Social Media Overwhelm? Change the Way you Engage

Social media overwhelm- the number ONE reason why most business owners possibly dislike or even, hate a {almost} free and amazingly FUN way of building their online presence.

However, it is natural to be overwhelmed with social media? Why?


Or the lack of it is what keeps most busy, multi-tasking entrepreneurs from building communities that resonate with their brand as well as are engaged and connected with what they have to offer.

After all, when you see everything that a small business owner has to do with very little or almost no support, yes, your head spins.

  • Marketing
  • Content creation for website and blog
  • Content promotion
  • Some amount of graphic design
  • In-person networking
  • Online networking with peers, industry leaders
  • Email marketing
  • Product creation
  • Inventory management- for physical product biz owners
  • Training and education
  • Admin-emails, invoices, follow ups, outreach
  • PR and advertising

Yes, and we haven’t even mentioned social media here.

See, the thing is that it’s not that most of us don’t want to create communities of raving fans and engaged customers. We do.

We aren’t able to do that because:

  1. a) we don’t have the time to keep churning out interesting, engaging social media updates.
  2. b) we, sometimes, have NO idea what makes for interesting, engaging social media updates. That’s okay, too!

How to Free Up Time AND Build a Solid Online Community

You’re probably nodding your head reading this and thinking, “Yep, that’s me.”

You aren’t alone. Really.

I know this because I surveyed many business owners in my mastermind groups and came to the realization that “no time” and “don’t know what to post” were the TWO main reasons most entrepreneurs are overwhelmed with social media.

And THAT is why I spent a TON of time crafting over 600 ready-to-use updates for YOU and have packed them into a gorgeous ‘virtual feast’ called The Social Spread.

The ABCD of Social Media

The Social Spread is literally a labor of love since I’ve painstakingly crafted every update and included the top 10 most engaging updates for any social network.

From quotable quotes to sharing your products and services to lead generation and holiday-themed ones to lots MORE, you get them all. You also, get ready-to-use, copyright-free photo templates that you can use to share quotes {already included} and anything else you want!

The Social Spread is designed to give you 3 main things:

  1. More time since all you need to do is copy-paste or tweak ever so slightly!
  2. An engaged community since you’ll be posting more regularly, engaging with them and actually, enjoying it!
  3. Peace-of-mind since you don’t have to struggle with “what to post”

If you’re ready for all or even one of these 3 things, go ahead and grab your copy right NOW!

It’s available for a special limited-time only price of $99 {one-time} until November 12, 2014, 23:59 PM PST.

Click here to enjoy an engaged online presence while freeing yourself from social media overwhelm!

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