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We just whipped up the secret recipe for your biz success, and it’s called…


A profitable selection of sales flavors perfect for a five-star business just like yours.

With this recipe, you’ll whip up the all-important ingredients necessary for creating profitable offers. So you can sell ’em with easy-like-Sunday-morning feels.

But first…

Let’s suss out your special sauce that’ll help
bring this concoction to perfection

You’re undeterred by a little elbow grease.

You’re a seasoned, hard-working, and dedicated entrepreneur who cares about delivering 5-star value.

And while other biz owners quit at the first sight of “Oh, this is so hard!”, you’ve stayed rock-steady and resolute about transforming your business and your life.

You are naturally strategic, so you’re always looking for ways to bring in big ROI with your offers.

You have a rock-solid service business. A very good business. 

But knowing you, you don’t want to settle for very good

You want an exceptional biz where you feel confident, and not jittery about launching that new offer. 

The thoughts percolating inside your head:

“I’m in a good spot. But how do I go to a better spot than where I am right now? Can I have an order of tasty offer-creation-to-skyrocket-my-business-growth, pretty please?”

What you seek is that peace of mind that your new offer will sell — without a lot of ugh-inducing heavy lifting.

Enter The Chef’s Biz Special

Let’s add this ROI-focused recipe to your biz mix,
shall we?


Reading Time

3 minutes


1 intentionally profitable business 

Unique-to-You Ingredients

In a nutshell, you’re equal parts committed-against-hustling and committed-to-scaling.

◻️ You’re an indomitable leader who’s always finding a way to grow your business.

◻️ You are a powerhouse at implementation and execution. Yes, you!

◻️ You’ve got mad skills that you continue to hone and refine.

◻️ You’ve got chef’s-kiss-worthy grit and courage, and you’re also a bold experimenter. 

◻️ You’re determined never to treat your business like an expensive hobby.

◻️ You want a business that allows you to live your Best. Life. Ever.

◻️ You are practical, and your reliability cannot be doubted.

◻️ You’re unafraid to take big, scary leaps and go after the goals that are important to you.

Made-to-Scale Directions

It’s all about having a sales system that’ll increase your profits without increasing stress on your calendar and your body. 

1. Identify your superpower

Nope, the ability to hustle 24/7 isn’t a superpower. :p

Imagine a throng of clients lined up outside your biz door…

What are they raving about you?

What are they queueing up for?

This will give you a clear idea of the biz menu you want to create—a service suite meant to make a difference in your clients’ lives and keep ’em coming back for more.

2. Pour in the mindset mastery

Why is this an essential, must-not-be-skipped part of your biz recipe?

Like a dish that lacks salt and pepper, your biz will taste bland without it, and your offer won’t sell like hotcakes.

This isn’t about some rah-rah optimism. The goal is to curb your feelings of  “Aaah, what do I do now? This is overwhelming! Lemme stuff my face with some ice cream and watch Netflix first!” That’s most definitely not the pattern you want to fall into. 

Simply put, you won’t reach your goals when mindset work is not part of your biz equation. Period.

3. Squeeze out as much information as you can from your audience

The ideal ones who could use your superpower. This doesn’t mean you have to wait until you have a super robust email list or social media following. All you need is an engaged audience of perfect-fit would-be customers whom you could offer your services to. 

What do they need? How do you convince them to buy? Get to know your audience truly, madly, deeply.

Grow your knowledge of your audience and you’ll grow confidence in selling your services. Aaand you can finally say sayonara to the anxiety of meeting your revenue goals month over month.

4. Validate your ideas

For easy-bake sales, you need to get crystal clear on your strategy, positioning, processes, and prices. This is what will make your offer a breeze to sell, time and time again.

The foundation of a profitable offer that fits your style and saves you time is a rinse-and-repeat framework. Find the right delivery mechanism and workflow that gives you the confidence to, say, take work-free vacations without impacting your income.

In the end, your audience has to have full confidence that your offer works

5. Sizzle up your selling skills

Think about your offer presentation and structure. The goal? Position yourself in a way that repels your not-so-ideal people and brings your dream-to-work-with audience to your virtual door. 

Craft your offer and price in a way that keeps your best interests at heart while giving great value to your audience. 

And no, you don’t need to spend all day, every day, on social media to sell. Gosh, no!! With a smart traffic and lead gen strategy that honors your energy and boundaries, you can sell with the least amount of fuss and stress.

Read more about how to intelligently sell your offer during pre-launch … without putting in countless time and immeasurable effort into marketing strategies that fall flat.

Bookmark that link, and then get back to cooking. But before you start biz chef-ing it up …

Here’s a special note from the Content Bistro kitchen

We know you’re an eager beaver excited to hit the next milestone. 

But we won’t be surprised if paralyzing fear, doubt, and what-ifs stop you in your tracks. (It happens!) 

Guess what?

These frightening feelings are oftentimes excuses that your mind makes up to convince you NOT to launch that digital product, show up on podcasts and guest blogs, or relaunch your course.  

It’s the same voice that whispers you need a bajillion people on your email list and to work a bajillion hours in order to hit your goals. 

Which causes you not to bring your A-game because you’re overwhelmed and exhausted from multitasking. 

Watch out! Because perfectionism is often a disguise for fear, lack of confidence, and imposter syndrome, too.

But best believe there ARE  strategies to optimize your offer and make it irresistible to buyers so you can put that Negative Nelly to rest for good!

Just ask Salma, Sarah, and Kimberly.

Rave reviews from your fellow biz chefs

These entrepreneurs followed the biz recipe to a T and fast-tracked their path to profitability. They came, they saw, and they conquered launching their digital product or course. 

I absolutely loved how involved you guys were in the Facebook group (I’ve been reading through all your posts as I’m doing the catch-up) + the specificity of certain info (e.g. how to onboard).

Most of the courses I’ve taken have been of the B-School variety so not that much personal attention/a bigger focus on teaching general concepts.

It gave me the confidence I was severely lacking and helped me overcome the “aaah what do I do next, this is overwhelming, let me go have ice cream and watch Netflix instead” pattern I was in.

Ieva Dalbina

Launch Copywriter

“It’s helped me look at my services in a whole new way. Before this, I was doing custom quotes for everything (and usually trying to plan deliverables + pricing on the fly). […] Now that I have some solid packages created, my big income goals seem way closer than before. I know how many clients I need to reach $10K each month.”

Sarah Marie Anderson

Email Strategist & Copywriter

I now have 2 really solid packages that I can sell again and again. Prerna & Mayank helped me rename them, improve & optimize everything about them, and price them correctly. The level of one-to-one feedback and support was unlike any other… As a result of this feedback, I created a package I’m excited to sell and deliver! 🙂

Kimberly Houston

Web Copywriter & Marketing Strategist

If you’re wondering…

“Who dished out this biz recipe that everybody’s raving about?
Please give my compliments to them.”

(You’re welcome. 😉) 


The seasoned brains behind Content Bistro

Hi! I’m Prerna

Head Copy Chef
(aka The one with the creative, execution-ready brain)

Hello! I’m Mayank

(aka The one with the strategic, finance-focused brain)

We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and our journey is sprinkled with the following drool-worthy  highlights:

Raked in million dollars in net profit while dealing with chronic illness, raising our daughter, and living in India

Featured in Smart Passive Income, Forbes, Copyhackers, Female Entrepreneur Association, and The Copywriter Club

Worked with 531 clients (and counting) and on several 6-figure and 7-figure launches

Guided by our Intentional Profitability™ philosophy, we’ve accomplished literally everything we’ve ever wanted even if we started with a grand total of 0—all while working from 9 AM – 2:30 PM and taking 4 vacations and almost as many staycations a year. 

YOU: “I want some of that.”
US: “Hold our spatula! Let’s do this.”

We’ve built a wildly profitable copywriting business, and the only reason we could do this is because we know what works when it comes to making our clients’ launches a success. 

Now we’re here to help you create your own impossible-to-resist offering.
So you can go from hustling to intentional profitability. 

Yup, you don’t have to do this biz thing alone…

Every head biz chef needs a sous-chef.
Or in your case, a strategy consultant.

If we were in your shoes and had the resources back in the early years of our business, we would have invested in 1:1 coaching or joined a mastermind group. We eventually did, but it took us years before we made such a strategic step on our business ladder. Wish we could do it sooner and see the huuuge impact on our revenue—faster.

On your continuing journey to achieving sustainable scale… partner up with a truth-telling Chrissy Teigen for your biz! 

    Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you. Or people who have the business that you’d want to have

    Find the ones who can provide expert guidance. No second-guessing, please! They’ll challenge the actions you do and show you opportunities you didn’t even know existed

    Avoid those who prescribe the same path for everybody. They should be able to prescribe a right-for-you way of doing things instead of forcing you like a square peg in a round hole

    Cool? Cool!

    Ready to start biz cooking?

    Pop in some mood-boosting music to get you started. (It’s usually Taylor Swift for Prerna and Eagles for Mayank.)

    Better yet, press play on these podcast episodes that are chock-full of golden business nuggets. 

    Content Bistro’s Profitable Playlist

    Hmmm… Is that the sweet smell of success coming from your biz kitchen?

    We can’t wait to see what you come up with! However the finished product looks like, we hope it’s oozing with healthy profits that not only satisfies your ROI-hungry belly but also puts a giant  smile on your face (and your loved ones!). 

    Here at Content Bistro, we’re all about that happiness-in-everything-you-do kind of life.

    Need to save this secret biz recipe?

    We’ve sent a copy to your inbox along with a li’l extra. Compliments of the copy chefs—that’s us! 🎁

    This is the backbone of our talk “Intentionally Profitable”, which we premiered at The Copywriter Club’ IRL conference in NYC. We spoke on stage about building a profitable business, and now you can have the framework  + worksheet that’ll teach you:

    The 3 Ps to increase revenue without adding more hours to your schedule

    The C.A.S.H. Blueprint for feeding your business with growth and ending the year with a healthy net profit

    The 3 elements of a high-profit business mindset 

    Your Michelin-worthy biz may only have 1 star now, but with the Intentional Profitability™ approach, we’re confident you’ll get 3 stars in no time.

    See you in your inbox!

     This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook—
    try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and
    above all have fun!

    – Julia Child 

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