Last updated on September 21st, 2020

Updated September 6, 2020

Continuing our series of posts on how to package and productize your services so you can make an easy 6-figures every year, just like we did, without having to constantly hustle your heart out or launch high-ticket group programs.

If you missed the first post, head here to read how we cracked over $200K in revenue in 2017 by exclusively focusing on productized services.

In the 2nd post in this series, we shared 3 models for productized services and LOADS of examples. 

For this post, I’m going to dive deeper into the strategy behind creating highly profitable packages for your services so you don’t have to run after one-and-done clients and can actually meet your monthly income goals with just a handful of clients!

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll be armed with an all-powerful arsenal of strategies to come up with your own profitable productized service offering AND have your hands on our 5-step recipe for consistent 5-figure months.

But first…

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The Profits on Tap Approach for Creating the “Hot Cakes” Effect for Your Services

Packages changed our profit trajectory and now I want them to change yours. 

But all packages are NOT created equal. 

That’s right. Every package will NOT help you scale. 

The perfect package, like the perfect pound cake, needs a recipe that’s tested, proven, and guaranteed to work. 

And *drumroll* here’s the recipe for OUR profit-rich, easy-bake packages. 

Image framework

The IMAGE framework is the recipe you need to create packages that don’t end up lying ignored on the virtual shelf… 

It is the framework we’ve reverse-engineered after creating packages that sell for $15K apiece and have since then, tested as well… so you can go ahead and create profit-rich packages that literally fly off the shelf and that put your sales on autopilot. 

This is the exact same framework that we teach in the Profits on Tap Incubator program…

So, let’s roll right to it.

Step #1: Identify

Identifying is all about knowing what it is you want to offer. 

When you identify what it is you want to offer, you start with a solid foundation in place for your profitable package.

You can do this in 3 ways… You can go: 

 🎁 Narrow, 

 🎁 Wide 

 🎁 Deep. 

Identifying whether you want to go narrow, wide, or deep with your key package components helps you understand the problem that you’ll be solving for your audience which then, helps you with pricing and positioning so you don’t end up selling just a service but results and outcomes. 

To go narrow, you focus ONLY on ONE Service and narrow down to ONE element of that service. For example, an audit or a brand mood and palette board package. 

This is great if you’re starting out and want to test the waters with a small package or offer something to prospects who have never worked with you before. 

To go deep you’d focus ONLY on ONE core outcome and include services to help the client accomplish that outcome. 

Offering a deep package makes sense when you have proven expertise, and results and are confident about charging your worth and giving your clients solid ROI. 

To go wide, you’d focus on ONE piece of the marketing puzzle and combine services to create a new package… 

Let’s give you an example… say you decide to help your clients with the content marketing piece and create a package that includes a 60-minute strategy session, a blog calendar, and a set of 4 blog posts. 

This is great if you want to pivot to a newer market or test out a new offering. 

The reason most packages end up as glitter-wrapped rocks that no one wants to touch is…

 An identity loss

Just like you can lose your identity as a person and end up feeling lost and overwhelmed when you don’t identify what your package will be using the narrow-wide-deep approach, you will end up with a package that will get lost in the crowd. 

Most experts tell you to create a package and you throw together a bunch of services that make sense to you but to a client… it just feels confusing. 

They’re not clear what the results of that package will be which means that they’ll not want to fork out thousands of dollars for it. 

Using the narrow-wide-deep approach will ensure you create a package that is outcome-focused so you never sell just a service again. 

Step #2: Mindset

The next step for our recipe or framework is MINDSET. 

Mindset is brain-fuel for everyone. 

Mindset isn’t just vision boarding or affirmations or tapping away to Brad Yates… Mindset is way more than that. 

The 3-pronged tactical approach to mindset includes: 

➡️ Self-talk, 

➡️ Self-stationing and 

➡️ Self- care. 

You need to have the right mindset if you want to…

Show Up and Shine Bright… 

Yes, the right mindset gives you the confidence to know that you’re the best person to serve these clients, that you have the expertise, and that you bring wild value to the table.

Mindset is non-negotiable when you want to play a sustainable, scalable game for your business.

Step 3: Audience 

The 3rd step for your framework is Audience… 

Knowing your audience inside out seems like a no-brainer but what most people don’t know is that it’s not enough to just know your audience.

You also need to know WHAT makes them tick – their values, their belief system, their pet peeves, their obsessions… AND you need to know WHERE to find them.

When you dig in super deep into your audience profile, you create hard-to-ignore packages that pull your dream-to-work customer towards you.

Your pricing, by the way, becomes irrelevant.

You get them and that’s what matters most to them.

Sadly, a staggeringly large number of service providers don’t do this because there’s SO much misinformation out there about audience profiling. 

SO much of the information focuses on one kind of business or niche. 

SO many of the strategies focus on fear and pain instead of creating a dopamine surge in your prospects’ brains. 

As a result, their copy is generic. Their strategies seem icky and pushy. .

Step #4: Get Clear

Once you know what you want to create, you’ve switched from a service provider mindset to a scalable business mindset and you’ve narrowed down on who you want to offer it to… it’s time to get radically clear. 

Clarity is the bedrock of profitability.

How do you get RADICALLY clear? 

➡️ Define the package so the benefits and ROI are super clear.

➡️ Validate the idea. 

➡️ Own the idea by laying down exactly why you’re the best for this and how you’ll run it to give your clients the easiest launch experience ever.  

And finally, we have… 

Step #5: Engage

Selling a package is the easiest thing to do when you lead from a place of engaging with your audience and empowering them to make a choice. 

Yes, when they choose to buy your package, the sale becomes so effortless. 

The best way to make sales feel effortless is with positioning and pricing.

When you engage with your audience and use your positioning and pricing to empower them…  you can:

➡️ Stand out in crowded niches,

➡️ Connect with them using the value they’ll get, and

➡️ Share your packages in a way that feels easy to you and genuine to them.

You need to price and position your packages using mechanisms like price positioning, price validation, price calibration, etc.   

Yep, we TEACH all of this in Profits on Tap Incubator. 

Pop those deets below so you are the first to know when doors open!

How to Use Engagement to Sell Your Packages 

You can engage your audience and sell your packages using these 4 factors. 

✨ Values 

💵 Pricing  

🤓 Expertise 

💪 Zone of (Comfortable) Genius


Here’s what we want you to know… 

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