The Secret Productivity Booster for Parentpreneurs No One’s Ever Told You About

Being more productive is something both Mayank and I are super passionate about. We believe in safeguarding our time and one of our core business values is freeing up time for time-starved entrepreneurs.

Naturally, we’re always on the lookout for ways to dial back the hours and get more done without getting overwhelmed. And while it is tempting to download a myriad of apps and get a ton of planners, what one usually really needs as a productivity booster is something much simpler.

Today I want to share one such simple yet powerful productivity boosting tool that every parentpreneur {for the uninitiated: that’s parents who’re entrepreneurs;)} must own.

Meet the humble printer.

Secret Productivity Booster


This Christmas, we were fortunate enough to be sent an amazing wireless all-in-one printer from the folks at HP and boy, did it impress me with its features and functionalities. So much so, that I *had* to break our annual 2-week blogging sabbatical and share with you.

Because if you’re looking to invest in the best gadgets to be more productive, I’d recommend you add this baby to your list right at the top.

Here’s how this power-packed printer is a little known productivity booster for the time-starved parent and entrepreneur.

1. Print Outs On the Go

The HP 4535 is sleek and stylish but seriously looks don’t boost productivity, do they? What boosts your productivity is the fact that you can quickly, seamlessly and easily print documents from your cellphone thanks to the HP app. Yes, the app says 4530 but we have the 4535 and are using the app for it easily. It may not have updated yet.

Boost Productivity with the HP Printer App

It’s awesome to be able to print stuff out without even hooking up my laptop. I can stay snuggled in the cozy comfort of my quilt and get all my printing stuff done, straight from my phone. LOVE.

I mean, seriously, this alone is enough for me to vote for this as the must-have productivity tool for entrepreneurs.

2. Speed Up Homework with Ease

Fact: Parents have homework to deal with.

Fact: Homework usually requires printing out stuff for either research or in the case of younger kids, like our daughter, for project work or coloring in.

Fact: A high-speed printer like the HP 4535 is just what you need to get all of these homework printing jobs done in a jiffy.

Add all of this to point #1 where I mentioned that you can do all of this without hooking up your laptop or getting out of bed and I rest my case. 😉

2015-12-28 17.05.59

3. Save Money and Time by Getting Quality, Two-Sided Printouts of Planning Sheets and More

I’m cheap. There I’ve said it.

Honestly, I hate wasting paper and am frugal when it comes to our financial resources. So, when I used to print out planners and calendars using our earlier printer, it used to really kill me that I was being wasteful by printing only on one side.

Now, I can print on both sides. Guess what, not only do I save on paper, I save money used to buy extra paper AND I have planners that are slimmer and don’t sprain my wrist each time I pick them up 😉

2015-12-28 17.05.56

Check out the stunning quality too! 😉 Yes, that’s my Artsy Craftsy Blog Planner  {review coming up soon!} and my very own The Social Spread. 

Artsy Craftsy Blog Planner

The Social Spread


4. Copy and Scan Important Documents from the Comfort of Your Home Office

You know I’m an introvert, right? So with our earlier printer, we couldn’t photocopy documents or scan them. The scanning thing I fixed with an app on the phone.

BUT now, my punchy printer is a photocopier AND a scanner too, so ahem, excuse me while I delete the scanner app from my phone and cut down on trips to the photocopier store. Cue the celebratory dance.

Yes, the HP 4535 is a productivity booster for us, as parentpreneurs and whether you invest in this exact printer or another one, make sure it’s wireless and all-in-one because that my friends, will seriously change your life. You can check out all of HP’s awesome printers for entrepreneurs and parents right here at their website. 

The Secret Productivity Booster for Parentpreneurs No One’s Ever Told You About

Happy printing and we’ll see you in the New Year with a ton of actionable tips, strategies and solutions to help you have more time, engagement and results from your social media and content.

Happy New Year from the 3 of us!

Content Bistro Family Photo

Disclosure: Content Bistro received an HP4535 all-in-one printer in exchange for sharing an honest {and a tad excited!} review. All views and opinions are {clearly!} our own. This post contains affiliate links and if you purchase a printer {woot!more productivity for YOU!}, you don’t pay anything extra but we make a few dollars that go into our printer cartridge fund 😉


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