The Secret Recipe

for High-Converting Copy


Conversion Brew® Copywriting Process

Great copy needs a perfect blend of method and madness. Our proprietary Conversion Brew ® process is that blend. 

The 5-Step Conversion Brew ® Process is what ensures that every piece of copy that leaves our ink-stained hands is optimized to encourage your customers to read every word and to help you collect those coveted clicks on the “ Buy Now” buttons so you can sell without feeling slimy, pushy or weirdly needy!

The Deep Dive (not to be confused with Deep Dish!)

We’ll start by rolling up our sleeves and digging deep into what makes your brand truly you and why do your prospects need you in their life like Harry needs Dumbledore. 

You’ll start with a fairly detailed questionnaire to help us understand your audience and customers, your sales goals, your brand voice, and your vision, followed by a Copy KickOff Call where we’ll continue to dig deeper to excavate those shiny gems that’ll ensure your copy sparkles with your personality while speaking to your perfect-fit prospects. 

The Business Growth Brew Stage

This stage is where you borrow Mayank (our COO) and my brain cells BEFORE your launch. 

As experienced launch strategists, we’ll go over key profit-boosting elements like funnel mapping, offer positioning, pricing, naming your offer (and/or bonuses), identifying promotion ideas, downsell and upsell ideas, and MORE.  

This stage will, of course, vary depending on your copy package.

The Slice-and-Dice Stage

This is a fun, reveal-all-the-awesomeness stage. I’ll get on calls with your customers or students to really get to know what makes them tick and more importantly, what makes them click. 

I’ll help you design and run surveys if needed. 

I’ll go into “new student” mode and go through your course so we can position it perfectly. 

Not just that, I’ll continue to slice-and-dice my way into your social media feeds, student communities, testimonial archives, customer support questions… The works. 

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you exactly what we need from you when you sign on!

The Stacked-with-Value Stage

This is where I’ll burrow myself into your industry to identify similar or competing programs and figure out what makes you truly stand out. 

Not just that, I’ll review your offer as well and offer strategic insights on optimizing it for stronger positioning. 

And then, finally, I’ll collate all the research data my team and I’ve collected and will bake organize it into an easy-to-understand and easier-to-use PDF guide, aptly titled- Chef’s Recommendations for Messaging.  

The Write Roll (just as yum as a California Roll🍣 )

Once we have all the research baked to perfection in the Chef’s Recommendations for Messaging, I’ll load up on the caffeine and hit the laptop. Hard. 

I’ll write your copy. Our in-house editor will professionally edit it. 

I’ll present the first draft to you via a video call or presentation. 

You’ll leave feedback on voice, tone, and messaging. 

I’ll make those changes. 

Our designer will wireframe your copy so your designer can execute it perfectly. 

And BOOM! Let’s watch those sales sizzle up your Stripe account!

All our copywriting packages come with the Conversion Brew Process.

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