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We just whipped up the secret recipe for your biz success, and it’s called…


A profitable medley of no-burnout & no-overwhelm scale-building flavors perfect for a five-star business just like yours.

With this recipe, you’ll whip up the all-important ingredients necessary to keep your well-oiled momentum machine going. So you can step up, scale smart, and own the spotlight.

But first…

Let’s suss out your special sauce that’ll help
bring this concoction to perfection

You’re a creative, growth-loving entrepreneur whose appetite for success isn’t easily satiated by mere $$$. Sure, the constant ping of Stripe notifications is music to your ears, but most importantly …

… the positive impact you create in other peoples’ lives is what truly makes your heart sing.

You have a strong sense of purpose. You’re not simply satisfied with the vicious cycle of Work. Bills. Repeat. You may have already hit the 6-figure mark (or are close to reaching it), but you have this nagging feeling that there’s gotta be more to your biz life. 

You already know that you can’t grow by overworking yourself to the ground — clocking far more hours IN your business instead of ON your business. 

Put simply, you want to scale with intention and ease.

If there’s a Michelin Guide for businesses, you’d get 1 star, which means you have a very good biz. 

But knowing you, you don’t want to settle for very good. You want the 3 stars that signify you have an exceptional biz that’s worth investing in.

The thoughts percolating inside your head:

“Can I have an order of no-stress, consistent income, pretty please? I want a bigger bite of the profit pie but not at the cost of my sanity. I want growth but not at the cost of time doing what I love most.”

What you seek is that special somethin’ somethin’ that’ll help you grow your biz and your impact with intention, alignment, and agility. 

Enter The Prix Fixe Biz Combo

Let’s add this ROI-focused recipe to your biz mix,
shall we?


Reading Time

3 minutes


1 intentionally profitable business 

Unique-to-You Ingredients

In a nutshell, you’re equal parts go-getter and impact-creator.

◻️ You are smart, perceptive, and imaginative. Yes, you!

◻️ You’re a strategic thinker who’s massively motivated to take the right actions.

◻️ You have a desire as deep as the Mariana Trench to grow intentionally and profitably.

◻️ You value your time with your loved ones as much as you value building an enterprise.

◻️ You want to take the reins of an impact-driven business and help improve people’s lives.

◻️ You have an impeccable, chef’s-kiss-worthy work ethic fueled by integrity. 

◻️ You are obsessed with driving roaring results for your clients.

◻️ Values are what define you as a brand, drive your actions, and inspire your goals.

Made-to-Scale Directions

It’s all about building a 6 or 7-figure business and living a 24/7 fulfilling life that’s true to your values. You’ll have more fun and truly enjoy what you create. We promise. 

1. Pour in the personality and position your true self

We know it’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy to help others be their superstar selves, but you gotta own your spotlight, too. Be you, boo. 

Whatever your put-myself-out-there strategies are — speaking engagements, speaking on podcasts, publishing guest posts, building your social media following or email subscribers—make sure that they’re aligned with your goals and value system.

Be unafraid to be known for who you really are.

You don’t know what to say and how to say it? Stick to the strategy that feels most natural to you and the finger-lickin’ goodness you’d bring to the table will seem like a no-brainer.

There’s no reason to hide your imperfections either. Nothing’s wrong with a path to profitability that’s paved with mistakes. Positioning yourself as a likable expert doesn’t mean pretending to have a mistake-free perfect life.

2. Refine your processes

Your most valuable asset as the CEO of your business is your time. And well-thought-out processes will help you honor your boundaries and maximize the time you spend ON your business.

By maximizing your time, we don’t mean surviving on 4 hours of sleep and sipping Starbucks’ nitro cold brew coffee like your life depends on it. Don’t normalize overwhelm and exhaustion in your life. It’s not supposed to be the norm of a 6-figure or 7-figure business.

That’s why, once you’ve nailed your grow-your-biz goals, not only will you need a strategy to make it happen but also a system so you can stick to the plan. 

3. Get rid of the feast-and-famine flavor

You want the most sought-after financial freedom. But if your 5-figure months are not as consistent as you want them to be … Or if you’re consistently hitting the annual 6-figure mark but you’re also consistently overworking yourself …

… it’s time to look under the hood and inspect the engine running your business.

What would grow your business easier and faster?

Here’s what you need to remember: 

More money doesn’t equal more hours. You can have more money with less work—and without feeling slimy about any of the techniques or tactics.

4. Juice up your products and services suite

Leverage your expertise and diversify your revenue streams. But take note that increasing your impact and revenue isn’t a one-and-done type of thing.

You gotta promote, promote, promote—consistently! Do it often enough and it’ll become an effortless part of your everyday routine. 

Balance giving value and selling offers, but the point is to always be connecting and marketing. Whatever strategy you choose to market your products and services, you gotta commit to it. 


Because people who could use what you have to offer need to know you exist to begin with!  

Read more about the entrepreneur lessons we learned in year 7 of our business when we first reached our $200k/year milestone. It’s a blast from the past, but the lessons could still very well apply to you today.

Bookmark that link, and then get back to cooking. But before you start biz chef-ing it up …

Here’s a special note from the Content Bistro kitchen

So you want to be super intentional about building a business that is integrated with your life. We want that for you, too.

But what could get in the way of you savoring your signature biz dish is a false belief that your knowledge isn’t worth the money.

You need to have the confidence that you can tap into a system, get it up and running, and quickly be more profitable.

Remember: Scaling is NOT hard.

You can reclaim your time, growth, and revenue to create a business that helps you build (and live!) your dream life with ease, grace, and intention.

Just ask Justin…

Rave reviews from your fellow biz chefs

They followed the biz recipe to a T and fast-tracked their way to sustainable scale. These entrepreneurs kept up the momentum and crushed it with their biz and life goals!

Tripled my average revenue during quarantine!

OK, in the last six months I’ve launched three programs. All sold out. 

Wanna know how many I would’ve launched on my own? Zero.

Prerna & Mayank Malik literally walked me through productized services step-by-step and made me launch. They idiot Justin-proofed my plan and refused to let me over-complicate anything. (Looking at you, G-Doc sales page.)

And y’know what? It. Worked. I’m not one to share numbers, but those three simple launches tripled my average revenue during quarantine, without having to write a single word for clients.

And they were my favorite projects ever.”

Justin Blackman

Brand Voice Expert & Copywriter, Pretty Fly Copy

They did the brain work for me!

I got my 2:1 time with Prerna and Mayank AND because they understood what I wanted to achieve in my business and the kind of person I was, they did the brain-work for me. The result? A plan that I could execute without worrying about something not being “me”.

Samar Owais

Email Conversion Strategist & Copywriter, Emails Done Right

I nailed my positioning and niche!

I love the fact that P and M are so hands-on and share “inside info” gleaned from their years of experience with hundreds of successful client projects. I nailed my positioning and niche while also creating my first packages with confidence. I’m also launching my new website…which I know will help me attract more of the right leads and clients I “want” to work with. It also helped me start to recover from shiny object syndrome. 🙂

Rebecca Vigelius

Email Copywriter

If you’re wondering…

“Who dished out this biz recipe that everybody’s raving about?
Please give my compliments to them.”

(You’re welcome. 😉) 


The seasoned brains behind Content Bistro

Hi! I’m Prerna

Head Copy Chef and Mad Baker of
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello! I’m Mayank

CFO, COO, and
Chief Vacation Officer

We’ve been in business for over 10 years, and our journey is sprinkled with the following drool-worthy  highlights:

Raked in million dollars in net profit while dealing with chronic illness, raising our daughter, and living in India

Featured in Smart Passive Income, Forbes, Copyhackers, Female Entrepreneur Association, and The Copywriter Club

Worked with 531 clients (and counting) and on several 6-figure and 7-figure launches

Guided by our Intentional Profitability™ philosophy, we’ve accomplished literally everything we’ve ever wanted even if we started with a grand total of 0—all while working from 9 AM – 2:30 PM and taking 4 vacations and almost as many staycations a year. 

YOU: “I want some of that.”
US: “Hold our spatula! Let’s do this.”

We’ve built a wildly successful copywriting business without compromising our work-life balance. And we’re cheering you on to achieve the same vacationing entrepreneur lifestyle. So you can do the things you want to do now, not when you’re 65.

Yup, you don’t have to do this biz thing alone…

Every head biz chef needs a sous-chef.
Or in your case, a mentor.

If we were in your shoes and had the resources back in the early years of our business, we would have invested in 1:1 coaching or joined a mastermind group. We eventually did, but it took us years before we made such a strategic step on our business ladder. Wish we could do it sooner and see the huuuge impact on our revenue—faster.

On your continuing journey to achieving sustainable scale… partner up with a tough-loving Martha Stewart for your biz!

    Look for a community where accountability, cheerleading, and fast-action execution come together

    Avoid the ones where the non-motivational narrative goes something like, “Here’s the program. Go study. Implement it! ✌️” 

    Find truly supportive allies who will nudge you into doing what you should actually focus on your business

    Cool? Cool!

    Ready to start biz cooking?

    Pop in some mood-boosting music to get you started. (It’s usually John Legend for Prerna and Forrest Gump OST for Mayank.)

    Better yet, press play on these podcast episodes that are chock-full of golden business nuggets. 

    Content Bistro’s Profitable Playlist

    Hmmm… Is that the sweet smell of success coming from your biz kitchen?

    We can’t wait to see what you come up with! However the finished product looks like, we hope it’s oozing with healthy profits that not only satisfies your ROI-hungry belly but also puts a giant smile on your face (and your loved ones!). 

    Here at Content Bistro, we’re all about that happiness-in-everything-you-do kind of life.

    Need to save this secret biz recipe?

    We’ve sent a copy to your inbox along with a li’l extra. Compliments of the copy chefs—that’s us! 🎁

    This is the backbone of our talk “Intentionally Profitable”, which we premiered at The Copywriter Club’ IRL conference in NYC. We spoke on stage about building a profitable business, and now you can have the framework  + worksheet that’ll teach you:

    The 3 Ps to increase revenue without adding more hours to your schedule

    The C.A.S.H. Blueprint for feeding your business with growth and ending the year with a healthy net profit

    The 3 elements of a high-profit business mindset 

    Your Michelin-worthy biz may only have 1 star now, but with the Intentional Profitability™ approach, we’re confident you’ll get 3 stars in no time.

    See you in your inbox!

    I get up every day, do the best that I can do,
    and go home and have a good time.

    – Ina Garten 

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