So, you’ve spent time setting up a Pinterest account and also, pinning, liking and re-pinning images? Great! But is that time spent really bringing back as much traffic and SEO juice to your website?

Whoa! SEO juice?

Yep, that’s right.

Pinterest is a great way to boost search engine rankings since the links they’re offering till now are do-follow and of course, it is crawled by Google bots as well.

So, here are some simple but effective ways to use search engine optimization for your Pinterest account and make pinning really pay off for your small business:

1. Optimize Your Profile

Begin by writing out a profile description that includes keywords and of course, your website name as well. However, don’t stuff your profile with keywords. People want to follow a person, not a bot. Right?

Need help writing a profile that rocks for Twitter as well? Check this post on optimizing your Twitter profile bio.

 2. Use Keywords in the Photo File Names, Pinboards and Image Descriptions

Next, each time, you pin something, either your own image or another’s, make sure you’re using keywords in the photo file names (if your own image) and in the image or pin description. For instance, if you have a jewelry business, simply pinning images of your necklaces with just ‘necklace’ written in it, isn’t going to do you any good.

Something like, “A handmade 16” necklace using glass and metal, available in 2 colors, by {name of company}.com” will be a lot better. Yes, remember to use links in your image description.

Also, remember to use keywords when making pinboards. Using the same example, just “Necklaces” will be too generic. Instead, try “Gemstone necklaces”, “Handmade necklaces”, “Casual and Everday Necklaces”, and so on.

 3. Make Your Website and Social Media Profiles Pin-Friendly

Yes, there is little point being on Pinterest, if your main website doesn’t let others pin your product images. Get your developer to create ‘Pin it’ buttons for product images or if you’re on WordPress, use this cool Pinterest plugin.

Also, remember to link your Facebook and Twitter profiles to Pinterest so that you can broaden the reach of your pins, easily!

 4. Watermark Your Images

This one is essential not so much from an SEO-point of view as it is to protect your images from being copied as well as of course, link the image to your biz. Not sure about how to watermark your images? The genius Karen Gunton has put together an awesome tutorial to show you how to watermark your images using a free tool, like PicMonkey!

Blending SEO and Pinterest isn’t difficult. Try it today and see the difference!

 Do you use Pinterest? Do you use it to boost SEO?

Do you need help boosting SEO for your biz site or blog? Let’s talk. We’re offering a cool 10% off all through June on our SEO services.

 Photo Credit: Ben Ahhi

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