Here’s a story for you:

Last month, that is April 2017, we made more than what we earned in our entire 1st YEAR of business.

Yes, that milestone of “turning your yearly income into your monthly” was achieved, quietly and with grace.

Now this is not one of the “I’m going to show you how to do the same” posts… but one of the “you can do this too” posts.

It’s taken us 6 years to get here.

6 years of heart-centered hard work aka “hustle”.

6 years of working with chronic pain while building a business and raising our daughter.

6 years of feeling the fear but doing it any way.

6 years of dealing with “disadvantages” like being a non-native English speaker, living in India!

6 years of STARTING.

The importance of starting

We all start somewhere… but we need to start NOW.

Yes, this little “s” word holds great power within itself.

It’s great to make plans and dream big dreams… but it’s greater to start.

If I told you what I charged for writing and content services in my year 1 of business, you’ll laugh so hard.

I wouldn’t blame you.


It was where we started.

Because we wanted to.

Because we had to.

Again, it’s taken *us* 6 years.

It may take YOU 3 or it may take you 16.

I don’t know that.

No one does.

But what I *do* know is THIS.

If you don’t start somewhere and you don’t start NOW…
It’s going to take you forever

So… for the love of all things Nutella, please START!

Stop the overthinking.

Stop the “what if” game.

Stop looking into other people’s “answer sheets”.

Start where you are.

Start NOW!

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