Imagine this …

You walk into the local Zara store and buy a cute top. You see a cool dress too but decide against it for now because, well, budget!

The cashier asks for your phone number and email address at the cash counter.

A few weeks later, you receive an email from Zara, and you notice that the dress you were eyeing is now on sale.

The cool dress looks cooler with the discount, so you scoop it up.

This is real-world remarketing in action. 🙌🏼

Now, odds are the Zara email gods had no idea you eyed the dress, but they were nurturing their connection with you by sharing stuff on sale.

And your dress was in there as well.

However, remarketing can be way more targeted than that.

You visit a website.

Add an item to your cart.

Get called away by your daughter who needs help with homework.

A few hours later, you get an email reminding you about the item you were buying but forgot.

Remarketing in action again. 💪🏼

Remarketing emails are a given for most eCommerce and retail businesses.

For course creators, though, they’re usually an afterthought. Or sometimes, entirely overlooked.

Not because they don’t want to send them but because they already have a lot on their plates.

As a sales strategist and copywriter for course creators and membership site owners, I see this all the time.

The good news is …

Adding remarketing emails to your email strategy can be done at any time. 👏🏼

And you can start small.

I’ll share 5 kinds of remarketing emails you can start to send out TODAY!

The bad news is …

Approaching them without a strategy can be fatal for conversions and ruin your connection with your audience. 🤦🏻‍♀️

With that, here are the mistakes you want to avoid when writing remarketing emails for your online course or membership.

The 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Remarketing Emails

1. Taking a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Strategy isn’t a onesie. It needs to be tailored to your audience and offer.

The cadence and kind of remarketing emails that you send out, as well as your overall messaging strategy, will depend on a number of factors, including, but not limited to, your offer, audience, and brand.

2. Overlooking Context and Nuance

This is a biggie.

Remarketing emails are sent to an audience who is aware of your brand and your solution. Keep that connection in mind when writing these emails.

3. Writing Long, Rambling Emails

Long copy converts better than short copy. Except when it comes to remarketing emails. 😱

After testing HUNDREDS of these emails, I can safely say … being to-the-point works exceptionally well for these emails.

Keep them short, engaging and yes, sales-focused.

5 Types of Automated Remarketing Emails to Add to Your Course Sales Strategy

🛒 Abandoned Cart Emails

These are the easiest remarketing emails to add to the mix. Most online course platforms allow abandoned cart emails to be added to the automation.

Adding abandoned cart emails means you’re helping your audience remember that they were about to sign up for your course but somehow got sidetracked.

It also gives you the opportunity to optimize your checkout experience.

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💰Nurtured-for-Sales Newsletter Emails

This is a personal favorite. Newsletters are often associated with sharing well, the “news” of your business.

But there’s no reason these can’t be automated, and while sharing value aka “news” also remind your non-buyers about signing up with you.

Nurtured-for-sales newsletters are the perfect way to build credibility and connection while increasing conversions.

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🔥Behavior-Based Upsell, Cross-Sell and Downsell Emails

If you have more than one course or digital product, adding these automated behavior-based upsell, cross-sell, and downsell emails will help your audience continue learning from you while amplifying those sales too.

These are remarketing emails that go out to your existing audience. That’s right. You can sell to your current students, too!

The key is in respecting the “behavior-based” in these sequences.

A certain behavior would trigger the sequence.

It could be finishing a certain module or maybe the full course.

It could be accessing specific lessons in your membership.

It could be successfully taking quizzes and assessments.

Again, the idea here is not to shove sales down your audience’s throats but to intentionally and elegantly remind them about continuing to learn from and grow with you.

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⚡️Behavior-Based Flash Sales or Specials Emails

Y’all know I love a good, well-timed flash sale.

But do you know how much I love automated flash sale sequences?

These remarketing sequences can be set up to send at specific times or milestones in your students’ journey.

The key here is to offer a “flash” discount or bonus as the urgency mechanism for a limited time.

Similar to behavior-based upsell, cross-sell, and downsell sequences, these flash sales are triggered by a behavior. Except in this case, the audience can include both buyers and non-buyers.

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Membership/Course Onboarding and Continued Education Emails  

Finally, we have onboarding and CE or continued education emails.

These emails don’t sell your students a specific offer, but they sell them upon course completion.

With completion rates at an all-time low, these emails encourage your students to keep up the momentum and help them continue their education with you.

You can include bonus lessons, techniques, or fun rewards for completing milestones.

Why do you need these kind of remarketing emails?

The more students you have completing your courses, the more social proof you will have.

Plus, let’s be honest … it’s disappointing for creators to have students sign up but not do a thing with the content we’ve painstakingly created for them.

It’s like making a precisely proportioned PB&J sandwich for your toddler only to have him take one look at it and not take a bite of it!

BONUS Remarketing Sequence: Order Bump Reminder Emails

Offering an order bump at the time of signing up?

Why not remind them about it after they’ve signed up?

Unless you’re stating that they’ll never see that offer again, you can always gently and intentionally remind them that they can still get that offer.  

Remarketing emails for course creators are a fabulously easy and friendly way to help your distracted audience remember they wanted to sign up with you.

Or, help your existing students see how you can continue to help them build the lives and businesses they need.

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