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We just whipped up the secret recipe for your biz success, and it’s called…


A profitable medley of high-converting flavors perfect for a 5-star business just like yours!

With this recipe, you’ll whip up the all-important ingredients necessary for a successful launch. So you can share your course or program with the online world stress-free, season after season.

But first…

Let’s suss out your special sauce that’ll help
bring this concoction to perfection

Real talk:

Being an entrepreneur is…hard. 

But your resilience is what sets you apart from the pack of business owners who are thisclose to razing everything to the ground and call it a day.

You persevere and double down on achieving the results you want in business (and in life).

And you never take shortcuts either.

You show up, do the work, and go above and beyond without pushing any boundaries.

Right now, you have a very good business. But knowing you, you don’t want to settle for very good. You want an exceptional, chef’s-kiss-worthy biz.

The thoughts percolating inside your head:

“I want to launch without feeling like I’m playing a round of anxiety-inducing Russian roulette every single time. Can I have an order of a profitable launch laced with an abundant amount of solid relationships, pretty please?”

What you seek is that special somethin’ somethin’ that doesn’t rely on cookie cutter, ineffective strategy designed without the uniquely-you in mind.

Enter The Seasonal Biz Special

Let’s add this ROI-focused recipe to your biz mix,
shall we?


Reading Time

3 minutes


In a nutshell, you’re equal parts go-getter and impact-creator.

Unique-to-You Ingredients

In a nutshell, you’re equal parts go-getter and impact-creator.

◻️ You’re an imaginative leader who’s always finding a way to grow your business.

◻️ You are charismatic and inspiring. Your audience is mesmerized by you. Yes, you!

◻️ You’re a credible, trusted authority in your field, and you have social proof to show for it.

◻️ You are energetic, enthusiastic, and entertaining. Life is never boring around you.

◻️ You’re excellent at managing teams, big or small.

◻️ You understand the value of solid strategy, strong copy, and sizzling design.

◻️ But you’re not impressed with copywriting templates that don’t sound like you or don’t resonate with your audience.

◻️ You’re not simply concerned about sales. You have a deep desire to understand your audience, their goals, and how to help make those goals happen.

Made-to-Scale Directions

It’s all about effectively selling to increase your profits but without the snake oil salesman sleaze. 

1. Forge genuine connections

Find out what’s going on in your audience’s life. (But not in a sinister stalker manner, mmmkay?)

So you can tell them your story, and tie it in with what they’re going through.

What gives them the heart eyes? What are their struggles and challenges? What makes them mimic the vomiting emoji? The works!

Then listen. Really listen. 

Whether you’re taking a stab at writing your own copy or you’re finally entrusting the responsibility to a conversion copywriter with proven results, understanding your audience must be done before writing a lick of word.

Get to know the people you built your business for.

2. Validate their experiences

Make them face their truth—all the scary feelings that are making them curl up in a ball while listening to somber songs.

Then cue the Friends theme song. ♫ #I’llbethereforyou 

Practice empathy through engaging copy that mirrors your love for your audience. 

Let them realize what they’re going to leave behind, so they look forward to moving on to a better future.

3. Pour in the value-rich content

Strengthen your relationship with your audience by being helpful and sharing your framework, your process, your expertise.

This know-how solidifies your connection with your ideal audience and compels them to devour more content. And take action.   

In short, empowering your audience into making informed decisions makes conversion a no-brainer. 

4. Stir in their new and improved reality

Motivate them to take the next step by helping them see what lies ahead — their new reality. 

No fearmongering or false scarcity. Show that you truly care about what happens in their business and in their life.

5. Sprinkle the love and keep nurturing the relationship

Write copy that creates lasting connections and repeated conversions.

You DON’T want your audience to be the one-and-done type.

You want them to keep coming back for more — to connect with you, to learn from you, or to buy from you.

That’s the sign you’ve baked a perfect business!

Read more about the good, bad, and ugly side of launches no one tells you about.

Bookmark that link, and then get back to cooking. But before you start biz chef-ing it up…   

Here’s a special note from the Content Bistro kitchen

The fear of failure is real. There’s even a name for it. Atychiphobia aka the phobia characterized by the inability to attempt any goal that is not a guaranteed success.

And this is what could get in the way of you savoring your signature biz dish.

The fear that your strategy and messaging may not be on point.

The fear of hiring someone who may not do justice in understanding your brand and writing in your voice.

And the fear of losing subscribers and sales as a result.

But launching doesn’t have to feel unnerving and scary. 

Just ask Joanna, Vanessa, and Brad .

Rave reviews from the best biz chefs

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few. She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.”

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copyhackers

“I have outsourced so many projects to Prerna, be it newsletters, evergreen sequences, sales pages, live launches and even mapping out our entire launch strategy. A lot of our 7-figure launch success  was attributed to Prerna’s help and you would never expect that from a copywriter. Honestly, Prerna and team, they don’t just do copywriting. What I appreciate most about them is they are so focused on sales and strategy. I’ve worked with other copywriters in the past and they just write copy and then disappear. Those copywriters only care about the fluffiness of it all, but Prerna and team will look at how things are converting, which subject lines to use, figure out the funnel. They are just full stack in that sense.”

Vanessa Lau

CEO and founder of BOSSGRAM Academy

“It is absolutely amazing and on top of that as far as business results, from working with Prerna directly in just January of this year alone, we did $65,000 in sales. It was absolutely mind blowing. All because she was able to get into the mind of my customer and truly think about what would serve them the best. 

It has been an amazing experience, the communication is so on point, she always does her best to get back to you in a timely manner and she throws on different ideas and not just about copywriting but different ideas like how you can grow your business so it is beyond just copywriting.

It is almost like you have a business coach and a copywriter all the same time.”

Brad Bizjack

Founder, Appreciation Academy

If you’re wondering…

“Who dished out this biz recipe that everybody’s raving about?
Please give my compliments to them.”

(You’re welcome. 😉) 


The seasoned brains behind Content Bistro

Hi! I’m Prerna

Head Copy Chef & Copyhackers-certified
Conversion Copywriter

Hello! I’m Mayank

CFO & COO—with an MBA under his belt

We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and our journey is sprinkled with the following drool-worthy  highlights:

Raked in million dollars in net profit while dealing with chronic illness, raising our daughter, and living in India

Featured in Smart Passive Income, Forbes, Copyhackers, Female Entrepreneur Association, and The Copywriter Club

Worked with 531 clients (and counting) and on several 6-figure and 7-figure launches

Guided by our Intentional Profitability™ philosophy, we’ve accomplished literally everything we’ve ever wanted even if we started with a grand total of 0—all while working from 9 AM – 2:30 PM and taking 4 vacations and almost as many staycations a year. 

YOU: “I want some of that.”
US: “Hold our spatula! Let’s do this.”

We’ve built a wildly successful copywriting business, and our clients have seen sweet-tasting results, such as million-dollar launches, multiple enrollments every day, and evergreen funnels that churn out over $20K in revenue every month. Easy! And we’re cheering you on to achieve the same 6-figure or 7-figure win on your next launch.

Yup, you don’t have to do this biz thing alone…

Every head biz chef needs a sous-chef.
Or in your case? A copywriter with a strategist’s brain.

Here at Content Bistro, we believe in delegating tasks that are not in our delicious zone of genius. We hire out projects we don’t personally serve to our clients. This way, we can focus on being Michelin-star-worthy awesome at what we’re reaaally great at.

If copywriting is not your jam, here are the Top Three qualities you must look for when contracting somebody to write your words and woo your customers’ wallets. (Think best-selling author Nigella Lawson, but for your biz!)

Does the copywriter—certified or otherwise—have processes outlined for onboarding, copywriting, and offboarding?

Do they take time to not only understand the project but also give you their insights on the scope, share case studies, and walk you through the next steps?

Do they guarantee at least a 6-figure result? Whoops… red flag alert! A-player copywriters never guarantee roaring results from one piece of an enormous marketing puzzle. 😉

Cool? Cool!

Ready to start biz cooking?

Pop in some mood-boosting music to get you started. (It’s usually ABBA for Prerna and Top Gun OST for Mayank.)

Better yet, press play on these podcast episodes that are chock-full of golden business nuggets. 

Content Bistro’s Profitable Playlist

Hmmm… Is that the sweet smell of success coming from your biz kitchen?

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! However the finished product looks, we hope it’s oozing with healthy profits that not only satisfy your ROI-hungry belly but also put a giant smile on your face. 

We’re all about that happiness-in-everything-you-do kind of life.

Need to save this secret biz recipe?

We’ve sent a copy to your inbox along with a li’l extra. Compliments of the copy chefs—that’s us! 🎁

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Sales page checklist that gives you literally everything you need to ensure a powerful, psychologically compelling sales page that converts like a charm

Your Michelin-worthy biz may only have 1 star now, but armed with wallet-wooing copy and sales-stoking strategies, we’re confident you’ll get 3 stars in no time.

See you in your inbox!

I’m interested in food and sharing my passion with a community of like-minded people. All of the celebrity stuff that comes along with that is just an incidental byproduct of being able to do what I love for a living.

– Alex Guarnaschelli

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