10 Ways to show your business some love

When Mayank and I got married 10 years ago, we decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day simply because celebrating our anniversary on the 11th of February instead was way more important. Here’s us celebrating our 10th 🙂

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Having said that, I like the idea of day to show that you love and care about those that matter the most.

And while our business is truly, our 2nd baby and showing it some love is what we would ideally like to do a LOT of, truth is, like life when business gets busy, we tend to neglect it.

So, this year, as a reminder to ourselves and inspiration to you, here are 10 easy, effortless and yet totally a-mazing ways to say “I love you” to your biz.

Let’s dig in:

1. Show your social media some love

Yeah. This had to be first, right? As someone who cares deeply about being social online and keeping social media for well, socializing, I had to have this as our first way to say “I love you, biz”.

So, go ahead, shower some love on your social media profiles and accounts. If there are any that you haven’t updated in say, like a year, it maybe time to gently break it off. No hard feelings.

If you’ve been engaged on a network and aren’t seeing the love bounce back, it’s time for some therapy.

Ask yourself:

Are you posting consistently enough and with authenticity?

Are your updates helpful and inspiring, encouraging and motivating? In other words, do they connect with your community?

Is your brand shining through?

If not, it’s time to show it some love with a well-planned social media calendar and a constantly replenished buffet of social media updates that reflect your voice and resonate with your audience.

2. Send some love to those who love your biz

How about sending some love to those who love your business just the way you do?

Yes, I’m talking about clients, your mastermind buddies, mentors and coaches or even, your dear aunt who always wants to know what you’re doing and is so proud of you that she sends all your blog posts to all her friends.

Send them a little package in the mail thanking them for their love and support.

Gift them a great book to help them stay inspired and motivated.

Surprise them with a gift card to their favorite store or even Amazon!

 3. Gift your website new “clothes” aka design

This is something we are doing and are excited to be partnering with Martine de Luna and her team to create a brand-new, gorgeous, scrumptiously yummy website for wait for this… our new brand!!

So, yeah, if you think your website is looking well, shabby, time to get it some new brand pants, right? 😉

Even, something as simple as changing your logo or clearing out the sidebar clutter or adding stunning headshots of YOU will do!

 4. Create gorgeous branded images to show off your biz

Yes, let the world see how awesome your biz is. Share images that reflect this and showcase both your biz and your passion for what you do.

My friend Karen Gunton is amazing at this. Her lighthouse revolution images strike a chord each time I see them and they reflect her passion for this so deeply as well.

Spend some time this V-Day adding a dash of spice to your bizromance and make your images shine too. Or bring in a chef who can create these and have them ready-to-serve as well.

 5. Go on a date

Do this!! Go on a date with your business. It’s also called a retreat, a planning day, a brainstorm session. But let’s call it a date instead.

Spend time working on your business vision, your goals, your strategy and your action plan.

Make it a real date by heading somewhere nice and cozy, order something delightful to dig into, sip on some wine and strengthen your relationship… with your biz.

 6. Rediscover what made you fall in love

Do you remember those early days?

When the bizromance was heady and exciting. Every day was a new one and you didn’t need any reminders about why you were doing what you’re doing.

Fast forward a few years and maybe now the sparks have dimmed and the sparkle dulled. So, it’s time to revisit why you fell in love in the first place.

What is it that you love the most about your business? You may not be doing the same things but you may still have the same reasons.

For instance, I love my biz because it gives me the freedom to stay at home and hang out with my daughter when she comes back from school with ease. It gives me the opportunity to do what I love the most – creating content and building communities. It excites me because I’m learning something amazing and making the best friends ever every.single.day.

 Why do YOU love your biz?

 7. Find someone to share your love

Do you remember how you used to giggle and talk about dates, love and everything that comes with it with your group of best friends?

Do you have business best friends who you can share your excitement, passion, heartbreak with?

Yes, they call it a mastermind group and if you don’t have one, I’d recommend finding one asap. Best thing ever for keeping your love alive.

If you’re looking for one, join us in The Biz Bistro where this month, in fact, we’re talking about loving our biz+our homes.

 8. Get stunning “save-the-name” aka visiting cards

You’ve sealed the deal and now it’s time to spread the word around that you’re a couple;)

Nothing says commitment like “save-the-date” cards and for business, it’s visiting cards that reflect your brand with confident clarity.

My friend Tamsen Horton just put this in action. Check out her uber-cute and completely on-brand cards. Yes, I’d love to have one of those in my wallet or on my fridge at all times.

 9. Show off your biz love

When Mayank and I were dating, I would talk about him all.the.time. Yes, I know I must have been fascinating company during those days. 😉

Any way, point is… when you’re in love with your business, talk about it. Not in an annoying way {not that I would know what that means!!} but in a loving yet enthusiastic way.

Sharing your projects, talking about testimonials, taking your community behind-the-scenes, being raw and real.

Do it from a place of genuine excitement and connection and it’ll shine through. Do it from a place of being all braggy-and-stuff, and that’ll also show.

 10. Do what you’ve been meaning to do to build a stronger relationship with your biz

Finally, the best way to show anyone that you truly care about them is by following through. By doing what you say you will .

It’s the same for your business.

Have you been saying you’ll work smarter this year? How are you making that happen?

Have you said you’ll blog more often? Have you scheduled time to do that?

Did you say that you’ll reach out to more media outlets? Have you created your media calendar?

Yes, professing our love is beautiful and touching… but the real deal is in taking action to bring that love to life.

If you love what you do, then do what you say.

A Sweet Treat for Your Biz

Really, we couldn’t have Valentine Day talk without chocolate and candy, could we?

So, here’s a sweet treat for your biz:

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Do you struggle with finding the flow to your words?

Maybe you’re challenged by staying on topic?

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You want blog content that’s written beautifully but still reflects your voice.

You want to reach readers but you don’t want to get caught up in all that SEO stuff

You want that your blogs should have stunning, eye-catching photos to go with them, but you don’t have the time to go hunting for them and then, editing.

Yes, you want a blog that’ll give your business the engagement love it needs and the sales it deserves.

Luckily for you, I’m handing out Blog Editing Bounty Bars. Not to be confused with those gooey chocolate and coconut ones {gosh, they’re good!} but ones that don’t hit the waistline but sweeten your business blog up a lot.

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