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We just whipped up the secret recipe for your biz success, and it’s called…


A profitable medley of evergreen flavors perfect for a 5-star business just like yours.

With this recipe, you’ll whip up the all-important ingredients necessary for selling anything (and we mean anything) on autopilot. So you can mix ‘n match the elements of your evergreen offers and sell ’em with pro-level confidence.

But first…

Let’s suss out your special sauce that’ll help
bring this concoction to perfection

You’re into selling. Like, really into it. And you’re always keen to try new techniques—especially the ones that don’t require sweating bullets.

But if there’s one no-sweat, easy activity that you enjoy indulging in more than selling, it’s engaging with your audience and strengthening your relationship with them. You value them so much so that you’re constantly looking for ways to best serve them. 

Right now, you have a very good business. But knowing you, you don’t want to settle for very good

You want an exceptional biz that’s forging new customer relationships day by day by profitable day.

The thoughts percolating inside your head:

“Can I have an order of predictable and consistent monthly revenue without the stress and overwhelm of launching live every 3-6 months, pretty please?”

What you seek is that special somethin’ somethin’ that doesn’t require a lot of ugh-inducing heavy lifting.

Enter The Deconstructed Biz Dish

Let’s add this ROI-focused recipe to your biz mix,
shall we?


Reading Time

3 minutes


1 intentionally profitable business 

Unique-to-You Ingredients

In a nutshell, you’re equal parts charming thinker and caring inventor.

◻️ You are imaginative, innovative, and naturally curious. Yes, you!

◻️ You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, and you’re not one to shy away from an intellectual challenge. 

◻️ You are practical, and your reliability cannot be doubted.

◻️ You’re extraordinarily caring and eager to support and show up for your clients.

◻️ You care about their growth and success as much as you care about your own.

◻️ You live life with enthusiasm, and you’re a delight to be around.

◻️ You show chef’s-kiss-worthy authenticity and don’t hold back on your opinions.  

◻️ You’re flexible, and you’re always ready to explore and experience something new.

Made-to-Scale Directions

It’s all about effectively selling on autopilot to increase your profits, so you don’t have to chase clients all the time.

1. Build the foundation of a profit-ready funnel

Your evergreen launch funnel needs an ROI-focused strategy to ensure it does the job. Without a strategy, the only job it’ll do is produce the sound of a sad trombone. Womp! Womp!

Part of the strategy is to use copy that counts, starting from all your marketing materials—social media copy, free content, and everything else in between.

If people are not opting in your funnel, you’ll have to dig into these foundational assets. Ask yourself: Why should they invest time and effort in the free materials you provide them?

2. Attract your ideal audience—like bees to honey

Once you’ve set the stage for establishing a rock solid relationship with your audience, make sure they get to see you often, learn more about you, and stay connected with you. 

This job is done by your ads and your lead gen activities—all of which requires copy that can make an impact when done right. 

3. Stack up your authority points

Make your audience feel safe, heard, and understood. Lend value through your nurture email sequence, so they trust you as someone who has their back. 

When you establish yourself as the go-to authority, it will eventually help drive sales because, you know what they say, people who know, like, and trust you would most likely buy one time. And again.

4. Empower your audience to make an informed decision 

You’ve been cyberdating for a while, and this is when your copy should encourage your audience to take the next step in your relationship.

This is when you bring out the pièces de résistance to get them to say, “Yes, I do” — sales ads, sales webinar, sales email sequence, sales page. The works! 

Read more about the must-have copy assets for an always-on, always-selling product or service launch.

Bookmark that link, and then get back to cooking. But before you start biz chef-ing it up …

Here’s a special note from the Content Bistro kitchen

Real talk:

Even with an evergreen funnel, there’s no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it.

Most people think it’s all about the lead magnet, email sequence, sales page … and you’re done?

Nope. You have to make time to really understand every single element that goes into the funnel, and then you need to test and optimize them.

Told ya! You can’t set everything up and expect it to come out perfectly time and again (and again). An evergreen funnel ain’t a rotisserie chicken.

Fancy selling at least 1 course a day?

Consistent sales only come from cooking up high-converting assets for a profit-ready funnel. 

Just ask Nicola, Andrea and Jackie.

Rave reviews from your fellow biz chefs

These entrepreneurs followed the biz recipe to a T and fast-tracked their path to profitability. Writing solid copy backed by strategy? You got it! Selling more online courses? Easy as pie!

Ready To Sell is probably the best course I’ve invested in – and I’ve joined A LOT.

Crawling inside Prerna’s brain and soaking up her genius insights into launch strategy has been a game-changer.

I’ve used Prerna’s “recipes” for my client projects and the launch of my own digital product.

The result?

7% sales page conversion rate, 34.5% of my launch list being converted, and click-through rates up to 46.3%. Not a typo.

Ready to Sell gives you everything to become a confident launch copywriter that actually makes it rain.

Nicola Moors

Copywriter and Course Creator

RTS gave me the tools I need to confidently share about my course and help more people!

I’ve never taken a copywriting course, so this was all gold for me. I learned so many new strategies that will help me in all aspects of my business! Emails, social media, sales pages—all the things! I just loved that it addressed so many different aspects of a business in such a practical and USABLE way!

I feel like I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. I know how to create an online course and I know how to teach, but learning how to market and sell the course is another skill set.”

Andrea Davis

Founder, Better Screen Time

“This is one of the most comprehensive copy courses I have ever taken.

Prerna doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

Why wouldn’t you want to study with a copywriter whose words were responsible for the conversions in several multi-6 and 7-figure course launches?

If you want to be a better copywriter or be better at writing your own sales copy, you have to surround yourself with copywriters who are smarter than you and who are more experienced than you.

Another reason I love this program is the direct 1:1 feedback to Prerna’s AMAZING brain.

She and Mayank provide a wealth of experience and golden knowledge. If you can grab the opportunity to work with them, don’t hesitate!”

Jackie Sunga


If you’re wondering…

“Who dished out this biz recipe that everybody’s raving about?
Please give my compliments to them.”

(You’re welcome. 😉) 


The seasoned brains behind Content Bistro

Hi! I’m Prerna

Head Copy Chef
I’m a former mom blogger turned
one of the most sought-after launch copywriters. 

Hello! I’m Mayank

I’m a former corporate dad turned number-crunching business owner

We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and our journey is sprinkled with the following drool-worthy  highlights:

Raked in million dollars in net profit while dealing with chronic illness, raising our daughter, and living in India

Featured in Smart Passive Income, Forbes, Copyhackers, Female Entrepreneur Association, and The Copywriter Club

Worked with 531 clients (and counting) and on several 6-figure and 7-figure launches

Guided by our Intentional Profitability™ philosophy, we’ve accomplished literally everything we’ve ever wanted even if we started with a grand total of 0—all while working from 9 AM – 2:30 PM and taking 4 vacations and almost as many staycations a year. 

YOU: “I want some of that.”
US: “Hold our spatula! Let’s do this.”

We pivoted from blog & social media marketing to sales copywriting—and we’ve built a wildly successful copywriting business as a result. We’re cheering you on to rethink the way you sell your services in order for you to become profitable, too.

Yup, you don’t have to do this biz thing alone…

Every head biz chef needs a sous-chef.
Or in your case? A copy chief and mentor.

If we were in your shoes and had the resources back in the early years of our business, we would have invested in 1:1 coaching or joined a mastermind group. We eventually did, but it took us years before we made such a strategic step on our business ladder. Wish we could do it sooner and see the huuuge impact on our revenue—faster.

On your continuing journey to achieving sustainable scale… partner up with a no-holds-barred MasterChef for your biz! 

Collaborate with somebody who can kick ineffective selling to the curb by teaching you copy strategies or frameworks that are proven to work.

Find the one who has already polished their programs or processes for high-converting, profit-ready funnels.

Ideally, look for a real expert who further instills confidence by showing you they’re actively practicing what they’re preaching. 

Cool? Cool!

Ready to start biz cooking?

Pop in some mood-boosting music to get you started. (It’s usually Katy Perry for Prerna and Norah Jones for Mayank.)

Better yet, press play on these podcast episodes that are chock-full of golden business nuggets. 

Content Bistro’s Profitable Playlist

Hmmm… Is that the sweet smell of success coming from your biz kitchen?

We can’t wait to see what you come up with! However the finished product looks like, we hope it’s oozing with healthy profits that not only satisfies your ROI-hungry belly but also puts a giant  smile on your face (and your loved ones!). 

Here at Content Bistro, we’re all about that happiness-in-everything-you-do kind of life.

Need to save this secret biz recipe?

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Sales page checklist that gives you literally everything you need to ensure a powerful, psychologically-compelling sales page that converts like a charm

See you in your inbox!

I believe that there is always something new to learn, in fact, that is one of the three reasons that I chose to become a chef, that my education is never over.

– Anne Burrell

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