Last updated on September 21st, 2020

Updated on September 2, 2020

This is part 2 of the 3-part series on creating #sustainablescale for your service-based business with productized services and profit-rich packages.

Part 1 is where I shared how productizing helped us crack $210K while working fewer hours.

In fact, at the time of writing this updated post, we are on track to make $375K (during a pandemic-pickled year!) and a majority of that is from packages. 

Our Fully Loaded Launch copy package, Artisanal VIP Day package, AND Excitingly Evergreen email copy package are just three of the packages that sell like iPhones on launch day! 🔥

And yes, we do share OUR secret-sauce, our recipe to create profit-rich packages with you in our flagship program – Profits on Tap Incubator. 

However, one of the most common questions we get is: How will productized services and packages work for MY service business? 

This post will give you THREE most-effective models for creating your productized services or packages AND then you can sneak a 👀  at real-world packages created by our Profits on Tap grads. 

This post is brought to you by Profits on Tap: The Savvy Service Provider’s Seriously Simple, Step-by-Step Program to Package and Productize Services. Pop your details below to be the FIRST to know when Profits on Tap opens and score exclusive bonuses too! 

Choosing the Most Profitable Model for Your Productized Services

Profitable productized service model

The first step is deciding whether your productized service model will fall into one of the following three models or if it’ll be a hybrid:

Productized Service Model 1: The Starter Service Package

The first model is where the productized service or package that you offer caters to people who’re brand-new either to YOUR business or to the industry. 

This niftily packaged service will help your prospects get a chance to work with you (and experience your awesomeness!) without a significant investment or time commitment.

This is usually a flat-rate offer and not a monthly commitment.

Our Rapid Rise Revenue sessions are an EXCELLENT example of this package. 

Productized Service Model 2: The Middle-of-the-Rung Monthly Package

The next service model you can consider is the monthly subscription or middle-of-the-rung package that is tailored more for clients who have ongoing needs and at the same time don’t have a huge budget to work with. 

They’re happy to pay you a monthly fee for a set/pre-determined list of services.

Productized Service Model 3: Top Tier Services

Finally, there is the top tier services model.

This is more high-end and is ideal for clients who are aware of your brand and are ready to plunge headlong into working with you on one big money-making project.

This high-end, top-tier productized service idea is PERFECT for you if you have established expertise and success in a service that is in high demand too.

Our Artisanal and Fully Loaded Launch Copy packages are top tier packages designed for clients who want a complete done-for-you experience when working with us.

Now… let’s look at a variety of REAL packages created by our Profits on Tap grads. 

Each package is based on our proprietary IMAGE framework and has solid boundaries so you never feel like you’re undervaluing yourself.

Image framework

PLUS, you avoid scope creep, sell on autopilot, and never make proposals from scratch ever again.

Tyra Gif

👉 Scoop up our 5-step recipe for 5-figure months 👇 

Real-World Profit-Rich Packages:  How Smart Service Providers Scale Sustainably 

Alright… so by now you know that productized services and packages are GREAT if you want:

💰 To scale without launching an eCourse.

🙌🏽 An easy-to-sell way for clients to hire you straight off your site. No more custom proposals! 

🔥 To get off the “hourly” rate hamster wheel.

💵 Upfront payment from clients and never chase a pending invoice again.

💯 Fast and fuss-free launching. We call it “lazy launching”.

💪 Offer insane value to your clients while raising your profits as well.

You also know you have 3 possible productized services models to choose from.

Now, let’s look at how other savvy entrepreneurs (yep, they’re ALL Profits on Tap grads!) are executing this profit-making strategy to make sustainable scale ™ a reality for their service-based businesses:

Chanteuse Marie has a BLOCKBUSTER Quiz that Grows Your Biz package that you should seriously snap up if you want an unignorable optin that not only brings perfect-fit customers to your virtual doorstep but can also give you some serious branding props! Grab some popcorn and pop in for a blockbuster quiz experience right here.

Kimberly Houston has you covered if you want professional insight on your website copy. She’s a powerhouse copywriter who’s opening up her calendar for a ROBUST web copy audit and action plan. If you’ve been burning your brain cells out trying to figure out why your website isn’t converting, grab one of the three spots on Kimberly’s calendar.

Salma Sheriff is our go-to for website and graphic design and she’s created a jaw-meet-floor package that gives you your website in a… DAY. No kidding. And she’s loading it with bonuses that will blow you away as well. Check it out and grab a spot before she bumps up that price.

Ieva Dalbina is your go-to if you’re looking for evergreen launch copy that sends those Stripe notifications into autopilot mode. Never again will you have to #hustlehard to sell your course because it’ll sell even while you sleep. Literally. Check out Ieva’s attract-all-the-sales package and fire up the evergreen engine for your course!

Justin Blackman’s Unleash the Monster package is already flying off the shelves. It is perfect for you if you want radical clarity on how you sound so you can show up like the rockstar you’re meant to be. Want to be all charming and funny like Kevin “This is Us” Pearson? Feel you sound more like Chandler Bing instead? Justin’s the guy to make it happen. Grab one of the last few spots now.

Super proud brag here: Justin LAUNCHED this one #lazylaunch style with a Google doc and sold out in a matter of DAYS. $11K in the bank in a week’s time. 

Tamara Glick is THE entrepreneur to listen to when it comes to making work-from-home work FOR you. Whether you want your cloffice (that’s closet-slash-office) background to look all chic and classy or you want your Zoom look to be more Taylor Swift than Brittany Spears, Tamara’s #WFH Masterclass is what you need. FAST.

Liz Painter will ensure your eCommerce holiday marketing is merry and bright with her ‘Tis the Season for Sales email sequence package. Perfect for seasonal marketing campaigns that make your customers feel warm and fuzzy while sending sales soaring. Trusted by the best eCommerce businesses, Liz’s emails will be the perfect gift for your business. Gift yourself here.

Sarah Wall is a GENIUS at organizing summits so you can build your audience AND do it without feeling all stressed about herding speakers and all the million moving parts and pieces that summits usually require. She takes it ALL off your plate so you can actually enjoy the summit you’re hosting. Scoop up a Summit Support package here.

Sarah Monaghan’s irresistible package- CONTENT-LED WEBSITE DESIGN PACKAGE includes the BEST of website design AND conversion copy so you get a high-converting website that’s designed to appeal to your audience as well. HOW incredible is that!! Check out Sarah’s profit-rich package here.


Word of warning: Before you go “hey, let me just do what these smart cookies have done and copy their package!”

profitable productized business

As easy as it sounds, creating a package isn’t just about slapping a bunch of services together.

THAT, in fact, is one of the WORST mistakes you can make. 

Creating packages is a thoughtful, intentional process and is based on knowing not only WHO you’re serving but also WHAT is your superpower and then, leveraging that so you can create perfect-fit, profit-rich packages for YOU. 

Now… if you DO want to create your OWN highly profitable productized service, grab our 5-step recipe for 5-figure months to get started. 

Got a question? Leave it in the comments.

Oh and check out the 3rd post in the series where I’ll walk you through the 4 steps you need to take in order to create and launch your successful and smartly packaged service!

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