Last updated on March 12th, 2019

You’re Stuck, Stressed and -THIS- Close to Quitting

You’ve tried.

You’ve worked at it.

You’ve worn out your Kindle reading book after book that tells you how to manage your home, have more time, make more money while working from home.

You’ve stalked and lurked on blogs and in Facebook groups filled with people shouting from {virtual} rooftops “Look at me! 6 months ago, I had nothing. Now I make 6-figures while working 2 hours a day!” and as much as you hate it or suspect it to be untrue… you want that.

No, maybe not want the 6-figures, but the life, the confidence, the clarity.

You want to able to look people in the eye and tell them that the fledgling business you started is more than a hobby, it makes money to send the kids to dance school or take them to Disneyland!

You want to be able to stop staying awake every night wondering if maybe this month would be the month that you’ll have to walk away from everything you’ve built.

You want to be able to look around your house and not see a landfill of toys, clothes, dirty dishes and messy beds.

You’ve tried to do it all and all it feels like is spinning your wheels, doing the same insane thing over and over again.

Does balance even exist?

Is it possible to have a home that isn’t either a royal mess or an automaton AND a business that is more than a hobby and less than a job?

Would you have to quit one to enjoy the other?

Trust me, I’ve had those questions hurtling through my pounding head as I took in a living room that looked like the Minions met the Smurfs and partied all night while I’d stayed up late working through emails that were multiplying like rabbits!

Here’s the thing… When Mayank and I got married in 2005, I was someone who’d never made a homecooked meal ever.  

I was also someone who’d never imagined she’d have anything but a job and was perfectly content with that.


11 years ago… in 2005…

I had no idea about cleaning the insides of microwaves and refrigerators.

Laundry was a never-ending battle. The more I did, the more I had.

Cooking was alien and something I had to start getting used to.

I would use packaged foods, including basics, like tomato paste and ginger, garlic pastes without a thought.

I struggled with managing my time, since I was working full-time and trying to make this homemaking thing work as well.

I felt lonely, overwhelmed and would often wonder… if this marriage thing was all it was cut out to be. I know.

Cut to when we were blessed with Manini in 2008.

I went through periods of extreme loneliness, overwhelm and sadness. I’d cry at the drop of a hat and craved adult interaction.

I struggled with sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, middle-of-the-night feeds and just being able to take a bath.

I loved my daughter more than life itself… but honestly, I wished I could just get a bit of my life back. That thought, in itself, made me feel guilty.

Then, when Manini was 9 months old, I started writing online.

The Mom Writes {very imaginatively named!} was born.

It led to freelancing gigs.

It felt so adult to be able to connect with other grownups without having to get out of my maternity PJs or wash my hair!

It felt so wonderful to put the caffeine-deprived {I was breastfeeding and coffee didn’t agree with her} nearly crazed thoughts in my head into words and have folks email me to tell me “Me too!!”

But in 2010, when the freelancing gig turned into a full-time business, it was a whole different ball game.

I now needed to juggle a growing business with a growing baby AND a home that needed looking after too.

I felt stuck.

I needed help.

I got the help I needed.

It took a lot of unlearning old patterns and learning new systems, swallowing my pride and stepping out of my comfort zone… but I did learn, unlearn and get the help I needed to make being a mom, a business owner and a home manager work.

If you, my friend,

–are a mom thinking that you should work from home so you can use your brain cells to think of more creative stuff than nursery rhyme spinoffs/have fun money/reduce your debt… but you don’t know if you’d be able to do it all…

–are a parent entrepreneur who’s been hiding her frustration with the lack of sales and revenue her business is generating while spewing out expenses and busywork instead…

–are a mom entrepreneur whose home has been suffering from Neglectitis and whose guilt levels are at an all-time high because she’s always in “work” mode around her kids and family…

You need the same help I created for myself.  

You need your life, home and business balanced… beautifully.

This FREE gift from me to you gives you the 4 eye-opening yet insanely simple ingredients that can breathe balance into your life and give you the clarity and confidence you need to make building a business while raising a family and managing a home the best thing ever.

Sweetly Blended: The Key Ingredients for a Beautifully Balanced Home AND Business So You Can Say a Forever Goodbye to Stressed Out, Unproductive Days and Sleepless, Worry-Filled Nights in 4 Effortless Steps

With this handy-dandy workbook, you’ll discover if you’re in the right business or identify the business that they need to start so you can avoid wasting time on the wrong business and grow faster and enjoy more success with ease.

Sweetly Blended Workbook

You’ll discover what systems are currently missing in your business and home so you can streamline and automate what’s needed and have more time to enjoy with the kids, lesser stress and way more profitability and productivity.

You’ll create a realistic and doable self-care plan so that you can live the Sweetly Blended life and keep burn out and mompreneur guilt at bay so you don’t end up at the doctor’s office with adrenal fatigue and chronic anxiety and are instead, perfectly healthy and happy!

You’ll have a solid idea of what to invest in and what to avoid so you can scale your business in the most financially viable way so you don’t have to dip into the kids’ college fund or max out your credit cards!

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