions I receive on a regular basis.

 “Day 1: Roll out the red carpet” had a major impact on my business, too.

 I really didn’t know what I wanted on my home page. I had tried a landing page with a pretty picture of my products, a short description of the business, and a Shop Now button. After a short while, I switched to having the store as the home page. After reading Day 1 and getting feedback from Prerna, I designed a new home page. Now, it has an attractive product image and shop description, but it also has featured products and a note from me. The effect is much warmer and welcoming.

 Not only did I benefit from the days that prompted me to improve my website, but I was also encouraged by several days when I could say, “Hey! I already do that!” Those days made me feel proud of what I’d done right and empowered to do even better.

 A website is never really done. It’s about like a house – there’s always something to improve or fix. I know that I’ll refer back to 31 Days to More Customers at frequent intervals to check my progress and refresh my perspective.

 Thank you, Prerna and Mayank, for always delivering great content that helps so many small business owners better pursue their dreams.”

Tennille Graham

“I am loving the 31 Day to Get More Customers by Content Bistro. I was a little scared by 31 days, but each email that comes in is welcoming, fun and a tid-bit that can actually be implemented. 

But the best part is if I cannot implement it straight away, I know I can easily schedule it into my task list to consider later. 

One of the first challenges was to look at your home page, does it say what you do? We are in the process of narrowing our focus, and our homepage does not say what we do. I have already made some minor changes with bigger ones planned. It made thinking about the process easier.

 Apart from strategies to implement, the 31-Day Challenge also has me thinking about how we provide gift-wrapping and free shipping incentives for our customers. These are two small services for our customers that can be challenging to provide. We are coming up with solutions that will work. 

It has not been a challenge, it has been a shift in direction and thinking. Thank you Prerna for implementing such a fun and well considered program.”


Simply put, if all this eBook did was to give you one more sale every.single.day, how would it change your business?

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What Will You Learn

31 Days to Get More Customers

A whole lot.

But here’s a quick overview of what’s inside this 31-Day playbook:

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to ensure you’re welcoming your customers right on your website so that you never turn a casual browser away.

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to share your story without seeming arrogant, bragg-y or boring so that people relate to you, your values and your offer.

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] What questions should you be asking of your audience so they whip out their wallets faster than you can say “hot chocolate!”

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]Discover and fix the pain points of your website so sales flow in faster and easier.

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] The 10-minute social media overhaul so every minute you spend on social connect AND converts.

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] 3 Do’s and Don’ts for flash sales, A quick-fire FAQ page creation recipe, Facebook party or Ask-me-Anything session topic ideas, 3 sales-boosting, referral marketing strategies so you know everything you need to about these incredible sales superchargers.

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] How to use email marketing smartly and successfully without driving yourself or your audience insane

[icon name=”cutlery” class=”” unprefixed_class=””] Copy-paste email templates to ask for referrals and testimonials without that icky feeling

You will get a gorgeously designed eBook in a handy, easy-to-read PDF format so that you can read it on the go, while waiting for the kids at soccer practice.

PLUS, you get an amazing BONUS: personal access to me and other business owners, just like you, in the private membership community Content Café.

As I see it, you have 2 clear choices: Invest the incredibly affordable $9 for either the eBook OR continue to flounder, get frustrated, feel jealous and embarrassed with the lack of customers and sales for your business.

Take your pick. 😉

Questions You May Have

I don’t have the time right now to work on this. Should I get it now? 

Yes you should. You get lifetime access to the eCourse and you get the eBook to instantly download and keep so you can refer to either one whenever you’re ready or when sales are slow and you need to spike them up instantly.

Can I get the information for free on your website?

Yes, you can. Right here on the site, if you look for the 31 Days to Get More Customers post.

You can definitely do that if you have all the time in the world to look for posts. But if you’re ready to just get on with it and take action, you need the eBook or eCourse where you have everything in one place, just waiting for you to use it.

What if I don’t like the eBook or eCourse?

No problems. I aim to please both with my books and my baking. So, you have a no-questions asked, 15-day guarantee. Simply email us back saying why you don’t like it {it’ll help me improve;)} and I’ll send your money back.

Will these strategies require complicated tech know-how?

Nooo!! If you knew me, Prerna, you’d know that tech and I don’t talk much ;). All the strategies in the 31 Days to Get More Customers, Increase Traffic and Boost Sales eBook and eCourse are bite-sized, super simple while being powerfully effective and like, I mentioned free {or nearly free} to implement.

I have more questions. Where can I talk to you?

Sure, email us at mailcontentbistro (at)gmail (dot) com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.


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