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Over the last year, yours truly wrote over 40-odd sales pages, long and short, depending on the offer. Sales pages that made my clients serious money and sales pages that brought people to tears of happiness.

Prerna is an expert at online persuasion. In a matter of days, she wrote a long-form sales page for me that touched on every pain point and desire my audience felt, and nudged them to purchase the solution that would solve their problem. The page that Prerna wrote for me brought me over $17k within 20 days. I would most definitely work with Prerna again!“- Nagina Sethi Abdullah, creator of

I, also, spent an inordinate number of Starbucks-fueled hours critiquing sales pages for clients and studying sales pages for my own basket of skills.

Not just sales pages, I wrote close to 300 emails as part of various sequences –welcome, sales, upselling, one-off offers, customer onboarding, etc. and I whipped up close to 60-odd blog posts for clients in industries ranging from crystal healing to virtual assistance.

I’ve also, been a launch copywriter AND strategist for some seriously amazing launches over the last year.

So, yes, my writing-loving, strategy-adoring soul has been singing over the last year but more importantly, I’ve learnt a TON.

And, being the ISFJ {look up Myers-Briggs types, if you’re curious about that kind of thing} that I am, I have to share it with y’all.

Now, I’m not going to teach you how to write copy… I’m going to leave that to experts like Ray Edwards, Laura Belgray and Bushra Azhar {can you believe it… I’ve learnt from ALL 3 personally?!}

BUT I am going to make it insanely easy and effective for you to whip up copy without making some very expensive mistakes.

The More Money, Less Mistakes Sales Page Copywriting Checklist [Get it FREE!]

With… The CopyGredients!

All through February, I’ll be sharing some frameworthy checklists to help you craft compelling copy without having to Google till you’re blue.

Meet The CopyGredients: A Collection of Hand Crafted Copywriting Checklists to Add Michelin Stars AKA Millions of Dollars to Your Sales Pages, Launches, Blog Posts and More

We’re going to kick this series of posts off with… A sales page copywriting checklist that uses my TOPPINGS sales page framework AND gives you literally everything you need to ensure that your headline, sub-heads, offer, and even, FAQs need to include in order to create a powerful, psychologically compelling sales page that converts like a charm!

The CopyGredients sales page copywriting checklist will give you the clarity and confidence to create a sales page that doesn’t repel sales and instead, woos wallets into opening themselves, unresistingly.

In the next episode of The CopyGredients, you’ll meet The Launch Monster, an epically unignorable copywriting checklist for launches that bring in the big bucks without burning your sanity or your kids’ college fund to a crisp. PLUS, there will be a BONUS video sharing 5 launch strategy must-haves too!!

For now, dive right in.

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The More Money, Less Mistakes Sales Page Copywriting Checklist [Get it FREE!]

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