5 Productivity Hacks for Holidays

Being an entrepreneur has its perks BUT it also has its flip side.

Here’s the thing… You can carve a schedule that suits you.

You can work the days that suit you.

You can work more or less depending on your season of life.

What you can’t do is not execute well or lose an opportunity to grow.

Since we have our own products and services AND also have a fully-packed roster of clients with multiple projects,  our time gets divided into client projects, writing assignments, product launches, attending conferences and events, managing our website, networking, up skilling and a whole bunch of admin and random activities.

While it is relatively easy to manage our time during regular work seasons, holidays are a whole different story. Because during the holidays and vacations, we’re either travelling, slowing down to savor the season or simply, unwinding.

Over the last 8 years of being entrepreneurs, full-time, we’ve found that it is easier to manage this multitude of tasks during holidays and vacations if we maintain a semi-work mode during the festive season or summer vacations.

To clarify, we do take travel very seriously and are usually in “no work mode” during the 3 or 4 trips we take each year and we do take our weekends off as well as 2-3 days off completely during Christmas and Diwali, the Indian Festival of Lights,  but for the most part, we work through out the rest of the year to keep the momentum up.

Here’s how we stay productive without losing our heads during the holidays.

5 Productivity Hacks that Help Keep Our Heads Screwed On During Holidays

1. Plan Work, Plan Fun

For us, in business or life, what gets planned gets done.

Every Sunday we plan our workweek using the trusty Passion Planner, and we also use this time to plan our menu and our weekends. During the holiday period, since we like to keep it fun but not take time off work completely, we consciously plan to work fewer hours.

We dedicate our time before lunchtime to work projects and the rest of the day is dedicated for fun.

It works really well for us since it doesn’t take the holiday feeling away from us but also helps to keep various projects moving.

2. Use a Project Management Tool

We swear by project management tools. Our current favorite is Asana. It helps us to keep all our deliverables in one place and all tasks broken down with deadlines. It also keeps us accountable by sending us reminders on what needs to be accomplished as per the deadlines.

3. Pause the Networking

As an entrepreneur one networks a lot with peers and potential clients. You spend time on keeping tabs on what’s happening in your niche, reading up on trends and news, etc.

However, during the holidays and vacations, we pause most of this and just focus on our core work. It saves us a ton of time and the 3-4 hours that we do work ends up being laser-focused and highly productive.

4. Take Turns Parenting and Working

During regular work weeks, we finish most of our work by 2:30 PM, which is when Manini, our daughter, comes back from school.

Since we start our day pretty early, only an hour or so in the evening is kept for some administrative work, emails and networking and we normally wrap everything up by 6:00 PM.

During holidays and vacations, when Manini is at home, we take turns parenting and working.

It helps us in keeping our work time free of distractions and also gives us some one-on-one time with Manini individually. We normally spend that time helping her with school projects, taking her to the park or a cafe or playing board games with her.

5. Working Lunches

A lot of the times during holidays we have working lunches while Manini enjoys her 30-minute iPad stint.

Sidenote: Yes, we keep her iPad time to a minimum by allowing her to use it only on weekends or during her school breaks and holidays and we try {operative word: try} to restrict it to 30 minutes at a time.

We normally keep this working lunch for any brainstorming we need to do, any product ideas we need to refine or just generally discussing trends in the industry.

All of these hacks help us get more done in the first half of the day and more importantly, help us keep the momentum up albeit  slowly but steadily so we can keep ticking off our to-dos. Best part? It also lets us enjoy family time and keeps the holiday happies intact!

Do YOU work during holidays and vacations? If yes, what do you do to manage it effectively?

5 Productivity Hacks for Holidays

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