Last updated on April 3rd, 2019

Struggling with your Blog? 14 Blogging Tips to Supercharge It


Blogging is hard. There. I said that. 

Blogging for a business can be harder.

Blogging to earn an income can be tougher.

You need to come up with great content ideas. Write them. Upload them. Optimize them. Find gorgeous images to go with them. Send them out to the world via email and social media.

And even then, there is NO guarantee that readers will flock over and love your content. Chances are, you’ll often hear crickets.

Hard work, like I said.

The good news is {and yes, there IS good news} that you can streamline blogging, simplify it and supercharge your efforts.


Let’s do this.

14 Blogging Tips for Boosting Business, Visibility and Traffic

Make Blogging More Productive

  1. Know why you need a blog. Your “why” will keep you focused on your overall goal.
  1. Create content for YOUR customers. Not your peers or your colleagues. Customers.
  1. Use a blog editorial calendar. This will help you know exactly what to write and why. Saves tons of time in the process.
  1. Re-purpose your blog content. It’s a great strategy to use what you have while giving it a fresh, new look as well.
  1. Batch blogging tasks. This will help you knock out blog posts in one or two sittings. It builds flow, momentum and keeps you focused as well.
  1. Use productivity tools to make blogging a breeze. A timer, my planner and Evernote are all I need to whip out blog posts with ease, week after week, day after day.

Create Content That Engages and Wins Readers

A blog with no readers is like a village with no people. It’s lonely and disappointing.

  1. Create content that readers WANT to read. You don’t have to dish out dry, boring stuff. Be funny, inspiring, interesting, different and you will have readers wanting to read more. Trust me.
  1. Stay inspired about blogging and sharing yourself. If you lack inspiration, your content will show it. So, stay inspired. Please, please DO NOT COPY. That is NOT inspiration.

Staying inspired means reading and learning and sharing YOUR own view on a topic. Taking a stand.            Voicing an opinion. YOUR way.

  1. Learn how to create content that resonates with your audiences AND reflects your values and vision. Doing so will help you form a strong connection with your community and share your products and services with them, with authenticity.
  1. Don’t overthink it. One of my new mottos is “The only rule in blogging is there are no rules.” Really.

         You can go with blogging everyday or every week or once a month.

        You can experiment with only video posts or only written posts or a mix of posts.

        You can do only tutorials, or interviews, or reviews, or mix them all up.

        You can do pretty much whatever feels RIGHT to YOU as long as it’s not malicious or illegal. So, don’t overthink it.

Blogging Tips to Boost Business

  1. Attract search engine traffic that’s targeted and looking to buy.
  1. Refine and review your content marketing strategy. It’s easier than you think and it will give you insight into improving your blog so that it brings customers knocking on your door.
  1. Create seasonal and holiday content to generate season-specific interest and sales.
  1. Learn and apply best blogging practices. There may be no rules in blogging but there are proven techniques and you’d only benefit by applying them.


Boost Traffic and Woo Readers with 14 Pro Blogging Tips


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