Difference: A Business Book that’s DifferentAs an entrepreneur, one of the things I’ve really, really wanted to do is be different.

In a world filled with community managers and content creators, it sometimes seems difficult or even, impossible to do.

Luckily, for me, I have Bernadette Jiwa in my corner or at least her book, Difference.

I became a fan of Bernadette’s style and wisdom when I read The Fortune Cookie Principle earlier in the year.

Naturally, when I saw Difference: The One Page Method for Reimagining Your Business and Reinventing Your Marketing on Amazon, I knew I had to dig right in.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Blazing Your Own Trail with Difference

Like The Fortune Cookie Princple, Difference is PACKED with examples, case studies and real life situations to help you to see how to create a difference in and with your business.

She outlines the characteristics of “difference thinkers” and then, also, follows it up with the Difference Model and helps you create your own Difference Map. There are case studies to show you examples.

She busts several myths like that of the Unique Selling Proposition.

The Difference Model is about identifying your Principles, Purpose, People, Personal, Perception and of course, Product and then, weaving it into rebranding and remarketing yourself. FUN!!

There’s handy template for you to create YOUR own Difference Map.

Knowing your “Difference” is key to creating a brand that’s unique to you and resonates and reflects your “you-niqueness”.

Best of all, Bernadette’s writing is fresh, crisp, to the point and helps you identify and take action, right away. As far as business books go, this one and The Fortune Cookie Principle are two of my faves!!

What’s on YOUR business bookshelf this month?

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