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Google “opt-in page examples” and you get millions of results. Mainly from landing page builders and mainly focusing on general list building campaigns.

Opt-in page examples search

But writing an opt-in page for a launch is a different beast altogether.

Before I dig into how to write a high converting opt-in page for your upcoming launch, let me back up a little…

What IS an opt-in page and why is a course-specific opt-in different from a general opt-in page?

An opt-in page is quite simply an email sign-up page.

You’ll hear it referred to as landing page, registration page, lead magnet page. They all refer to a page where a visitor punches in their name and email address and “opts in” for hearing from you.

The Complete Guide to Writing Opt-in Pages

You see these landing pages everywhere on pretty much every website. Often, you get a freebie for signing up for a newsletter. Sometimes, you don’t.

Point being, a landing page is a way for you to choose to continue hearing from a business or entrepreneur. 

Just like every website MUST have a way of staying in touch with its visitors and readers, every course creator NEEDS a way to do that as well.

Enter the course-specific opt-in page.

A course-specific opt-in page is different from generic opt-in pages since it has ONE goal: Invite your audience to sign up to hear from you about your course or upcoming launch.

Opt-in page examples

The content for this lead magnet/opt-in/free gift is connected closely to what you teach in your paid program. 

The idea behind this is to build an email list with prospects who are keen and ready to learn more from you on a specific subject or area of expertise. 

And you do that by sharing an opt-in (or free training) that is linked to the subject of your course.

I like to think of opt-ins or lead magnets for launches (or evergreen funnels) as course-specific content invites.

How to Write an Opt-in Page

And your opt-in page for your launch needs to focus on that content invite.

Which is why you cannot (and should not!) treat it like a general newsletter sign-up page.

So, how do you write an opt-in page that gets sign-ups from ready-to-buy students?

Conversion-Boosting Ingredients for Course-Specific Opt-in Pages

When writing a course-specific opt-in page, you need to include specific ingredients that you may often overlook on a general landing page. 

A course-specific content invite page needs to do some heavy lifting. Because here’s what the buyer cycle looks like.

The BAKE Framework for Selling Courses Consistently

I teach the B.A.K.E framework in my premier sales strategy and copywriting program –Ready-to-Sell.

Your opt-in page is poised perfectly for building a relationship and establishing authority.

How do you do that?

By including ingredients (yes, we love foodie metaphors/analogies/words here!) that ensure that even someone new to your world walks away AFTER punching in their details and choosing to hear about your program.

⭐️ Benefit-Focused Headline: This headline needs to highlight the biggest and brightest benefit of your course-specific content invite AKA opt-in.

Why should someone care about getting your invite in their already crowded email inbox?

BONUS: here’s how to write attention-grabbing headlines. 

➡️ Clear call-to-action: What do they need to do to get your free gift? Your call-to-action needs to create eagerness and excitement. Be specific, clear, and action-focused. Example: “Lose 5lbs now!” versus “Download eBook now!”

A well-written CTA feels like a natural transition in the conversation and includes a “verb” to encourage action. 

📝 A What You’ll Learn Section: This is where you describe exactly what they’ll walk away with after they’ve consumed your opt-in.

Remember… this section NEEDS to be tangible and help them qualify themselves.

Show them who this content is for and what they’ll get clarity around.


“You’ll learn how to eat better so you melt weight away”, <– Good. 

“You’ll know exactly what to order when eating out so you can enjoy your meal without it ending up on your hips.” <– Better 

“My 30-second “eat-well” tip will make night outs with your girlfriends so much fun. No calorie-counting and denial.” <– WAY better. 

👩🏻‍🏫 Why You or Bio Section: Your audience may not always know you really well. Even when they’re following you on social media or seeing you in their newsfeeds, you need to help them see WHY they should trust you and be mentored by you.

Your bio section needs to address that skepticism and strengthen your connection with them. 

Include a clear headshot of you as well or go the extra step and include a camera-facing video too! 

👏🏻 Social Proof Section: Continue to strengthen your relationship with your audience and erase skepticism with a social proof section. If you have specific feedback around your opt-in, use that.

If not, use testimonials or endorsements from paid clients. With disclosure, of course.

It goes without saying that your opt-in page should in no way ever mislead your audience.

NONE of your copy assets should.

In fact, if you want to go the extra mile, you should be upfront about the fact that you’ll be inviting your subscribers to join your program. 

I don’t see why selling needs to be all cloak-and-dagger. 

Alright, time for you to see these ingredients in action.

But before that… if you want to go deep into mastering HOW to use these ingredients and write up sales copy assets that set Stripe accounts ablaze, join us inside my signature sales copywriting and strategy program – Ready-to-Sell.

Opt-in Page Examples for Audience-Focused Course Creators

Here’s an example of an opt-in page I wrote for Cara Clyne, Australia’s leading bridal hairstylist, as part of her LIVE launch for Hair Boss University.

This was then adapted for her evergreen funnel as well.

Your audience is your focus and you want them to have complete clarity around your course-specific content invite.

Remember: Clear minds take quick action.

First up, benefit-focused headline and CTA section.

Opt-in page examples- Headline section

Next, we have the “What you’ll learn” section.

What you'll learn section on your registration page

Then, the bio and social proof sections.

Bio section for an opt-in page

We included additional ingredients as well based on what I knew about her brand and her audience.

Which brings me to the most important step of all: 

It is essential to adapt these “ingredients” to your audience, brand ethos, personal value system and offer.

Swiping everything is one of the reasons launches fail and why when I coach fellow copywriters and course creators in Ready-to-Sell, I insist they adapt my framework, strategies and recipes to suit their offers.

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