September is here and with the kids back-at-school, it is time for you to get back to business and gear up for the busiest season of the year – the holidays!

Here are 3 kickass resources to help you make your back-to-business season your best ever and give you that much-needed spark, infuse you with the passion and fill you with the energy you need to rock being an entrepreneur:


1. Ali Brown’s Thrive Video Series 

Have you ever felt a lack of motivation in building your business? A “Why the heck am I doing all this work for?”

It hits everyone from time to time (including me), and what I like to do is get a quick “refresh” on why I’m an entrepreneur. I have been a HUGE longtime fan of Ali Brown and have applied her advice and mentoring with great success.

Ali Brown has this new video (which is honestly amazing, by the way) sharing fascinating stats and insights on why it’s women’s time to Thrive… and in it she gives a quick little EXERCISE that I found pretty powerful.

You can access it here right now.  What she shares will help you connect back to your WHY.

Meaning, why you decided to make this leap and begin this new chapter in your life in the first place. Remember? Hmmm… oh yeah, that’s right! The WHY. 

Go here now and check it out. 

Tip: The exercise is in the first 4 minutes. But I guarantee you won’t be able to stop watching… she shares some pretty profound stuff. 
Definitely worth your time.  And you DON’T want to wait on this, because this video won’t be up and free for long.

2. Anne Samoilov’s Fearless Launching

If you have a product you’ve been wanting to launch but have held back due to fears of failure or not knowing what to do, you’ll love what Anne Samoilov has to offer. In her latest course, Anne tackles EVERYTHING that a successful launch needs and equips you powerfully to take the plunge, with confidence and without fear. Check out Anne’s awesome Faces of Fearless Launching video PLUS get some cool freebies!

3. The Mom Writes’ Holiday Gift Guide

This one is my baby for all of you! The Gift Guide will be a FREE downloadable, .PDF Guide given away to ALL readers, subscribers and social network followers of The Mom Writes. Launching on October 15, the Guide will be up on the site till January 6th, 2013. You get a classy listing that includes your ad graphic or logo, a 3-4 line description on why your product or service makes a great gift, and clickable links to your website and social media profiles. PLUS you get exposure to over 25,000 pageviews, 1500+subscribers and a social network of over 5,000 across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin! Talk about boosting holiday sales! So, go ahead and check out the details here, choose your ad size and get your listing NOW! Submissions close September 30, 2012.

There you have it. Three awesome resources to help you get your business brains into high gear, those creative juices flowing and the fiery sparks flying.

What would YOU be crossing off your list first – rediscovering your passion for your business, getting over the fear of launching or boosting holiday sales?

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