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For seasoned entrepreneurs who want to take intentional, move-the-needle action that gets you out of your own way. FAST

Momentum Mise-en-Place (MMP) is for experienced entrepreneurs (those who’ve been in business for more than a couple of years) who are ready to start showing up, selling with intention and seeing their growth trajectory speed up. 

ALL without sacrificing your sanity and peace-of-mind.

Because your business isn’t independent of your life. It needs to integrate with your life.

It is for you if you’re ready to get out of the weeds and stop being bogged down by busy work that doesn’t bring in those big bucks. 

It is for you if you want to know not only WHAT to focus on but HOW to make it happen! 

But first,

let’s get this outta the way…


This is NOT a course. 


This is NOT a mastermind.


This is NOT group coaching. 

This is deep work done directly with you. Keeping your goals, your values, and your vision for creating the legacy you want, front-and-center. 

This is working one-on-one with us to create growth and momentum on your terms.

This is where you slice through resistance, busyness, and impostor syndrome to finally start showing up in a way that feels good to you and works best for your business so those aspirational revenue goals aren’t aspirational anymore but an easy, everyday reality.

What does Momentum Mise-en-Place look like?

It is a strategic consulting engagement with Mayank Malik and Prerna Malik designed to give you deep insight and personalized guidance so you can grow faster and with intention. 

You’ll have THREE MONTHS of working one-on-one (or rather, 2:1 since there are two of us!) with us to execute and implement a profit-propelling plan for YOUR business. 

Based on our proprietary 4P Framework, you’ll focus on 4 key areas of growth to create momentum for your business.

Positioning so you can start attracting and working with not only your ideal clients but also industry leaders and influencers.

Processes and Productivity so you can kick procrastination to the curb AND your business can be a lean, mean, productive machine ever and you can take yourself out of the equation without seeing your income plummet.

Products and Services Suite so you know exactly what to offer, what to launch, when to do this, and most importantly, HOW.

Pitching and Pricing so you know what to say on sales calls, how to sell on social without feeling like a spam artist, what to price your services at so resistance becomes invisible, and more

Tripled my average revenue during quarantine!

OK, in the last six months I’ve launched three programs. All sold out. 

Wanna know how many I would’ve launched on my own? Zero.

Prerna & Mayank Malik literally walked me through productized services step-by-step and made me launch. They idiot Justin-proofed my plan and refused to let me over-complicate anything. (Looking at you, G-Doc sales page.)

And y’know what? It. Worked. I’m not one to share numbers, but those three simple launches tripled my average revenue during quarantine, without having to write a single word for clients.

And they were my favorite projects ever.”

Justin Blackman

unleashing monsters, one word at a time at Pretty Fly Copy

What do you actually get?

1 x 60-75 minute 2:1 call every month with Mayank and Prerna to create your CUSTOM action plan and discuss your growth map.

1 x 15-minute “get out of overwhelm jail” call every month to use when you want to.

Customized (no cookie-cutter blueprints here!), realistic, and razor-sharp GROWTH PLANS, complete with steps and additional resources/tools/contacts you may need! GOLD!!

Weekly Accountability check-ins customized to your schedule so we can keep you focused and also, motivate you to keep up that momentum. 

Copy critiques for your website copy sales pages, emails, and everything in-between!! Yeahhh!!

Access to OUR Creativity Compendium – strategies we use, people we know, tools we lean on…everything! Want an introduction to a podcast host we know? You only have to ask! Need recommendations for editors and VAs? Sure thing! 

WhatsApp access to us so you can bounce ideas off us or get feedback on the go without having to jump on Zoom. NICE!!

Who is this for?


This is ONLY for action-takers, momentum-makers.


This is for serious SERVICE-BASED businesses who want a customized growth-propelling plan and accompanying accountability EVERY MONTH for creating the visibility, impact, and sales they want.


This is for you if you’re ready to stop being the bottleneck in your business and start stepping up to the CEO table with elegance and ease. 


THIS is not for you if you don’t have a business yet.


THIS is not for you if you’ve been in business for 6 months or less.


THIS is definitely not for you if you’d rather complain about conditions rather than create the conditions you want.

THAT is why there is an application and invitation process.

AND only THREE spots.

You’ll put your Momentum in place with…

Mayank Malik and Prerna Malik are the founders of Content Bistro where they serve up wallet-wooing conversion copywriting services for creatives and seasoned-for-growth consulting for service providers. 

Prerna is a Copyhackers-certified conversion copywriter who has written for 6-figure and 7-figure launches and turned evergreen funnels into everyday sales machines! 

Mayank is an MBA from the University of Cardiff and an entrepreneur at heart. With a penchant for numbers and a genius for strategy, his superpowers include spotting sales leaks and plugging profit pitfalls. 

Together, they’re the Dumbledore to your Harry Potter! 

They’re also the creators of Profits on Tap ® and Momentum Mise-en-Place ®  where they work closely with fellow service providers who want Sustainable Scale ™ for their businesses. 

They’ve worked with over 500 clients worldwide including some of the biggest and best names in the industry, such as Pat Flynn, Vanessa Lau, Amy Porterfield, Kerwin Rae, Carrie Wilkerson, Alli Worthington, and others!

They live in India with their daughter, Manini and when they aren’t working on launches with clients or on profit optimization with service-based businesses, they’re traveling the world and eating all the food! 

How much will it cost?

Because the times right now are a tad cray-cray, we’re keeping the pricing the SAME as our initial beta round.

(But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t pull out ALL the stops for you!!)

Your investment will be $1499/month for THREE months. 

Here’s the thing…

…we only want ready-to-make momentum-happen entrepreneurs so we can get the best case studies ever because the strategies we’ll give you will create serious growth! #honest

They did the brain work for me! 

Other coaching mastermind programs require me sharing the mentor’s or coach’s time with other members. If they’re one-on-one then their style of coaching requires me to do the brain-work and come up with my own ideas.

With MMP there was none of that. I got my 2:1 time with Prerna and Mayank AND because they understood what I wanted to achieve in my business and the kind of person I was, they did the brain-work for me. 

The result? A plan that I could execute without worrying about something not being “me”.

Samar Owais

writing emails that build eCom empires at Emails Done Right

I nailed my positioning and niche while also creating my first packages with confidence.

“MMP gave me more accountability. It also felt more intimate and like I was in a super close-knit group of fellow business owners who had each other’s back and were constantly cheering for each other. I love the fact that P and M are so hands-on and share “inside info” gleaned from their years of experience with hundreds of successful client projects.

I nailed my positioning and niche while also creating my first packages with confidence. I’m also launching my new website…which I know will help me attract more of the right leads and clients I “want” to work with. It also helped me start to recover from shiny object syndrome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Rebecca Vigelius

shining a spotlight on sticky stories at

Let’s recap…


This is NOT an online program or course.


This is NOT a coaching thing where we put the burden of figuring out what to do on you.


This is NOT group coaching. This is deep, move-the-needle work, done one-on-one.

THIS is a 3-month customized strategic consulting engagement so you can have specific ACTION steps to take to help you fast-track accomplishing the goals you doodle in that Passion Planner! 

Every element, every step is unique to you, focused, and designed to give you the growth you need IN the areas you need it the most.

Ready to be a Momentum Maker?

Have questions? Schedule a call here.

Ready-to-Sell is closed for enrollment now.

Jump on the waitlist to get first dibs when doors open in THREE weeks.

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Read this incredible case study

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