Fix These 5 Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing is so much more than a buzzword used by “gurus” and experts. And while it can seem overwhelming or confusing…it’s actually quite a fun way to add credibility, build recognition and create a community around your brand and business.

One of the things I do when conducting my SEO site reviews is dig into the content marketing strategy for the business and lately, I’ve been coming across some common mistakes that have a far reaching impact when it comes to building your online presence and increasing your sales and traffic.

How to Fix Content Marketing Mistakes


5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes and One Simple Way to Fix Them

1. Forgetting the Impact of an Image

They say, an image is worth a 1000 words. Visual marketing is content marketing’s sibling. Images give your words impact.

With social networks, like Instagram and Pinterest gaining increasing popularity, if your blog or social content does not have images, you’re losing some major audience and social shareability.

Not just that, a LOT of visitors are visual learners, which means that they absorb images better. By ignoring images, you’re missing connecting with them.

PLUS, images help you to establish your branding and increase recognition. People see an image that resembles what you’ve been sharing and they go, “Hey, that looks like Steve’s Pizzeria! Ooh.. I feel like pizza! Let’s order some today!”

Your audience starts to relate to you through your images. You don’t have to be a pro at creating images that your communities will love. You just need to start.

Start by sharing images from your workplace or even, personal snapshots.

Use free tools to add interesting and inspiring quotes that’ll travel far and wide online.

Start by adding an image to every blog post you put out.

2. Ignoring the Power of a Call to Action

Calls-to-action often get a bad name because it seems salesy or “closing the sale”. A lot of bloggers have stopped adding a call to action because people have started ignoring them. But calls to action can be so much more than telling people to buy something.

I, in fact, like to think of them as Invitations. Y’ know, how when two friends are sitting together and chatting, and a third walks up and you invite them to sit down and tell you what’s going on. Kinda like that.

They can invite your readers to reply to you. Ask them to share their views. Inspire them to help a friend by forwarding the email to them. Give them a reason to come and hang out with you.

3. Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

I’m a planner. There’s no secret about that. But I know many of us aren’t really as obsessive about having every little detail mapped out and that’s okay. Really.

At the same time, having some sort a content marketing plan is helpful because it helps you see important events, dates, and deadlines.

For instance, say, you have a yoga studio and want to start classes for new moms. Now, a content marketing calendar will help you map out when to start sending out emails to your list, share on social media and also, talk about it on the blog.

It doesn’t have to be set in stone but it should give you some idea of when to do what on your content channels, so that when customers tune in, they listen in.

4. Not Seasoning Content with SEO

You write for people and not search engines, but if you’re in the online world, search engines are what would bring said people to the site.

Think about it. When you need to find a dentist, play school, boutique or antique store, where do you go? Google. Nine times out of ten, we Google things.

If your content is not seasoned perfectly with SEO, chances are no one’s going to find out.

So, please, yes right for people but let’s make it possible for the people to find us.

5. Putting No Thought into Promotion

Finally, a lot of businesses think that once they’ve sent that email, written that blog post, created that image, they’re done.

Actually, you’ve just started. The sweet sauce is in promoting your work and sharing it with your communities.

Fabienne Frederickson calls it “ Sharing your brownies” and I like that! Brownies makes everything yum, even content marketing.

So, once you’re done with writing and emailing, make sure you showcase and share it.

Not spamming, but gently and lovingly spreading it through your communities.

The Easy, One-Step Fix for ALL these Content Marketing Mistakes

Now I know, if you’re making any one of these, you want to fix them so that you can build trust, gain visibility and expertise and most importantly, increase business and blog presence.

My latest baby, Content Cookbook gives you step-by-step recipes that show you how to create a content plan both for your blog and social media, give you everything you need to create images that invite readers. Content Cookbook also serves you with the perfect recipe for SEO, sizing images, social media updates with plenty of examples and simply equips you to cook the yummiest content, that your audience will love.

Yes, this one-step easy fix is what you need if you want your content to shine, showcase who you are and spread the word about your work, easily and instantly.

Get your copy before the 21st  AND join us for the first LIVE  COOKALONG session to create your content strategy, calendar and updates together with a community that helps you brainstorm, build, grow, stay accountable AND inspired!!

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