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What if I told you that rinse-and-repeat works well for habits and systems but when it comes to launching and selling your online course, it doesn’t usually work the same way?

Program relaunches usually become a rehash of last year’s strategy and that’s never a good idea.

Because when you want an online launch that doesn’t drown in the noise and clamor of a crowded marketplace, you want to create impact, get attention and reach as many people as you possibly can.

How do you continue to create that feeling of “newness” and excitement each time you open enrolment for your programs?

How can you ensure that even though your program may be the same, but your copy assets are a breath of fresh air in a market that may be feeling a little jaded and even stale?

How do you ensure you don’t end up being tone-deaf or off-point with your emails and social media assets?

You do it with the 3Ds – Data, Details, and Depth.

These 3Ds give you that hidden advantage that allows you to launch over and over again without turning into an echo in the entrepreneurial world.


relaunch your online course 


Why Data, Details, and Depth Make for Sustainably Profitable Online Launches

Profitable launches aren’t about shiny shoots, fancy FB ads, and armies of affiliates. For a launch to be repeatedly profitable, you need to lean on data, details, and depth.

First up is Data

Data is all about what your audience told you when you launched the last time.

Data gives you the direction you need when making informed decisions.

Program relaunches aren’t always about going bigger or shinier. Sometimes, they need to be about the smaller things. And data tells you what those “things” are.

  • What did you see that worked well?
  • What totally bombed?
  • What was missing?
  • What held people back from buying?
  • What motivated them to buy?

Every time a client hires me to write copy for the relaunch of their program, these are the questions I want answers to.

This is the data I lean on to ensure that we’re not only plugging gaps but we’re also starting new conversations with our prospects. That is where Details enter the conversation. 

Details are what give you an edge over your competition and shine a light on your strengths.

Details draw attention to what truly matters to your audience – your value system, your results, your commitment to service.

Details define the evolution of your brand.

When relaunching a program, you want to think about the details that can drive your audience’s decision-making and highlight those. Usually, program re-launches have a significant gap between them. Sometimes 6 months to a year.

There is a LOT that can change in that time.

You want to think about: What details about the way you run and do business have stayed the same? What’s changed?

Next, we have Depth.

Depth is where you show your audience that you’re listening. You show that you’re putting your money where your mouth is. You show that you care for more than just numbers on the spreadsheet.

Depth is what drives relevancy and recency. 

Depth ensures your relaunch is not filled with tone-deaf and inappropriate references and that it does not end in a dumpster fire.

So, how DO you use the 3Ds for an online launch or relaunch that is both profitable, sustainable, and feels fresh, on-point, and thoughtful?

relaunch your online course


Data: How to Create Meaningful Change with a Re-Launch

Using data is quite frankly the easiest way to drive change in your strategy. Using simple yet effective tools can give you insights that can guide what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what needs to be added.

Tools, like:

Buyer surveys and/or interviews

Non-buyer surveys and/or interviews

Heat maps and user recordings

On-the-ground feedback from your customer support and social media team.

Use these tools to gather data but then, more importantly, use the data to drive decisions and change with your re-launch.


Details: How to Share the Evolution of Your Brand and Your Online Program

Details matter. Especially when you’re sharing the details that your audience is looking for. And no, this isn’t just about the curriculum you’re teaching or the blingy bonuses you’re flinging at them.

Your audience wants to know how you align yourself with causes that count.

Your prospects are keen to see whether you walk the talk where it matters or are you only about flashy events and big-budget spending.

And here’s the thing… Brands evolve.

So, if you look back over the last 12-18 months and discover you have made changes, you’ve shifted gears, you’ve embraced values that weren’t earlier a part of your brand; a re-launch is the best time to highlight this evolution.

And these don’t have to be huge, sweeping changes.

Sometimes, a change in your guarantee can reflect how you’re moving forward.

Sometimes, it could be a shift in your pre-launch strategy.

And sometimes, it could be who you choose to partner with for affiliate promotions.

Bottom line?

Your brand should be evolving, and your online launch or re-launch is a great platform to share and showcase that evolution.


Depth: How to Season Your Relaunch Copy for Relevancy and Recency

Finally, we have depth. SO important and yet, so often ignored.

We saw SO many examples of that in 2020. Launches that felt off, tone-deaf, and didn’t align with the global crisis in any which way.

A relaunch is a perfect time to revisit your sales copy and collateral to identify what needs to be changed so that it doesn’t ignore what’s happening in the larger landscape.

Last year, as a copywriter, I spent a fair amount of time working with clients who were intentional about taking the pandemic into account when enrolling participants in their programs. These were clients who had paid me 5-figures to work on their sales copy the first time around. 

BUT they cared deeply about their audiences and the impact that the pandemic was having so they brought me in to not only rework their copy but also their offer structure and positioning so it would be easier for their audiences to buy.

That is depth.

Depth ensures you don’t just say you care. You show you care.

And yes, we’re all running a business. We’re all about profits. But we’re also all human.

Depth is how you get to show your humaneness.

Relaunching is not a rinse-and-repeat process.

relauch your online course

Relaunching means that yes, you have systems in place and assets created but that is a start.

What makes your relaunch both powerful, profitable and thought-provoking is when you use data to guide decisions, details to highlight growth, and depth to ensure relevancy and recency.

Want to have a profitable course relaunch that shows depth, is fine-tuned by details and is seasoned with data? 

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