Opt-in pages are the “amuse-bouche” of launches.


They’re free tasters… They give your audience a taste of what to expect from you so you have to ensure that they tick all the boxes and have the perfect blend of flavors to woo prospects and turn browsers into buyers.

PLUS, opt-in pages are a great way to build your email list.

Because, let’s be honest, if you don’t have people on your list… who would you share your brilliant product or service with?

Okay full disclosure… I have launched both programs and services {including my Fully Loaded Launch Copy service} without a list, so to say that you absolutely NEED an opt-in will be incorrect but a list of interested buyers and hot prospects obviously makes things a lot easier.

For those of you who are new to this whole launch shebang… let’s start at the very beginning.

What are Opt-in Pages and Why Your Business Needs them Like My Coffee Needs Sugar

Opt-in pages are pages that you create so people can choose to “opt-in” to be emailed by you.

Just in case, you think that opt-in pages are a shiny new syndrome and someone just recently came up with them… let me stop you right there.

Do you remember your mom sending in filled in coupons for a free magazine issue?

Or your grandma, for that matter, filling out a form for a box of free cookies at the store?

Yeah, that’s an opt-in page, the old-fashioned way.

The end goal is the same – get the customer’s details in exchange for a freebie.

And THIS is based on one of persuasion’s age-old principles – Reciprocity.

Read Cialdini’s Influence to know exactly what I’m talking about.

Opt In Pages: Copywriting Mistakes

So, yeah, opt-in pages, in some shape or form, have existed for decades!

And… now here’s why your business needs opt-ins:


Yep, that persuasion principle in play again. The number one reason your business needs opt-in pages is because it plays perfectly with the principle of reciprocity that influences most human behavior. If you give me something for free, I will feel obliged to give you something too. That “something” is usually my wallet 😉

Authority and Expertise

Giving away great content for free is a fabulous way to build your authority and establish your expertise. Folks come to view you as the go-to person because you’re dropping wisdom bombs, left, right and center… for FREE!


Want to gain someone’s trust? Give them something they value… for FREE. Continue to build that trust with ongoing content but an opt-in page is a smart way to start building that trust.

Wondering what you can offer as an opt-in? Here are 15 fabulous opt-in offer ideas for any business.

Alrighty then… with all of that nitty-gritty ‘what’s an opt-in page’ part out of the way, let’s get down to the juicy bit…

5 Fatal Copywriting Mistakes 90% Opt-in Pages Make

Considering how popular opt-in pages are one would imagine that the online marketing industry has them down to a fine science, right?


You’d be amazed at how many opt-in pages I come across every single day that make at least 2 or more of the copywriting mistakes I’m about to talk about in this post.

Best {or worst?!} part is that like sales page copywriting mistakes, these conversion-crushing mistakes are easy to avoid.

1.Missing the Mark with the Headline or Hook

8 out of 10 people only read the headline.

So, long story short if your headline doesn’t hook them, you’ve lost them right away.

But if your headline is powerful, compelling and benefit-laden, you can be 100% sure that they’ll pop their email address in without batting an eyelid.

This headline by Bushra Azhar for her opt-in – The Ultimate Guide to Persuasion ticks all the boxes.




2.Ignoring the Benefits of Signing Up

Benefits aren’t just for sales copy, my friend. They’re for opt-in pages and pretty much any copy that you ever create.

Why should I part with my email address in this day and age of data theft, spam and piracy?

What’s in it for me?

Spell out the benefits of opting in.

Will I master the techniques of eating healthy on a budget faster?

Will I uncover ninja tips to save money when travelling to Europe with kids?

Will I discover the singular strategy that will make it 42% more likely I accomplish my goals? 😉

Yes, Michael Hyatt’s opt-in page for one of his free webinars lays out the benefits so beautifully one just can’t help sign up for it.

Michael Hyat

3. Overlooking Your Introduction

Unless you’re sharing your opt-in only with people who already know, like and trust you, you need to introduce yourself on your opt-in page.

Again, Michael’s opt-in page above has a short yet powerful introduction that quickly establishes him as an authority on the subject.

It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out but it has to highlight why they should listen to you.

4.Forgetting About Social Proof

Does your opt-in page include testimonials? Endorsements? Logos of established sites that you have been published on or featured on?

All these elements add social proof so ignoring them will ensure that readers tend to question your credibility and your authority.

Yes, even offering something for free has to have value!

5. Disregarding the Power of the Call-to-Action

Finally, and most importantly, you need a call-to-action that is more than just “Submit!” Yuck!!

According to ConversionXL, “click here” is one of those calls-to-action that despite being “plain” is pretty powerful.

A good way of creating a call-to-action that converts is keeping in mind what your soon-to-be-subscriber will get once they sign up AND what’s the pain that they’re struggling with right now.

Think about these two factors while creating your call-to-action and you’ll never have to settle for a plain, ol’ “Download” or “Submit”.

There you go… 5 copywriting mistakes that can suck conversions out of your opt-in pages.

Now, it’s up to you to go ahead and give your opt-in copy a once over to see if one of these mistakes has stealthily snuck in.

Opt in pages: Copywriting Mistakes




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