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Seasoned for Sales.

Give your business the Content Bistro advantage with the perfect blend of resistance-melting conversion copy and connection-fueled scale-smart strategies.

Copywriting Services for Discerning Course Creators

Load up on stress-free sales, friction-free conversions

An Artisanal VIP Day

Perfect for the “I-want-it-now” course creator, our Artisanal days are designed to help you get your sales pages and emails, crafted to perfection, without waiting for weeks.


Excitingly Evergreen: Done-for-You Evergreen Email Funnels

Put your sales on autopilot with an always-on evergreen funnel and sales-ready email sequences. Evergreen launch strategy and emails to make Stripe sing while you sleep.

Fully Loaded Launch Copy: Our Piece de Resistance

A complete platter of every copy asset you’d need to launch your course with complete confidence and zero chaos. From opt-in pages and emails to blog posts to FB ad copy, this wildly popular package makes stress-free, successful launching a very real thing! 


Got copy cravings you don’t see here?

Maybe you’re in the mood for strategy but not sales copy? Maybe you’re hungry for email copy but not sales pages? Whatever be your copy craving, we’ll be happy to delight you! 


Our Flagship Launch Copywriting Program for Course Creators and Copywriters

Banish “blank-screen” syndrome and “launch overwhelm” with a step-by-step, strategy-first approach to evergreen launches. Know exactly what assets to create and how to write compelling, conversion-rich, reader-friendly copy that woos wallets into submission.


You were the first one who actually took a deep dive into our business before you did anything else.

“I was overwhelmed with trying to create copy that would convert to real leads. We’ve invested in service providers before and have lost a LOT of money due to them not delivering what they promised. You were the first one who actually took a deep dive into our business before you did anything else. You took the time to fully understand us, our business, and our ideal client. I have to say that we were apprehensive about receiving the first draft of copy, but we needn’t have been – Jules and I were both absolutely blown away with it. We finally feel like our business has a voice that would stand up against any of the ‘big players’ out there!”

Andy Brown, Founder,

The Disruptors Club

As a business owner, it’s such a relief to find someone as capable, kind, and awesome as Prerna!

“Prerna crafted copy that completely connected with our customer’s core struggles and challenges and, at the same time, spotlighted how our program could help them resolve those struggles easily and effectively. I love how she took the thoughts and ideas we had put together and created powerful, engaging copy that beautifully represents the love and concern we have for our community.

We hired her to write our email sequence and then ended up hiring her to do our sales page too! As a business owner, it’s such a relief to find someone as capable, kind, and awesome as Prerna!”

April Perry Wilson,

Founder, LearnDoBecome

We hit our sales goal of one course per day.

“I loved the copy that Prerna wrote for my sales page and evergreen email sequence. But the ultimate test was seeing if it converted. And it did! Using the new copywriting and sales sequence we had our biggest promotion ever! Almost THREE times more than our previous promotion! 

 And now that it is set up on “evergreen”, we hit our sales goal of one course per day — something I’ve been trying to reach for over a year! I would definitely say investing in working with Prerna on our evergreen launch copy was worth it :)”

Cassidy Northrup Tuttle,

Succulents and Sunshine

Sustainable Scale Systems for Burnout-Averse Service Providers

A smooth blend of strategy, science, and good, old-fashioned common sense

Rapid Rise Revenue Sessions

Melt resistance, erase friction, and most importantly, validate what you want to offer in the best way possible 👉🏻 WITH SALES! 💰🎉

Meet us for Rapid Rise Revenue strategy sessions where we knead and proof your idea to perfection so it rises rapidly (even in the most crowded markets) and sells like hotcakes! 


Profits on Tap

Get booked solid with easy-sell packages and growth strategies. Profits on Tap is our flagship Incubator for service entrepreneurs who want to scale without burning up their brain cells or budget. 

Momentum Mis-en-Place

For seasoned entrepreneurs who want to scale minus the stress. Work 2:1 with us in a 6-month “strategy camp”. Customized, step-by-step, action plans every month, 2:1 calls, Slack community, and more.

“When it comes to packages, Prerna and Mayank are the first (and only) people I think of. They’ve created compelling packages and used them to grow their own business. And they’ve taught dozens of other business owners (including me) how to do it as well. If you ever have the chance to learn this stuff from Mayank and Prerna, jump at it.”

Rob Marsh

Conversion Copywriter, Brandstory Copy and Content

“I recommend Profits on Tap to anyone who’s struggling to create a service offering which can increase income and save time while building long-lasting relationships with clients. The program helped me at a stage when I was not sure how to structure my services and the content/module was simple and easy to implement.

The support offered throughout the course also helped me to get my sales page ready from the copywriting expert herself, which I now use for my evergreen service offer in my business. Great course and great teamwork by Prerna & Mayank!”

Kusha Kalra

Profits on Tap Class of 2018

“Running a high profit/low overhead boutique copywriting agency is CRAZY hard.From packaging/productizing the right service to attracting the right clients and delivering like a boss… it’s something that can overwhelm even the most ambitious copy pros. 

Somehow Prerna and Mayank Malik have managed to refine the strategies, systems, and processes that not only make running a highly profitable copy agency possible… but also hugely rewarding and sane. If you have a chance to learn from them DO IT.”

Ryan Schwartz

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