#ScorchStress: A FREE Summer Camp for Parent Entrepreneurs

#ScorchStress: A {FREE} 5-Day Summer Camp for Parent Entrepreneurs to Crush Overwhelm, Juice Up Profitability and Infuse Peace into Both Life and Business

Are you ready for a summer that doesn’t leave you feeling like the worst parent ever because all you did was say “no” to the kids while you worked on your business?

Are you ready for a summer that isn’t a non-heady cocktail of overwhelm, exhaustion and more meltdowns than you care to remember?

Are you ready for a summer where you wish the kids were back at school already and it’s only Day 3 of summer break?

Join Us for a FREE 5-Day Challenge to #ScorchStress and Discover: 

  • How you can have the most intentional and peace-filled summer so your kids and you can make memories without you sacrificing income opportunities.
  • The BBB system for a profitable summer so you don’t have to say “no” to money when you say “yes” to playdates, movie nights and lazy days!
  • The chilled-out COFFEE system that will help you stay connected with prospects and customers without having to check your email every 30-seconds! 
  • The tears-free, stress-free system to creating schedules and routines that don’t feel like a strait jacket but still streamline your days with ease.

This must-attend “camp” for parent entrepreneurs starts on June 3rd so make sure you pop in your details above right NOW! 

Prerna and Mayank

Hi! We’re Prerna and Mayank and, like you, we’re parent entrepreneurs which means that during the summer… we need to step back to spend lazy days with our daughter and yet keep our business running smoothly so we don’t lose money or clients.

This challenge will show you the key strategies our family has used for the last 6 years to enjoy not only a peaceful, fun-filled summer complete with holidays to destinations like Singapore, Hong Kong and this year Thailand but also run a profitable business that brings in a full-time income for our family.

And we do this… with intention, ease and zero stress.

Now you can too!

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