Last updated on March 24th, 2023

Missing pieces mangling your conversions?

Struggling to write copy that doesn’t sound like it was “bot” off the shelf?

Mapping profit-rich funnels sound about as fun as cleaning grimy counters and washing dishes, by hand?


(freshly updated for 2023!) 

Where copywriters, course creators, and coaches get ALL the proven sales-attracting strategies, copywriting training, direct feedback, AND mentorship needed to turn sputtering sales funnels into lean, mean conversion machines

I feel like I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. I know how to create an online course and I know how to teach, but learning how to market and sell the course is another skill set.”
Andrea Davis, Better Screen Time

Ready To Sell is probably the best course I’ve invested in – and I’ve joined A LOT. Crawling inside Prerna’s brain and soaking up her genius insights into launch strategy has been a game-changer.”

Nicola Moors


Being able to look at a launch or an evergreen funnel and knowing exactly what to do and how to fix (with mathematical precision!) any problem that you can have when managing these multi-headed beasts with a million different moving parts and pieces. 

Confidently creating sales campaigns that sizzle, crackle, and pop with personality and persuasion. 

Shifting from “just” a copywriter to a copywriting consultant, a sales strategist. Someone who can not only write the words but also (and more importantly!) craft sales-boosting, friction-free, strategies to sell more courses. 

Newsflash: Whether you’re a course creator or a copywriter, great copy is no longer enough. 

Your audience is evolving by the nanosecond and their decision-making is more discerning than ever. 

Copy, even when backed by conversion science and psychology, needs strategy to back it up. 

Gone are the days when a 3-part video series would lead to a sales page coupled with a standard sequence and Stripe would do a happy dance. 

Launches, whether live or evergreen, have become more nuanced and thoughtful than ever. 

And folks who are treating them like reruns from 2020 are facing the music. 

Hi! I’m Prerna Malik

co-founder of Content Bistro, certified conversion copywriter, and creator of the B.A.K.E. Method — a sales approach that fuels your launches with the perfect blend of copy, content, and conversion-rich strategies. 

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for over a decade now and have been in the launch trenches for close to 8 years. Not only have I tested a million different strategies, but I’m also always experimenting, testing, and optimizing. 

My husband Mayank and I run Content Bistro where we work with course creators from diverse niches to create launch campaigns that stand out and sell even to the most skeptical of audiences.

The reason I’m a sought-after strategist and copywriter is because yes, the words I write convert with conviction, but also (and more importantly!) because the launch strategies I craft for our clients help them connect better with their audiences while selling confidently too!

Take a peek at some of the diverse niches I’ve successfully worked in

I’m Fashionably Niche-Less and Proud of It

Baby Sleep
Cricut Crafting
Dental Exam Prep
Influencer Monetization
Food Photography
Website Design
Natural Health and Wellnes
Fitness and Weight Loss
Online Marketing
Bridal Hairstyling
Real Estate Education
Facebook Ad Management
Money Mindset Coaching
Screen Time Management
Gardening and Succulent Growing
Natural Skincare Product Formulation
Government Contracting
Home Organizing and Decluttering

And here are some fine folks I’ve had the honor of writing for …

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few.

She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.

But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.

But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.”

Joanna Wiebe

Founder, Copyhackers

“Prerna helped us out so much with building one of our funnels AND creating the copy for one of our evergreen funnels that leads into one of our courses. She did a lot of research. She did a lot more than I actually expected to dive really into the psyche of our target audience.

And she actually had interviews with some of our students and pulled out so much great information that then ended up onto the sales page and perfectly positioned our course for success. And we have seen positive results from that. I can’t speak more highly about Prerna and working with her. She is a master at her craft. And not only that, she makes you feel very welcome and she just knows how to do it.

So if you are thinking about working with her, do it because we’re going to continue to work with her on my team and you should too.”

Pat Flynn

Smart Passive Income

Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lacklustre text and turning it into something magical that also SELLS. There are many “cute” copywriters out there…you know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across. But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING!

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.”

Bushra Azhar

The Persuasion Revolution

I trust her that much because her work is that good.

“I remember a year ago I outsourced basic newsletters to Prerna and her team, and now that relationship has evolved to her recently helping us with our 7-figure course launch.

I trust her that much because her work is that good. I have outsourced so many projects to Prerna, be it newsletters, evergreen sequences, sales pages, live launches and even mapping out our entire launch strategy. A lot of that was attributed to Prerna’s help and you would never expect that from a copywriter.

Honestly, Prerna and team, they don’t just do copywriting. What I appreciate most about them is they are so focused on sales and strategy.  

I’ve worked with other copywriters in the past and they just write, copy and then disappear. And I just so appreciate a copywriter that actually speaks a business owner’s language and that is so rare to find in copywriters.

And so that’s just a little taste of the magic that you can unlock when you work with Content Bistro.”

Vanessa Lau

CEO and founder of BOSSGRAM Academy

My secret?

The B.A.K.E. Method — building the connections needed to speed up conversions

This proprietary 4-step method works to ensure that you aren’t flinging sales pitches at an audience that isn’t ready to buy. 

It gives you the tools and strategies you need so you can build a deep connection with your perfect-fit prospect and convert them into a buyer without feeling pushy, salesy, or even slightly stressed about asking for the sale!

In a world rapidly being dominated by speed writing AI cyborgs, it’s time for you to skillfully stand out by being human

Put your brilliant brain to work — as a strategist first
and a copywriter second

Whether you write copy for clients, sell online courses as a course creator, or are a business coach … you need to own your greatest advantage — a brain that thinks better than a machine. 

You can do this by embracing a strategy-first approach to copywriting. 

Before you sit down to write a sales page, you look at if that page is even needed.

Do you need a sales page? Or will a video sales letter do the job? Or maybe, you need neither — just a Google doc to do the heavy lifting for you? 

The same goes for emails or opt-ins or even content like your social media captions. 

How do you know how many emails are needed for your specific audience and offer? 

What opt-in will do the job of building the know, like, and trust factor with your people? 

How can you show up on social without sounding like an echo of everyone else in your niche? 


It’s time for you to ditch the cookie-cutter, 5-step blueprints that promise you a fresh approach only to deliver bland, flavorless “results.”


It’s time for you to know what to say and how to say it so that it’s not intrusive or jarring with the rest of your messaging and positioning.


It’s time for you to step back and approach your sales campaigns like a business — with strategy first.

It’s time for you to stop listening to the “shoulds”

It’s time for you to master the art of thinking strategically for yourself about what’s best for you and your prospects

The ONLY Sales Strategy and Copywriting Course that Comes with Mastermind-Level Access So You Become Dangerously Good at Strategizing High-Converting Sales Campaigns and Writing for LIVE and Evergreen Launch

“I’ve used Prerna’s “recipes” for my client projects and the launch of my own digital product.

The result?

7% sales page conversion rate, 34.5% of my launch list being converted, and click-through rates up to 46.3%. Not a typo.

Ready to Sell gives you everything to become a confident launch copywriter that actually makes it rain.”

Nicola Moors

“The BEST part of Ready-To-Sell was definitely the copywriting recipes – those are magical. 

To steal a line from Prerna: You’re not making a microwave meal. You’re crafting a Michelin-starred tasting menu. And her recipes give you the foundation you need to do just that! I know I will keep going back to them again and again.

I joined Ready-To-Sell because I wanted to be able to look at a launch strategically – both the big picture and zooming in to look at all the different parts. And that’s exactly what I got!

The access to Prerna is something I’ve never experienced in a copywriting course (or any course) before. 

And not just with the coaching calls – she is SO present in the Facebook group. Having the opportunity to share your google doc and have Prerna (and a bunch of other incredible copywriters!) go in and make comments and suggestions is SO valuable.

And there are so many powerful conversations in the tearoom – like the one on pricing, where a bunch of copywriters shared what they’re currently charging for a sales page, a complete launch package, etc. AMAZING!”

Lily Cameron

Lily Cameron Creative

This is one of the most comprehensive copy courses I have ever taken.

Prerna doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

Why wouldn’t you want to study with a copywriter whose words were responsible for the conversions in several multi-6 and 7-figure course launches?

One of the reasons I love this program is the unique community and live feedback on your work. If you want to be a better copywriter or be better at writing your own sales copy, you have to surround yourself with copywriters who are smarter than you and who are more experienced than you.

Another reason I love this program is the direct 1:1 feedback to Prerna’s AMAZING brain.

She and Mayank provide a wealth of experience and golden knowledge. If you can grab the opportunity to work with them, don’t hesitate!”

Jackie Sunga


Ready-to-Sell is where you get the FULL shebang needed to sell courses. 

You learn how to look at sales holistically — less as separate tactical pieces and more as a whole interconnected strategy.

You get everything you need to ensure success so you no longer feel intimidated by “launches” — planning them, writing for them, winning at them!

You realize you no longer have to force your launches (or your clients’ launches!) into one-size-fits-all blueprints and boxes.

You understand how you can create a “sales system” — one that goes beyond a sales page and a couple of emails.

How do you do all this? 

Glad you asked!

MODULE 0: Good-for-Business Groundwork

Give yourself the strong start you deserve! Set the foundations for a revenue-ready sales system by: 

  • Identifying exactly how to get the most out of Ready-to-Sell with pre-created Course Completion “itineraries” so you can optimize your learning time 
  • Setting perfect-for-you goals as the starting point of your sales strategy

Developing a sales-strong mindset and silence those annoying hobgoblins of the mind so you can enjoy the art of selling and making more money

Module-Specific Bonuses

Sustainable Visibility: How to Get Booked on Aligned Podcasts to Amplify Your Brand and Build Lasting Relationships w/Mai-Kee Tsang: A pre-recorded workshop to help you develop a strong and feel-good strategy for outreach and visibility.

The $100K Client Workflow: A pre-recorded workshop that walks you through every.single.step we take at Content Bistro to turn one-off copywriting client projects into $50K-$100K projects.

Advanced Email Strategies with Pat Flynn: A recorded interview with Pat Flynn where he shares some of his best-kept email marketing strategies so you can start thinking about how to optimize your email experience.

MODULE 1: Build Your Course Sales eCoursesystem with the B.A.K.E Framework

This meaty-as-meatloaf module gives you everything you need to know so you can: 

  • Understand exactly why most funnels sputter and stall while a select few go for the gold 
  • Use a proven and constantly refined “matrix” to optimize an offer and make it truly irresistible 
  • Outline a confusion-free, unique-to-you strategy for selling — live launch, evergreen funnel, seasonal sales, affiliate-only, hybrid; the options are endless! 
  • Confidently build an A.B.C. Docket that’ll make writing copy a breeze 

Start setting up your Ready-to-Sell sales system tailored to your offer, audience, brand, season of life, and value system

Module-Specific Bonuses

Sustainable Visibility: How to Get Booked on Aligned Podcasts to Amplify Your Brand and Build Lasting Relationships w/Mai-Kee Tsang: A pre-recorded workshop to help you develop a strong and feel-good strategy for outreach and visibility.

The $100K Client Workflow: A pre-recorded workshop that walks you through every.single.step we take at Content Bistro to turn one-off copywriting client projects into $50K-$100K projects.

Advanced Email Strategies with Pat Flynn: A recorded interview with Pat Flynn where he shares some of his best-kept email marketing strategies so you can start thinking about how to optimize your email experience.

MODULE 2: The Party Pleasing Opt-in Page Recipes

BUILD that perfect connection that leads to massive conversions. Write an opt-in page that sparkles like a potent cocktail of persuasion and personality with: 

  • My Short-Stack Opt-in Page recipe that works wonderfully when you have an opt-in that’s radically different from the others out there.
  • The “Whole Enchilada” Opt-in Page recipe that’s perfect for cold audiences, organic promotion, and even those podcasts that you’ve been appearing on.
  • NEW! The “Social Proof Sandwich” Opt-in page recipe that’s been tested on the most skeptical of audiences. 
  • Checklists to audit your finished page and ensure you haven’t missed a step or left out an “ingredient.”

Copy Cookalongs or “over the shoulder” tutorials so you can see exactly how to use these recipes for your own opt-in pages.

Module-Specific Bonuses

How to Write with More Personality w/Justin Blackman (Recorded Session)

35 Value-Rich Opt-In Ideas for Online Course Creators – Struggling to figure out what to offer as an opt-in for your course without resorting to the lame checklist? This guide has you covered!

Thank You Pages That Take the Cake – Your Thank You pages can be real conversion-boosters and connection-makers. My easy-to-follow guide will show you HOW!

The Non-Webinar Webinar: How to Outline Your Conversion-Rich, Connection-Fueled Webinar in 60 Minutes or Less 🔥

MODULE 3: Flavor-Packed Fan Favorites Social Media Recipes

Love it or loathe it, social media can be quite a powerful way for you to ATTRACT your perfect-fit audience. Discover how to use social media as part of your course sales strategy with lessons that help you: 

  • NEW! Master my proprietary Sales-Ready Social Content Mapping for Never-Ending Sales Systems so you can create a months’ worth of sales-ready social content using any one of THREE key systems. 
  • Generate targeted leads with 52 (one for each week of the year!) attention-grabbing strategies! 

Save HOURS every week with a ready-to-use social media library – Whisk Up Social, filled with over 150 easily customizable updates.

Module-Specific Bonuses

Socially Sweet: Storytelling Techniques for Social Media Superstardom – This step-by-step masterclass will walk you through specific storytelling techniques, adapted directly from best-selling authors, so you can stand out on social media.

Course Completion Strategies w/Gina Onativia (Recorded Session)

Loaded for Likability Facebook and Instagram LIVE Topic Ideas – Struggle with going LIVE on either FB or Insta? Me too! Until I came up with this fabulously simple yet powerful list of topic ideas that made it fun to jump on LIVE and hang out!

MODULE 4: Best for the Bottomline Blog Post Recipes

Not a fan of social media? That’s cool! Use good, old-fashioned writing instead with this module where you’ll master the art of: 

  • Writing conversion-focused blog posts that attract perfect-fit leads AND boost sales for your evergreen offers! 
  • Crafting a tailored-to-you content plan that doesn’t put a dent in your crowded calendar.
  • NEW! Pitching guest posts even when you’re brand-new and don’t have a big list.

Module-Specific Bonuses

Hit-the-Jackpot Headline Swipe File: 75 Plug-and-Play Blog Post Headlines – Want to write blog post headlines that bewitch buyers? Of course, you do. This easy-reference PDF guide will show you how to do JUST that and equip you with plug-and-play formats perfect for course creators.

Ready to Write Blog Post Toolkit – Keep blogger’s block at bay with this ready reckoner that’ll give you instant inspiration for content ideas that your prospects WANT to read and are actively looking for!

Radical Repurposing: Easy, Effortless Ways to Turn One Piece of Content into Seven (or More!) – Swipe our smart system for repurposing one piece of content into SEVEN or more so you can step off the content creation hamster wheel. For good. Phew!

The Blog Sweeps CHEWList

SEO Workshop with Melissa Payne (Recorded Session)

MODULE 5: Seasoned for Sales Email Sequence Recipes

WOOT! This week is a big one. You’ll get all the proven-to-work email sequence recipes for your course sales funnel so you never have to second-guess which email to include and which to leave out. 

Here’s a quick peek at what you’ll master: 

  • The Irresistible Invitation Sequence Recipe. Perfect for you if you’re hosting a webinar to sell your course. This invitation sequence has been tested out to ensure that you have a full room always! 
  • NEW! The 3-Part Webinar Winners Show Up Sequence so you can dramatically increase your show up rates. 
  • Cut through the Clutter Confirmation Emails designed to get opened, clicked, and acted upon. No more templated, piddly emails for delivering your coveted opt-in or lead magnet. 
  • 9 Powered-for-Purchases Sales Sequence Recipes that ensure your audience buys from you without having to strong-arm or sleaze-ball them with fake scarcity or FOMO-inducing tactics.
  • The Subscribers to Buyers Sales-Happy Sequence designed for anyone who doesn’t have a webinar but wants to sell an eCourse on evergreen mode.
  • 5-part Dazzle ‘em Sales Downsell Sequence perfect for tacking on when you have multiple programs and want to optimize your customer experience as well.
  • NEW! 3-Part Ultra-Savvy Upsell Sequence so you can continue to sell to your existing students without feeling pushy or salesy.

Module-Specific Bonuses

Open Sesame: The Charmingly Easy Way to Write Subject Lines that Get Noticed and Opened in Crowded Inboxes

Drool-worthy Downsells: Profit-Boosting, Customer-Friendly Downsell Ideas for Online Course Creators

Seasonal Sales Deconstructed: Maximize Profits for Flash Sales with Easy to Use Copywriting Recipes and Sales Strategies

The Amazingly Profitable Affiliate: How to Write Money-making Affiliate Swipe Copy with Ease

MODULE 6: Conversion Laced Sales Page Recipes

Figuring out what to write on your sales page will never be a struggle with these sales-tested recipes. In this module, you’ll not only discover how to write a sales page in 60 minutes or less, but you’ll also know exactly when to use what kind of sales page. 

You get unrestricted access to FIVE of my closely guarded recipes: 

  • The TOPPINGS recipe that’s perfect if you’re selling digital products or services that are an easy sell and priced less than $500.
  • NEW! The 5S Sales Page recipe that’s ideal when you want a short-form sales page that does the heavy lifting. 
  • NEW! The Vox Populi Sales Page recipe leverages one of your most powerful assets to convert even the most skeptical prospect.
  • The OPINION recipe gives you a compelling sales page with a modern twist for programs priced between $500-$1000.

The JOURNEY recipe makes writing long-form copy engaging and interactive. Use this one to sell those high-ticket programs.

Module-Specific Bonuses

All in One Online Launch Planner Notion Template

The Easy Button Sales Page Audit Checklist

Ethical Urgency and Online Launches w/ Ry Schwartz

MODULE 7: The Conversion-Ready Wrap-Up Party

WOOT!! Time to celebrate your Ready-to-Sell journey with a wrap-up party! 

This final module will unlock access to: 

  • Continued learning and development pathways for a profit-rich business.
  • The Profitable Pantry. A ready-to-use resource with ALL the worksheets, Recipe Cards, and checklists in one handy place.
  • The Test Kitchen. Complete the quiz to get your snazzy completion badge and *drumroll* COMPLETION BONUS!

Module-Specific Bonuses

Plug-and-Profit Launch Flows: Ready-to-Use Visual Sequences to Make Selling Easier Still

Successfully Yours: The Profitable Copywriter’s Growth Suite

All the modules have bite-sized lessons (10 minutes or shorter!) and come pre-packaged with typo-free, human-written transcripts, recaps, and workbooks (both Google doc versions and PDF versions). 

You can choose to either watch or listen (or do both!), self-test yourself with the quizzes, and implement quickly with your easy-to-use workbooks.

Ready-to-Sell Tearoom Access

I’m not kidding when I tell you this is priceless. 

Close-knit, highly engaged, and filled with super smart brains, the Tearoom is where you’ll always find answers to the trickiest of questions. Plus, even the quality of questions is SO good, you’ll wanna take notes!

Curated Ready-to-Sell Gift Box

Mayank and I love celebrating growth and gifts are our love language. We’ve partnered with some wonderful small businesses to create a curated gift box packed with goodies, you’ll actually use and delivered to your doorstep, anywhere in the world!

May 2023 Opening Bonuses Only!

Get THREE laser-focused, subject-specific calls EVERY MONTH for THREE months

— May, June, and July (value: $ XXXX)

That’s a total of 12 topical, tactical group calls!

  • Call 1 will be copy-focused and go deep into a specific copywriting framework or strategy 
  • Call 2 will be sales-focused and help you develop and strengthen those sales strategy muscles
  • Call 3 will be business growth-focused so you can take what you’re learning and use it to balance client work with your business, charge more, get better clients, enroll more students and grow your business

Calls will be on Fridays at ____ AM EST/PST/UK/IST. 

All calls will be recorded and added to your dashboard. 

After July, you’ll get MONTHLY Q&A calls for the life of the program!


The Ready-to-Sell Certificate of Completion

Complete the course (we check!), take the end-of-course quiz, fill out the completion form, and get your snazzy Certificate of Completion badge to flash all over the interwebs!

Create Your Own Always-Ready-to-Sell Sales System

A step-by-step sketchbook with calendars and checklists on how to always be ready to sell. Inside this ready reckoner, you’ll get ready-to-use, ready-to-sell schedules for both an open-all-year round eCoursesystem and a LIVE launch eCoursesystem, complete with promotional calendars and more!

A University-grade Education for Less than $500/month



8 Video Modules packed with lessons designed to give you all the strategy and copywriting chops you need to sell online courses confidently


22+ Module-Specific Bonuses so you can layer your learning with more power-packed skills and know-how


Access to Ready-to-Sell Tearoom for masterminding with moi and your fellow copywriters and course creators


Curated Ready-to-Sell Gift Box delivered to your doorstep


COMPLETION BONUS! Create Your Own Always-Ready-to-Sell Sales System


COMPLETION BONUS! Ready-to-Sell Completion Certificate 


LIVE LAUNCH BONUS! 12x Group Calls to give you real-world, real-time answers and strategic insights


MONTHLY calls for the life of the course


PERMANENT, UNLIMITED  access to the course content + calls + community for the life of the course

Start with ONE payment of

$499 $299

(followed by 9 monthly payments
$499 $299)

Chef’s Table


Everything in the Revenue-Ready



2x Copy Co-Creation Calls (real-world value: $3994) with Prerna so you can get that first draft finished and polished FAST!


1x Profitably Yours Session (real-world value: $1497) with Prerna and Mayank


The Launch Copywriter’s Library (real-world value: $1997) Everything that I use to onboard, offboard, and run 6-figure copywriting client projects

Start with ONE payment of

$699 $499

(followed by 9 monthly payments
$699 $499)

“I loved getting to learn from Prerna and see her approach to her work! It’s really helped shape how I’m approaching my own client work. 

And as a copywriter who doesn’t have oodles of launch experience, seeing all of the launch possibilities laid out super clearly was incredibly helpful.

I also loved the Tearoom! Even though I wasn’t able to be super active there—I’ve been dealing with some chronic illness stuff the past few months, so work & learning were on the back burner—I did love reading all of the posts and advice. I’m really glad that I have a group to turn to for copywriter-specific questions going forward!

I loved that RTS covered EVERYTHING about launch copy. 

I was never left wondering, “well what about X?” I especially loved the bonus you offered with the plug-and-play launch flows—I’ve referenced those so many times in the past few months!

RTS really helped me see the full picture of selling courses. I was already a strong sales page writer, but I had never before helped clients with the whole enchilada of planning the launch, creating content, and writing complex email sequences. 

I feel incredibly equipped to tackle a launch that requires all of these moving pieces going forward.”

Jaimie McDonald

Copywriter, Jaimie Lee Creative

“The flexibility of the non-template templates, the huge amount of strategic wisdom you bring, the lovely supportive atmosphere of the people involved. 

Lots of support with the FB group and coaching calls.

I appreciated the focus on practical strategy. It helped me look at sales more holistically, less as separate tactical pieces but more a whole interconnected strategy.”

Melissa Payne

Copywriter, Storyscout Digital

The depth of content/learning and high touch nature is like no other course I’ve done.

The MOST valuable part for me was the discussion and feedback in the FB group and in my copy docs.

Ready-to-Sell helped me see the plethora of options for selling and helped me organize my ideas for copywriting (via the frameworks/formulas that you share) and getting an inside look at Prerna’s copywriting and strategy brain was incredible.

Rebecca Vigelius


Ready-to-Sell is literally JAM PACKED with incredible information. I was really resistant to some of the concepts (like… ask my audience what they really think through surveys and interviews?! Yikes! Scary!), but Prerna was totally right. It was really helpful, and it worked! I was able to craft something that connected with my audience and brought in almost as many sales in a few weeks as the last year combined. I am still working on implementing everything from the course, but I’m so grateful I joined! The community has been incredibly supportive, and the weekly calls left me feeling excited and equipped to write, strategize, and help my clients succeed.  

I have learned SO much about how to strategize for sales, beginning at the very first step of the process. I feel confident that I can use these steps to sell anything because they’re backed by data, they’re not sleazy, and they’re aimed at being supportive to clients.

Steph Hall

Enneagram Expert and Course Creator, Nine Types Co.

“I love that RTS offers recipes that provide the foundation for creating your unique recipe and letting your voice shine through, so no cookie-cutter copy.

And that you give suggestions for which recipe to use depending on the outcome you’re after as well as what you’ve seen work best for specific products/services and price ranges.

The biggest difference though is YOU.

And that you truly care about supporting us as we go through the course, as is clearly evident in the loom videos to offer feedback, the personal comments and suggestions in the FB group etc.

Many other courses out there teach templates, give a few examples, and then leave you to it. If you’re lucky they’ll have a few group coaching calls added in where you may or may not get your questions answered… and definitely no valuable critiques on copy that are actually helpful..

I was in another course where I’d sent in my package outline and received 3 lines of generic feedback that could have been sent to everybody in the group. Needless to say, I won’t be back for more there.

And the other thing that makes all of this so special is the small group size vs 100s and getting lost in the crowd.

I loved the group calls and learning from feedback for others as that often sparked the inspiration for what I was working on and also really helped to let the teachings ‘land’ because of real-life examples.”

Tina van Leuven

Course Creator, Inner Delight

“The best part was learning from Prerna and being surrounded by an amazing community of talented folks. I loved the expert sessions too. Super valuable. Biggest aha (when you suggested how to add zing to my digital product. The bonus idea was great!)

I love that it doesn’t feel cookie-cutter-ish. The recipes are truly recipes. I can take something and add my twist to it.

I loved seeing the guest expert session (Gina) on what you do AFTER you’ve sold the course. Lots of course creators drop the bomb on that. It’s something I’m going to strongly recommend to my clients. 

I also love the fact that you can plan an evergreen content calendar on how to keep your course on top of mind when you want to sell daily (something I want to do for my digital product)”

Amisha Shrimanker

Launch Copywriter and Digital Product Creator, The Copy Crew

“RTS gave me the tools I need to confidently share about my course and help more people!

I’ve never taken a copywriting course, so this was all gold for me. I learned so many new strategies that will help me in all aspects of my business! Emails, social media, sales pages—all the things! I just loved that it addressed so many different aspects of a business in such a practical and USABLE way!

I feel like I finally have all the pieces to the puzzle. I know how to create an online course and I know how to teach, but learning how to market and sell the course is another skill set.”

Andrea Davis

Better Screen Time

“The BEST part of RTS was getting to learn from Prerna through the course modules. I really loved the colorful workbooks and slides that came with each of the modules. 

It was also beneficial to have Google Docs to use for copywriting projects. One of my other fav parts of RTS was the Facebook group. It was really helpful to read, ask questions, and provide feedback to the group. 

My biggest a-ha moment was realizing the amount of research that’s needed before writing copy for clients. It’s so important to understand the client, their audience, and their market before even writing one word of copy! 

RTS combined copywriting with strategy that works! It was beneficial to have a course that combined copywriters AND course creators as well. The copywriting courses I’ve taken are strictly for copywriters, but it was great to get a perspective from successful course creators about strategy as well!”

Kim De Gracia

Copywriter, Copy with Kim

“The BEST part was the incredible talented and beautiful people I had the opportunity to meet! It was also amazing to get feedback on my actual opt-in and sales page. So. Very. Helpful.

I learned a TON…especially since it was my first copywriting training experience ever.

What was really great is that it helped me understand the overall strategy and concept of what I need in place to sell my course and my services.

The strategy piece is incredibly valuable. The way you’ve broken everything down into a system was very helpful. Being able to walk through the steps to create each aspect of the strategy was incredibly valuable to me! It helped me understand the overall purpose of the sales strategy.

Also, the biz bestie calls have been so great, that we plan to continue meeting up, at least once a month in the future!”

Lisa Nichols

Career Expert and Course Creator, Love Your Niche, LLC

“You always offer a lot of personal touches, and this program was not different. I also loved the fact that you shared leads, which most course creators don’t do.

The community aspect was strong. I usually feel a little out of place in predominantly white communities as most people already know each other, including the course creator, and I would feel like the new girl, not sure about group norms.  The fact that it was a small community also helped in forming meaningful relationships with others. Kim just tagged me on a post and now I am speaking on a podcast on growing your email list with quiz funnels next month.

Prerna, you made everyone feel right at home and made it really easy for us to connect and form relationships.

Esai Arasi

Copywriter, Elsyienne

“The course content is most excellent, and the best part definitely is access to Prerna, and occasionally, Mayank! I enjoyed studying so much, and the research part was the best. 

My latest win so far is sending a proposal with everything I learned in RTS for $12,700. Very, very excited to send more, and to get them accepted 🙂

No other copy program dives into processes as you do. 

That research module was everything. The flow felt natural and I was able to put everything from the program in a proposal that I’m crossing my fingers will get accepted. 

The Tearoom is a gold mine! A lot of courses have Facebook groups and do say “ask us anything” but I have seen only you guys actually giving usable answers and advice. No question feels off-limit and your generosity is appreciated!

Ready to Sell connected the dots for me. It put everything that I needed to do to ensure success for my clients in a neat course and made the whole “launch copywriting” thing less intimidating. I feel like I can do it now!”


Karima Khan Copywriting

The BEST part is that Ready-To-Sell is loaded with strategies for launching live and evergreen courses. I admire your copywriting so learning your copywriting frameworks for the sales page, landing page, and email sequences was AMAZING. 

But what I loved the MOST was module one – eCoursesystem for research because that’s the groundwork for writing powerful copy.

Ready-To-Sell equipped me with sales page and landing page frameworks and getting to know when to implement a specific framework strategically is GOLD.

As a copywriter, RTS helped me approach copywriting with a macro perspective of sales, especially for coaches and courses.”

Joanna Rodrigues

Joanna Ruth Creative

“Sounds great, Prerna! But I already have another copywriting program. How will this be any different?!”

I hear you!! 

However, Ready-to-Sell is wildly different from other copywriting programs. 

Ready-to-Sell is for the seasoned copywriter who wants to specialize in everything to do with online launches. 

From planning them to writing for them — the whole shebang. And not only regular cart-open/cart-close launches but evergreen funnels, flash sales, membership site campaigns, affiliates, the works! 

That’s one of the reasons you’ll find so many copywriters (with multiple courses under their belts!) in Ready-to-Sell as well. 

In fact, if you’re already taking another copywriting program, that’s fabulous. 

You’ll benefit richly from Ready-to-Sell because we build on what you already know. So you may know how to write a sales page, but in Ready-toSell you’ll learn what kind works where and when to make shifts.

PLUS (and this is HUGE!) the biggest advantage of Ready-to-Sell is the permanent, non-expiring, mastermind level of access you get to me, Mayank, and the rest of the RTS community. For LIFE! 

Show me another sales copywriting program where you get:


UNLIMITED access to the course content (including all updates!) 


unlimited copy critiques delivered in your G-doc or via Loom


monthly Q&A calls laser-focused on strategy and copy


answers to business growth and marketing questions


direct feedback within 24-48 hours via the Tearoom


ALL for the LIFE of the program

and I’ll be the first to tell you to go join them!

Not just that, Ready-to-Sell is relevant in today’s world because I’m an at-my-desk copywriter and strategist. 

I’m not someone who wrote copy a few years ago and am now reliving my glory days teaching others.  

I’m actively working for clients, strategizing launches every day, and testing what works. 

And then … teaching everything to YOU.

Other copywriting courses

Focus only on copywriting or launching, leaving you wondering how to figure out the missing piece.

Large groups mean you hardly ever hear from the course creator themselves. It’s either their team or your fellow entrepreneurs who’re just as stuck as you are.

Showing you THEIR way as the ONLY way to be successful with your course sales. If you don’t succeed, it’s probably your “mindset.”  😝

Templates and swipes for everything so you don’t learn to fish! It sounds easy but it isn’t the most effective way to be a better copywriter or sales generator.

Aren’t updated regularly or don’t come with lifetime access to the course or community.

Don’t include detailed copy critiques or if they do, they’re limited to a specific number.

Don’t focus on or even cover the business side of building a copywriting or online course business — pricing, clients, time management, positioning, visibility.


Gives you BOTH sales strategy and copywriting chops so you can create a sales system that works for YOU. Whether you launch LIVE or evergreen, it doesn’t matter. No missing pieces anymore!

Small group setting so you not only get heard but also taken care of, directly by me. I’ll be there in the community every day. I’ll be showing up on our calls. I’ll be giving you the answers you need.

Gives you a solid framework with elements that you can pick and choose from instead of ONE way to do something.

Equips you with recipes that make you a solid copywriter. Each recipe is “sales-tested” so you know it works. All you need to do is use the one that’s best suited to YOUR sales palate!

Regularly updated based on what I discover is working with courses or test out in the copywriting world

Copy critiques, including rewrites, are unlimited and you can use them when you’re working on a client project

Give you strategic insights into packaging your offer, pricing your services or courses, and managing your schedule so it doesn’t strangle your creativity and sanity.

“Ooof, you want me to choose just one thing?! Okay. Fine. I can do that. Probably. I really enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes of your thought process when it comes to writing launch copy that sells. 

Now that I know what the building blocks are, I don’t have to rely on templates anymore – or spend hours trying to build something from scratch every time I start a new client project.

Instead, I can take those building blocks and add my own creative spin to them – resulting in copy that’s both persuasive and WAY more fun to read.

I really appreciated that you showed us the thought process/building blocks/recipes behind each copy asset instead of just giving us some templates to work with. It’s also one of the only programs I’ve taken where the bonuses are actually USEFUL. 

Oh, and your involvement in the community + the support you provide (to past and current students alike) is unparalleled. I never feel like a number with you guys.Also, no one else has ever sent me cookies. #sogood

I’ve never thought of funnels as “linear” per se, but the eCoursesystem module really helped me see all the different options we have for creating a sales system that goes beyond a sales page + a couple of emails.”

Ieva Dalbina

Sales Copywriter,

I’ll be the first to tell you … 

Ready-to-Sell is NOT for everyone

It’s not for you if you aren’t excited about sales. Sales is at the heart of everything I do and teach. 

Sales aren’t icky. The way we sell can be icky. 

Ready-to-Sell shows you how to sell in a way that feels good to you. 

It’s not for you if you’re interested in learning to write for SaaS or eCommerce. I’d recommend other programs for those skills. Feel free to reach out. 

Most importantly, Ready-to-Sell isn’t for you if you don’t want to learn how to strategize and build eCoursesystems that do the selling for you. This isn’t about selling one-off products but helping you build profit-rich businesses because like Mark Cuban says, “Sales cures all.” 

So, who’s it for?

Ready-to-Sell is for copywriters, course creators,
and coaches who want to …


Effortlessly map profit-rich launches regardless of how complex a funnel or diverse a niche is involved


Charge more for your copywriting services (or your online course!) but are stuck because impostor syndrome is a constant companion


Be enviably confident when crafting evergreen funnels, launch plans, or high-converting copy


Master the not-so-dark arts of offer optimization, sales copywriting, and launch planning without missing any of the many pieces


Mastermind business growth in a close-knit community without paying a 5-figure price tag or dealing with time limits on your access

Nod “yes” to any of them? 

You’ll LOVE Ready-to-Sell!

I want you to be 100% confident that Ready-to-Sell will give you both strategic superpowers AND copywriting chops that create consistent sales. 

Demolish those Doubts with a Double Shot of Confidence

(aka not-your-everyday-money-back-guarantee!)

I get it. 

Enrolling in anything at this point in time feels scary and needs careful thought. 

Especially when it is an investment like this one. 

This is why not only do you get a full 30-days (that’s the first 4 weeks!) to go through Ready-to-Sell, show up for the calls and do the work to see whether or not it is the perfect fit for you to create consistent sales for your course but you also have the opportunity to chat with me BEFORE you sign up. 

And here’s what you need to know, if I have even the slightest doubt that Ready-to-Sell isn’t perfect for you, I’ll let you know. No pushy sales call techniques here.

I want you to be 100% confident that Ready-to-Sell will give you both strategic superpowers AND copywriting chops that create consistent sales. 

Here’s what happens once you enroll

Get a warm welcome delivered fresh to your inbox!

The email will give you your all-important next steps, including filling out the Ready-to-Sell Roster — the secret doc we use for sending new business your way!

Course Dashboard

Settle into your course dashboard comfortably and get started with the Groundwork Module so you can give yourself a solid start.

Ready-to-Sell Tearoom

Stroll over to the hygge-hued Tearoom, introduce yourself, and dig into the wealth of expertise (aka posts!) that make the Tearoom one of the best places on Planet Internet.

Perched on the Fence with Questions, My Friend?

Let Me Help Answer Them

Is this a copywriting program or a launch strategy program?

Great question!! You’ll learn BOTH sales strategies AND copywriting frameworks. Having said that, the focus is more on copywriting so you never have to reinvent the wheel or stare at a blinking cursor ever again.

Will I learn about writing for live launches or evergreen launches?

BOTH! The frameworks that I’ll teach have been TESTED on both evergreen launches and LIVE ones so you can be confident that they’ll work. 

My last launch didn’t do as well as I expected? Will this help me fix that?

Honestly, launches don’t do well for a number of reasons and it would be wrong for me to position copy as a cure-all. 

However, if you feel that your copy and messaging were confusing or not up to the mark, then … YES! This will help for sure. 

And if you feel the offer needs stronger positioning, you can always choose the Chef’s Table edition and get a 2:1 session with Mayank and me to work on your offer as well!

I’m a copywriter who writes for course creators. Will this help me?

OMIGOSH, yess! I’m a copywriter who writes for course creators and this is me sharing everything I know about helping course creators get the consistent sales they want and the epic launches they crave.

I’m trying to decide which edition will be a good fit for me. Can you help me?

Love that! So, the Chef’s Table edition is perfect for you if you want a TON of personal support in co-creating your copy, refining your offer, and giving you the tools you need so you can streamline copy creation for all future projects. 

If you’re starting out with your very first course or ONLY need my copy frameworks with the weekly critique group calls, then the Revenue-Ready edition is perfect.

My courses aren’t high-ticket. Is this right for me?

Yes, yes, it is. Because you don’t have to have a $2K course to make an impact. You have to have a course that you believe in and that can help hundreds (or thousands!) of people and with Ready-to-Sell, you’ll have the tools you need to reach those people.

I’d like to pay for my VA (or team member) to take Ready-to-Sell. Can I do that?

Absolutely! When you’re signing up, you can use your PayPal or card details but put your VA or team members’ email address and details so we can add them to the course, and the Tearoom and send call schedules, etc. to them.

I’m currently in another copywriting program. Will you offer it again?

In full transparency, YES. This is not one of those “last-chance-to-join” things. Ready-to-Sell will open again later this year. 

BUT this is definitely the ONLY time in 2023 that it’ll include Bi-WEEKLY calls. 

If you know you’d LOVE the additional support, the weekly calls to get copy critiques and knock out “consistent sales for your course” in the first half of the year … then I hope you join me for this LIVE cohort. 

What time will the calls be? What if I can’t make it to the calls?

Great question! I know time zones can be mind-boggling, so my team and I have worked hard to create a schedule and ensure we give everyone a convenient time to join. 

Here’s the schedule of how the weekly calls will go: 


ALL calls will be recorded. 

You’ll also have the chance to send in your copy to be critiqued should you not be able to make it for one of the calls.

Do I have lifetime access to the Ready-to-Sell?

Let’s not say “lifetime” because “lifetimes” can change in a flash. SO … you have access to the core content + bonuses + group call recordings for the life of the COURSE.

 As long as we’re offering this course, you’ll have access to the core content + community+ bonuses+ recordings. 

You’ll also be welcome to attend the monthly coaching calls when new cohorts join. 

I have more questions. Can I chat with you?

You absolutely can! You can either contact us via email at prerna (at) contentbistro (dot) com, chat with us via the little Chat Bubble in the right-hand corner of this page, OR book a 20-minute call to discuss whether or not this experience is right for you. 

The “Revenue-Ready” Edition


8 Video Modules packed with lessons designed to give you all the strategy and copywriting chops you need to sell online courses confidently


22 Module-Specific Bonuses so you can layer your learning with more power-packed skills and know-how


Access to Ready-to-Sell Tearoom for masterminding with moi and your fellow copywriters and course creators


Curated Ready-to-Sell Gift Box delivered to your doorstep


COMPLETION BONUS! Create Your Own Always-Ready-to-Sell Sales System


COMPLETION BONUS! Ready-to-Sell Completion Certificate 


LIVE LAUNCH BONUS! 12x Group Calls to give you real-world, real-time answers and strategic insights


MONTHLY calls for the life of the course


PERMANENT, UNLIMITED  access to the course content + calls + community for the life of the course

Start with ONE payment of

$749 $499

(followed by 6 payments of  $749 $499)

The {Copy} Chef’s Table Edition


Everything in the Revenue-Ready Edition



2x Copy Co-Creation Calls (real-world value: $3994) with Prerna so you can get that first draft finished and polished FAST!


1x Profitably Yours Session (real-world value: $1997) with Prerna and Mayank


The Launch Copywriter’s Library (real-world value: $XXXX) Everything that I use to onboard, offboard, and run 6-figure copywriting client projects

Start with ONE payment of

$999 $699

(followed by 6 payments of  $999 $699)

Copyright © 2023 Content Bistro

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Jump on the waitlist to get first dibs when doors open in THREE weeks.

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Read this incredible case study

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