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Profitably Yours

Strategic Consulting for Fly-off-the-Shelf Offers and Services

Have a digital product that isn’t doing so hot with sales right now?

Planning to launch a new service (or optimize an existing service) but wondering how to price, package, and position it? 

Thinking about relaunching an online course but want the offer to be stronger, better, waaaay more irresistible? 

Launching or relaunching a digital product, course,
or service can be nerve-wracking.

After all, as an entrepreneur, each time you launch something, you’re sharing a big part of yourself. 

Feeling uncertain, filled with doubts, or knowing your offer isn’t a true reflection of your brilliance only leads to endless tinkering, pushing launch dates into the distant future, and crowdsourcing feedback from random Facebook groups. 

What if offer creation and optimization wasn’t a constant dance of “should-I or shouldn’t-I”?

What if you could breeze in and press “sell” on your offer knowing it’s perfectly tailored to your audience and reflects your values and brilliance like a well-polished mirror?

What if you didn’t have to worry about the rubber-meets-the-road phase of launching an offer? 

Selling your beautifully crafted offer shouldn’t feel like you’re selling ice to Eskimos. 

Hi! We’re Mayank and Prerna.

Founders of Content Bistro and obsessed with your success. 

We love rolling up our sleeves and digging into your business so we can help you not only shine a light on your brilliance but help you monetize it. Minus the icky-sticky-makes-you-feel-shmucky stuff. 

Over the last decade, we’ve built a burnout-resilient business integrated with our life. 

Our journey and growth don’t fit into any cookie-cutter, 4-step blueprint. 

Which is why, when we bump brains together, you can be sure we won’t pull out a one-size-fits-all “solution” for your offer. 

We cannot wait to work with you to create a Profitably Yours offer! 

Each Profitably Yours Strategic
Consulting Package Includes:

Pre-work Questionnaire

Pre-work Questionnaire to help us understand your entire offer or offer idea and come prepared to the call with tactical, tailored-to-you strategies so we don’t waste any time when we meet.

60-75 minute call

A 60-75 minute call where we’ll go over 5-7 key areas and ensure you have clarity around launching/relaunching your offer with complete confidence.

PDF docket

A detailed, easy-to-refer-to PDF docket that’ll include the link to the call recording, ALLLL the notes we take on the call as well as any strategies that we think of after! Because you can be sure we’ll be thinking about your business a LOT.

WhatsApp access

14-day/WhatsApp access so you can get answers to follow-up questions without needing to book another session!

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect to see in your beautiful, professionally designed Profitably Yours docket:

Offer Names And Tagline Ideas 

Offer Presentation And Structure 

  • Offer Container
  • Delivery Mechanism
  • Workflow Ideas

Pricing Recommendations

Traffic And Lead Gen Strategies

Easy-Bake Sales Strategies

Copy Recommendations 

At the end of our time together,
you will walk away with:

Complete clarity on how to structure, price, position, and launch your online offer.

Custom-crafted, ready-to-use names and taglines (at least 3 of each) so you can brand your offer and ensure it stands out

A detailed docket packaged with sales-boosting strategies so your offer sells like freshly baked croissants at a Parisian cafe.  

Depending on where you are in the offer creation process,
here are two options to choose from:

Offer Ideation

Perfect if you have an idea for an offer – online course/service/digital product. 

We’ll provide recommendations on how best to create and market your offer to sell.

Offer Optimization and Launch Strategy

Ideal if you have an online course/service/digital product that needs optimized.

We’ll provide an audit of how you can tweak your existing offer and marketing strategy so you can relaunch successfully.

Investment: a single payment of $1497

“I was looking at repackaging my services and offering a more premium, robust service for my ideal clients.

That’s when I decided to work with you to give me clarity on the offer name, inclusions, pricing, etc.

The session I had with you both has given me the confidence to go ahead and launch my new white-glove experience for my clients. The PDF you sent has been very useful in helping me implement your recommendations. Your contribution has been vital in helping me scale up my business.”

Jyotsna Ramachandran

Happy Self Publishing

“Prerna and Mayank’s Offer Optimization helped me to recognize what my audience finds most valuable about my work and the program, and tightening up the offer really helped me to wrap my brain around the core message and promise.

It was really so wonderful to have their eyes on the entire funnel – from the program itself to the emails, and sales page. I knew I had experts to help me pull everything together neatly so I could finally breathe easy and move forward.

My experience was wonderful. I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you so much!” 

Emmy Wu

Visionary Business Coach at Emmy Wu Media


Peek at the answers here

Q1. Is this for me if I have a brand new offer idea?

Yes! We’re always excited about helping you plug any gaps in a brand-new offer and position it strongly so you can launch with confidence. We can also tailor your session to include launch strategies as well. 

Q2. Will you do the market research for me?

No. Market research is a massive undertaking in itsel wasf and definitely not one that we can do within the scope of a Profitably Yours session. However, we can chat about adding this to a session at an additional cost. 

Q3. I launched a service last year but didn’t get any bites. Can this help me?

Absolutely! We can help you identify what could’ve been better from a pricing and positioning (as well as sales strategy) perspective. 

Q4. Is this the same as a launch strategy intensive for an online course?

A Profitably Yours session will include sales and launch strategies, but if you’re looking for a more in-depth, phase-by-phase launch plan, you will need a launch strategy intensive. 

Q5. Will I be able to choose a convenient time for our call?


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