PSA: Selling your online course is very different from creating an online course.

Sadly, most creators who teach course creation either skip the sales part entirely or gloss over it, or pitch “live launching” or “evergreen funnels” as the only way to sell a course. Which is exactly why I created Ready-to-Sell.

Ready-to-Sell gave me the tools I need to confidently share about my course and help more people!

I feel like I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. I know how to create an online course and I know how to teach, but learning how to market and sell the course is another skill set.”  – Andrea Davis, Course Creator and Founder, Better Screen Time

And don’t get me wrong … I love both LIVE launches and evergreen funnels.

But these strategies are not the only way to sell a course. GASP!


And I’ll get to those strategies in a minute but first … I want to call out the latest marketing miracle juice being peddled on the internet streets — Daily Sales.

As exciting as it may sound, you need to think about “daily sales” carefully before taking a swig of this same-ol’ KoolAid packaged differently.

Because daily sales happen.

But only when the other pieces of the puzzle are all neatly in place.

What pieces, you ask?

The A.B.C.D pieces, my friend. 👇🏼

A- Audience: You can only sell every day if you have an audience that’s ready to buy.

Building and nurturing a ready-to-buy audience is essential. This involves understanding their needs and consistently engaging with them through various channels. That’s exactly why we start with the BUILD stage in Ready-to-Sell.

B- Brand: Daily ka-chings come through when your brand is recognized and loved.

C- Consistent Marketing: I knowww… But it’s true. You can take a couple of weeks off or even a month or two but you need to market your business and offers. Or create assets to market them. Even when the offers don’t cost a penny. Example: Opt-ins!

D: Data: What are your past conversions? What offers have sold really well? How will these sales contribute to your financial goals? There’s a reason we look at the 3Ds when relaunching a course.

Sadly, most people selling the “daily sales” dream don’t even touch the ABCDs. Why?

Because they aren’t as shiny as the promise of money in the bank every day. 🙄

I’m pretty sure you and I both know there’s obviously more to the equation, but even addressing these 4 will help you assess whether or not you need to create something new that may lead to the Promised Land of Daily Sales. 🔥

Case in point: Let’s say you have a $7 eBook that’s selling 3-4 copies a day. You do close to 100 sales at the end of the month (YAY!), but the contribution to your monthly revenue is $700.

Year-end, it’s $8400 if daily sales stay at the 3-4 copies mark.

NOT chump change, by any means.


A) These sales don’t happen miraculously. You still have to put in the marketing efforts. 💯


B) if you have financial goals that require a bigger piece of the pie … then you need to rethink this. 🧠

Can you have daily sales with a higher-ticket offer?

Sure you can!

As long as you have the ABCD pieces of the sales puzzle in place, you absolutely can!

Because whether you’re marketing something at $7 or $70 or $700 or $7000 or even, $70,000 … the pieces remain the same.

Sure, the buyer resistance may be lower for a $7 product than a $70,000 product, but you still need ABCD.

ALL of this to say, friend, you’ll find the internet streets hawking a new “blueprint” or the other every month …

… you, on the other hand, need to practice discernment and take a pause before you jump in with both feet and your wallet wide open.

Before you make any decision …

Ask yourself:

1️⃣ Will this work for you? Your business and audience? Your life goals? Your revenue goals? Your energy goals?

 2️⃣ Does this align with what you envision your business being known for?

 3️⃣ What does the data tell you? What’s the goal behind doing this? What’s the real reason?

And yes, everything in business can be treated like an experiment.

But experiments need a hypothesis.

So, create your hypothesis before you start testing things out.

Speaking of testing things out, here are 5 low-lift, easy-button strategies to test when selling an online course

Sales can be simple.

Easy-button doesn’t mean ineffective.

We often pursue the shiny and forget about the simple. 🤷🏻‍♀️

That is why when we work with course creator clients on offer optimization and revenue growth, we start by looking at low-hanging, high-impact fruit.

Let’s look at how you can increase revenue over the next few months using these low-hanging, low-lift sales, high-impact, high-profit strategies smartly.


Sales Strategy #1: Waitlists

If you’re selling your online course and don’t have a waitlist for it … set it up.

Don’t like the word “waitlist”? Call it an interest list, an early bird info page, a priority access page, an eager-beaver page.

It doesn’t matter.

Also, when creating the waitlist page (or whatever you call it!), pay attention to including must-know info. 💯

I’ve seen waitlist pages that are simply opt-in forms with no info at all.

That may work if you have a brand as big as Oprah or Swift, but not always.

You want prospects to sign up for your waitlist with eyes wide open.

Now, if you already have a waitlist … use it.

Start by first seeing how many people have raised their hands and said they’re interested in knowing more about your course.

Next, create an email strategy for this audience.

A strategy that’s slightly different from the emails that you’d send to the main list.

A strategy that honors these humans who have eagerly handed over their email addresses to you so you can tell them more about your course.

​The emails you write for this list need to give your ready-to-buy audience a solid reason to punch in their credit card info FAST.

These emails aren’t complicated.

But they sure are effective.

(Psst! Want me to craft a waitlist email strategy and write the emails for you? Book time to chat.)

Sales Strategy #2: Existing or Past Students or Opt-in Registrants

It’s well known that selling to an existing customer is way easier than selling to a new one.

What boggles my copywriting-strategist mind is how many course creators are constantly looking for new students instead of continuing to show up and serve their existing or past students. 🤦🏻‍♀️

OR completely overlook the folks who signed up for your opt-in but didn’t buy the last time around. They’ve stuck around, but they haven’t signed up.

How can you change that?

How can you avoid overlooking this low-hanging revenue fruit?

With a strategy like ​nurtured-for-sales newsletters you can sell to an audience that already knows, likes and trusts you and is ready to buy from you!

This simple-to-implement strategy not only improves your connection with your audience but also generates conversions for you.

Selling via email is definitely one of my favorite go-to strategies for creators and entrepreneurs who don’t want to jump on the hamster wheel of social media content creation.

Using the email lists you already have is a power move that’s perfect for increasing profitability without dancing on camera.

Take some time to review the email audiences you already have so you can increase revenue without racing behind whatever’s the latest trend on the block.

Better still?

Sign up for my pre-recorded FREE training on how to leverage your existing audiences (and our good friend, AI) to increase those course sales.

Sales Strategy #3: Remarketing Emails

Remarketing emails are simply emails that market to people who’ve already seen your offer.

Think “retargeting ads” but in email format.

Easiest way to do this?

​Use abandoned cart emails. ​

Sales Strategy #4: Behavior-based Upsell or Cross-sell Sequences

Have a few courses in your offer suite?

Why not sell them to folks who already know, like, and trust you?

​Check out #5 here to see how to do this! ​

Sales Strategy #5: FLASH sale!

My personal favorite for quick-and-hefty cash infusions!

And no, you don’t need to wait until Black Friday rolls around to host a flash sale.

Flash sales or seasonal sales are perfect when you want the excitement of a live launch with none of the stress. This in-depth post walks you through the nuts-and-bolts of a flash sale.

It doesn’t matter whether you host a flash sale, add remarketing emails, or make the most of a behavior-based upsell sequence.

What matters is you market your courses, memberships, digital products, eBooks, or cookbooks.

Selling online courses every day is totally possible BUT with the right strategies and systems in place.

Focusing on the ABCDs, leveraging low-hanging fruit, and implementing quick-serve sales ideas can effectively boost course revenue.

Take action on these strategies and sit back to see those daily sales become a reality.

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