Life of an Entrepreneur: Feeling Thankful SO Thankful

There’s something about November and December that just forces you to pause a while in the middle of the craziness that comes with Christmas and instead, just stop and smell the roses. Really.

As I sit with my cuppa coffee and my journal and my 2014 Amazing Biz+Life Workbook {you can get your 2015 ones here now!}, I just can’t help but feel flooded with a feeling of thankfulness, deep, heartfelt gratitude at how this journey of being a community manager, a content creator, a free-r of time for fellow entrepreneurs is turning out.

So, first of all, THANK YOU.

Thank you for coming to visit me here and reading what I have to share.
Thank you for your kind emails letting me know that my words are resonating with you.
Thank you for sharing what we do with your friends and family. THAT is the highest level of trust and one that I value deeply.

So, thank YOU. Yes, you.

And now, I want to invite you with me as I review things that got done, dreams that turned into reality and everything else I’m thankful for this year.

Life of an Entrepreneur: 2014 Goals, Dreams and Making them all Happen

Serve Amazing Clients with Scrumptious Content – DONE

We had the opportunity to work with some truly amazing small business owners and create blog posts, email newsletters, autoresponders, social media updates, eBooks even for them to help them build their online presence, their brand, woo search engines. It’s truly what I thrive on and being able to free up their time for them makes it an even better feeling!!

Every.single.client we have worked with has been SUCH an integral part of this journey.

Teach Others How to Create Social Content AKA Launch Content Cookbook- DONE

In July this year, I launched Content Cookbook, a true labor of love, born out of the desire to teach other entrepreneurs how to create social content that is engaging, helps them to showcase their voice and at the same time, bring traffic, sales and everything else in between.

I was delighted to welcome 25 passionate and excited entrepreneurs to The Content Café and work through the recipes with them. I’m even more grateful for everything I learnt along the way and can’t wait for January to open it up again.

Free Up Time for Business Owners AKA Launch Social Spread – DONE

One of the things Mayank and I are passionate about is freeing up time for ourselves and for fellow business owners. Earlier in November, I launched The Social Spread. 600+ ready-to-use updates that bloggers and business owners could just take and use to engage on social media. Copy-paste. Simple. More time to do what you love to do rather than spend thinking “what to post”.

I can’t tell you how amazing it makes me feel when I see folks share how it’s not only helping them engage more with their online communities but also, save time.

Mission accomplished.

Truly grateful.

Take Regular Vacations- DONE

Thank you

We took 3 fun holidays this year. All of them left us feeling energised, excited and funnily enough, gave us more clarity with where we want our business to go. Like how holidays do that to your brain, right?

Grateful that could take them, spend time with family AND continue to grow our business.

Create Engaged Mastermind Communities – DONE

One of my goals at the start of the year was to create a mastermind support community for moms with businesses and blogs. A space where they could come and discuss both menu planning and marketing plans, play dates and online parties.

The Biz Bistro was born from that desire.

It’s FREE yet fabulously engaged, helpful and you’ll find me there pretty much all the time. Starting January 2015, I also intend to have focused monthly themes complete with actionable tasks, rewards and more!!

Read a Book Every Month –DONE

Thank YOU Kindle!! Or rather thank you Mayank for gifting me the Paperwhite.;) SO much easier to knock my reading goals outta the park with it.

Practice Self-Care Regularly – DONE

This has been SUCH a biggie for me. Being able to do small, simple yet such powerfully soul-charging things on a regular basis. Whether it is getting a manicure done or a massage, eating better, exercising or even, using better quality cosmetics, I have done it in small steps this year.

I’m grateful deeply for Mayank’s support and in fact, enthusiastic cheering on as I wove self-care into my life.

Every month I just added ONE tiny thing to my self-care. And then, the next month the other one, and then another. Before I knew it, I had it nailed and was feeling, looking and being MUCH better than ever.


Spend More Time with Manini- ALWAYS IN PROGRESS

The ONLY reason I started to work from home was because I did not want to leave Manini with a nanny or in daycare. No judgement for those who do but it just didn’t work for me.

So, as life and business got busier, I found myself spending less time with her. This year, I have made conscious attempts to do bedtime stories and snuggles with her, random craft {I’m horrid at it!} and cooking activities, playdates with her friends and just cuddling together watching a movie that Mayank doesn’t want to.

It’s been great. Her love language is quality time and when she gets it, she just thrives.

Get More Support-DONE

None of these goals would be possible without me getting more support in areas that don’t need ME but still need to get done. I shared my story about this on The Art of Simple but long story short: I hired out like crazy this year. From swapping household chores with each other to bringing Rebecca Pollock in to do the design for Content Cookbook and The Social Spread to hiring a cook and cleaning lady, we did it for more balance and more time. It works for us.

Grateful for support.

“Nourish” was my word for 2014 and it just delights me to see how we’ve nourished our life, our health, our business, our relationships.

To really end the year nourished and recharged for the road ahead, I will be taking a break from blogging here until January 2015 but it is my hope that when I come back in the New Year, not only will I be fueled with the passion to serve you with exactly what you need, but you, too, will be here to welcome me back.

The Road Ahead

What does 2015 hold for us?

I don’t know. I only know that whatever it would be, it would be amazing. It would bring learning, growth, change.

I still haven’t decided on a word for 2015, but it’ll come. It always does.

I have decided though that it will be a year where I stretch, reach out, get out of my comfort zone and be of more service to those who need it.

As I wrap up this long and somewhat rambling post of mine, I want YOU to know that wherever you may be, however you may be feeling, by just reading these words, you’re giving me the encouragement I need.

You’re making a difference and that’s what matters.

Thank you for being here.

Thank you for being YOU.

Thank you.

See you in the New Year, my friend.

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