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Launching an online course has never been easier.

All your launch copy, done-for-you. Seasoned for sales. Spiced for connection.

Launching an online program can feel like getting your teeth pulled while walking on nails (Yikes! Super painful!) or like sinking your teeth into a slice of key lime pie while lazing in bed (mmm… heaven!).

Yep. Your choice.

If “launch mode” means caffeinated stress, sleepless nights, swatting away at writer’s block when you sit down to write that email, wrestling with your sales page till the words swim laps before your eyes…

You need a

Fully Loaded Launch.

(Make profitability AND peace-of-mind a given!)

and I’m a Copy Hackers-certified conversion copywriter who is best known for her dough-making sales and email copy coveted by the best online educators today.

Writing high-impact sales, launch and evergreen funnels for industry leaders like Pat Flynn, Dr. Eric Zielinski, Amy Porterfield, Alli Worthington, April Perry Wilson, Carrie Wilkerson, and hundreds of other clients has given me an unbeatable edge and ensured I have a well-defined, ROI-focused process and solid framework to lean on.

“In the last decade, I have certified maybe a dozen copywriters out of hundreds of hopefuls – and Prerna is one of the few.

She’s earned her spot as a recognized conversion copywriter for all the reasons you hope: she’s a badass copywriter who loves measurably increasing conversions while also solving for UX, SEO and more.

But even more than that? She’s one of those rare copywriters who actually loves this work. Really loves it. Like, loves it loves it. And it shows in her writing. Because it’s not JUST about the sale. And it’s not JUST about hitting deadlines. And it’s not JUST about repeatable results. It’s also about caring. You can’t teach that.

But you can buy that. When you hire Prerna.

Joanna Wiebe – Founder, Copyhackers

“Prerna has this uncanny ability to take drab, dull, lackluster text and turning it into something magical that also SELLS.

There are many “cute” copywriters out there…you know the ones who sprinkle a bit of slang, a bit of cussing and words like “darling” and “lovely” and “sweetheart” to shock people or to get their point across.

But there are very few like Prerna who are strategic in their use of personality so that it doesn’t overshadow the core objective of COPY…which is to SELL THE DAMN THING!

Hire her if you want to make money from your copy or keep working with “cute” copywriters who just make you feel good.”

Bushra Azhar, The Persuasion Revolution

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Prerna and her work. She not only found the perfect name and tagline for my course, but she wrote a phenomenal sales page that shares the heart of Gainful Growth so well.

I recommend her copywriting to everyone that needs to better connect with the people they serve.

Alli Worthington – Author, Speaker, Business Coach

“Prerna and her team are top-notch, super friendly and thorough in all they do. I never hesitate to recommend them to friends, colleagues, and clients.”

Carrie Wilkerson, and author of The Barefoot Executive

Now you and I can work together to make launching as easy as eating that slice of pie…

Imagine this:


You come up with a great idea.


You test it and it’s solid.


You nail your launch dates.


You send one email to yours truly, and then, sit back and relax.

{Only spending your limited time to work on your actual product!}

You can do this because…


You don’t have to stress about coming up with a headline, hook or even, subject line that’ll get those clicks and conversions coming in.


You don’t have to worry about spending sleep-deprived hours wrangling with copy for an opt-in page only to hate it once you’re done.


You don’t have to lose your marbles over a sales page that you fear wouldn’t ever make money because it doesn’t compel you so how would it persuade buyers.

Yes, this is for you if…

You don’t want to pour in precious hours and even more, precious dollars to launch to the sound of crickets.

You don’t want to spread yourself so thin your family forgets what you look like and questions what you’re doing.

Most importantly…

You don’t want to lie awake at night stressed and wondering if this is the launch that will decide the fate of your entrepreneurial dreams.   

Here’s How We’ll Load Your Launch with Sales That Pour In…

By leveraging the dual power of our Connection-Conversion™ Framework and our Conversion Brew ™ Process, you’ll get copy that’s artfully and scientifically designed to woo wallets and win hearts, one word at a time.

What is The Connection-Conversion Framework

The Connection-Conversion Framework is a tool that works because of the way it is designed.

It draws on the powers of conversion copywriting while ensuring it is engaging and value-packed too. This makes sure your prospects will be excited (yes, emailing-you-to-tell-you, that excited!) with every copy asset you share.    

That’s right.

Each sentence is seasoned to engage eyeballs ensuring your prospect continues to read till the end and then almost hypnotically pulls out their credit card and punches in those details.

It feels like magic but it’s actually a beautiful blend of art and science.

A lot like baking but only better because you rake in dollars instead of piling on the pounds.

Online Educators and Knowledge Creators Trust Me With Their Launches Because

I Bring Results… Period.

Completely changed the trajectory of our business model…

“Compelling, conversion-optimized copy has completely changed the trajectory of our business model and, without Prerna and the Content Bistro team, we wouldn’t know where we’d be. Actually, we do… we’d be two years behind and playing catch-up!

There is no way we could have launched successful courses and products month-after-month-after month if it weren’t for Content Bistro at our side.

Their professionalism, flexibility and skill-sets are unparalleled!”

Dr. Eric & Sabrina Ann Zielinski

Bestselling Authors and Bloggers, Natural Living Family

We hired her to write our email sequence and then, ended up hiring her to do our sales page too!

“Prerna crafted copy that completely connected with our customer’s core struggles and challenges and, at the same time, spotlighted how our program could help them resolve those struggles easily and effectively.

I love how she took the thoughts and ideas we had put together and created powerful, engaging copy that beautifully represents the love and concern we have for our community.

We hired her to write our email sequence and then ended up hiring her to do our sales page too!

As a business owner, it’s such a relief to find someone as capable, kind, and awesome as Prerna!”

April Perry Wilson

Founder, LearnDoBecome

My Copywriting “Guru”!

That’s what I call Prerna!

I love this lady!  She has helped me and my business sooo much!

Not only has she helped me to grow my business – she helped me to realize my self-worth as a business owner.

You see – I’m very good at what I do – that’s teaching and helping people grasp difficult to learn concepts… but I’m NOT GOOD AT WRITING.

In fact, I hate it and because I was putting it off it was crippling my business and my growth.

Not only did she learn about “ME” as a person from our conversations, questionnaires, etc… she actually took the time to research me!  YEP!!  

She googled me, scoured my facebook and Instagram pages, read each of the 175 YELP Reviews and over 100 Facebook reviews!!  WHEW!!  

She took my thoughts, wants, and needs and was able to put them in words in a way that represented “me” and “my voice”!  

When I first began to receive copy from Prerna –  I was like “YES – that’s exactly what I wanted to say but didn’t know how!”

When we first started – it was for one product and one sales page. 

Our relationship has expanded into over 9-10 evergreen sales funnels.

The result? My income has tripled!

When we first started – I was earning approx $5,000 – $6,000 a month with my existing course and sales page – so it was a very “difficult” decision for me to invest over $4,000 in a copywriter and pray that it works out..

But let me tell you – My income has skyrocketed! 

My courses are now earning over $20k a month and I’ve only implemented 50-60% of the material thus far!!!

I have soo many other course ideas and projects “in my head” that I want to implement in the near future and I’ve forewarned Prerna that she is “stuck with me” for at least another year or so!!

– Artricia Woods, Affinity Real Estate and Mortgage Services

I have worked with Prerna for the last year and I definitely wasn’t expecting it to work with her for that long, but it’s because she is that good.

I remember a year ago I outsourced basic newsletters to Prerna and her team, and now that relationship has evolved to her recently helping us with our 7-figure course launch. I trust her that much because her work is that good. 

I have outsourced so many projects to Prerna, be it newsletters, evergreen sequences, sales pages, live launches and even mapping out our entire launch strategy. A lot of that was attributed to Prerna’s help and you would never expect that from a copywriter. Honestly, Prerna and team, they don’t just do copywriting. What I appreciate most about them is they are so focused on sales and strategy.  

I’ve worked with other copywriters in the past and they just write, copy and then disappear. Those copywriters only care about the fluffiness of it all, but Prerna and the team will look at how things are converting, which subject lines to use, figure out the funnel. They are just full-stack in that sense. And I just so appreciate a copywriter that actually speaks a business owner’s language and that is so rare to find in copywriters. 

I’ve worked with a lot of copywriters who just write copy. That sounds nice and feels cool, but Prerna just takes it to the next level and I can give you examples of that.

When I was working with Prerna, I was so impressed by how they really took the time to understand my business, understand my product and services. They took the time to interview my students. They took the time to go through my entire course to understand what I was actually teaching. They took the time to even go through all of my social media platforms, and it was just such a hands-off process.  

Like I was so blown away by the emails that they ended up writing because the emails sounded like me. They took the time to understand my brand voice by going through my social media platforms. They took the time to repurpose the right content pieces for our newsletters.

They took the time to understand our students so well to the point where the sales page was totally hands-off and they were able to craft it beautifully. And now the sales page really converts so well thanks to their copy. And so that’s just a little taste of the magic that you can unlock when you work with Content Bistro.”

– Vanessa Lau, CEO and founder of BOSSGRAM Academy

Your investment for Fully Loaded Launch?

Laughably low.

Especially when you add up the hours you’ll end up saving, the stress you’ll end up erasing and the money you’ll end up making with your launch.


Let’s face it… Launching can be expensive – emotionally, financially and physically.

Until now.

Here’s what you get:


The Conversion Brew Process


Offer optimization and launch strategy planning (Value $1999)


An attract-perfect-leads opt-in page and thank you page (Value $1999)


A seasoned-for-conversion long-form sales page (Value $8999)


Seasoned-for-sales 17-email sequence (Value $13499)

Total value: $26496

Your investment:


Milestone-based payment plans available for both options.

Want just an email sequence or sales page?

I’m Sold!! I Want a Stress-Free, Successful Launch! 

How Does This Work?


So, here’s the unbelievably effortless 5-step process of what will happen once you fill out the application form and schedule your call:

Step 1: Coffee, Conversations and Conversions

We meet for a 30-45 minute call so I can understand your launch goals better and you can understand my process.

We chat about your business and you can get my conversion-boosting brain cells on tap.

At the end of the call, if both of us are equally excited about working together, we high-five {virtually!} and get the ball rolling!

Step 2: Locked and Loaded

You get your welcome kit including your contract, questionnaires and an invite to our hip-and-hopping Google Drive folder.

You fill out the questionnaires and pop them into said Drive folder and we move to Step 3.

Step 3: Launch Mode On

We meet for a 60-minute Copy KickOff Call where I peel back the layers around your audience, offer and business.

With that done, I don my Data Discovery and Research hat and dig deep into:

  • Voice-of-customer research: I’ll interview a minimum of 3-5 customers to really understand what makes them tick, why they chose us and what they got out of your program/offer. Interviews are recorded and transcribed.

  • Competition analysis: Deep analysis of competitor sites and messaging to identify glaring gaps as well as WTDW or What-They-Do-Well.

  • Message mining: Comprehensive scrubbing of any past surveys, testimonial data banks, FAQ/customer support emails as well as Facebook / Yelp / Amazon / Quora / Glassdoor / LinkedIn/other forum review mining to pull messaging, key concerns, pains and wants of our audience.

Step 4: Peace Out

That’s it.

You go back and do what you do best – product creation and leave me to wrangle your ideas into irresistible sales copy to engage eyeballs and turn casual browsers into loyal buyers and raving fans.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Effortless Launch

Well, this is truly optional but I highly recommend you take all the time you’ve freed up and enjoy your launch.

Get that massage.

Take that nap.

Go on a short break, if you want.

You have the time, my friend.

Your launch copy will write itself!

Ready to end

and sail towards

profitability minus the stress?

Choose this robust option and let us know if you need any optional add-ons:

Here’s what you get:


The Conversion Brew Process


Offer optimization and launch strategy planning (Value $1999)


An attract-perfect-leads opt-in page and thank you page (Value $1999)


A seasoned-for-conversion long-form sales page (Value $8999)


Seasoned-for-sales 17-email sequence (Value $13499)

Total value: $26496

Your investment:


Optional Add-Ons Include:

Authority-Stamped-A La Carte Blog Posts

Stand out in a crowded niche and establish expert status at Superman speed.

Resistance-Smashing, Trust-Boosting Social Media Updates

Share your opt-in, your authority building blog posts and your offer without having to struggle with blank-screen syndrome or feeling like a fraud!

Tickle-Wallets-Open Taglines

Get my brains to work on your opt-in and sales offer taglines so they tickle and persuade browsers into reading more and signing up too. You get 3 – 5 options each for your opt-in and your sales offer.

Supercharge-Those-Sales Strategy Session

A power-packed strategy session so you can fine-tune your offer, nail your upsells or downsells or refine the funnel so it converts like a dream.

The Answers to Those Questions You’re Thinking…

Q1. What if I don’t have my launch mapped out right now?

That’s okay…. You have a full 12 months to use this package. So, if you’re planning a launch anytime from now until next year… you can book this steal of a deal right now and then, relax!

Q2. Why do I have to apply for this service?

It’s important that the two of us are perfect for each other. After all, launches are serious business.

Your application and our call will help us both determine whether working together will be in your launch’s best interest.

Q3. What do you mean by ready-to-use “recipes” in the Grande option?

In the Grande Option, you get ready-to-use recipes for the webinar show-up sequence emails and the opt-in page and thank you page. These recipes are like templates except they’re not cookie-cutter so your opt-in page and your emails will be unique to you.

All you have to do is plug in the ingredients AKA your launch elements and you’ll be ready to roll.

Q4. How long will it take for all the copy elements to be completed?

Ooh, here’s the best part… I’m a shockingly fast {and good!} copywriter. From the time we start, if you’re prompt about sending back the questionnaires and scheduling your calls, you’ll get the first draft within 7-10 business days and revisions will be made within 3-5 business days.


Told ya!

Now slowly close that jaw and wipe the drool off the keyboard.

Q5. What if I’m using the Product Launch Formula for launching?

More power to you, my friend!

Luckily for you, I’ve been part of multiple PLF-style launches so you’ll not only get updated strategies but also a copywriter who understands the intensity of both these launch models.

Q6. Are there any refunds?

Copy is creative work.  You wouldn’t ask Picasso to refund your money, would you? I’m no Picasso but same rule goes. Your launch copy package comes with TWO sets of revisions so you’re 100% satisfied with what you get.

Q7. What if I need more emails or blog posts?

Sure thing. We’ll just pro-rate that into the package, so you can add as many as you want!

Q8. Will you design my sales page and the opt-in page as well?

No. Words are my jam. Design and I aren’t best friends. So, I’ll give you all the copy you need AND I will be happy to provide design direction and input but you’ll have to get your pages built and designed by a designer and/or developer.

Q9. I still have questions. Where can I reach you?

Email me at prerna(at)contentbistro(dot)com or fill out the form here and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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Jump on the waitlist to get first dibs when doors open in THREE weeks.

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