How to Infuse Inspiration in Your Social Media Content to Build a Community and Increase Engagement

Social media content is, in my humble opinion, the cornerstone for any social media marketing plan.

I mean, you can go ahead, and create the most stunning, branded profiles on all the networks you want, but let’s face it… if your content isn’t any good, it isn’t going to engage, attract, and most importantly inspire your tribe, your delight-to-serve customers to come back to you and be your cheerleaders.

Hey, I wrote a book on the subject, because am SO passionate about using content to create an online presence that makes a difference in the sea of sameness.

Today, touched by recent events in the news, which yours truly doesn’t read much of, I wanted to share an important role that social media content can play: that of being an Inspirer.

Yes, too often and sadly enough, folks use the “safety” of the laptop screen to pour out nastiness and bitterness on the world. If you want to be a business or blog that makes a difference, go ahead and do the exact opposite: encourage, spread happiness, inspire.

Now when I say all of this, I don’t mean one should bury one’s head in the sand and be flippant about the tragedies that happen everyday… rather what one can do is acknowledge them and yet bring people together and uplift them by sharing content that resonates, is positive, infuses hope in a seemingly bleak moment.

Most importantly, you can do this every day. Inspiration doesn’t need sadness to shine. To be inspired, encouraged, supported is what being social is all about.

How to Inspire with Your Social Media Content

1. Ask Thought Provoking Questions

Invite your community into a discussion and ask thought provoking questions. Questions are a great way to increase engagement and let your community know that you want to hear from them.

Ask them how they feel about a situation.

Ask how they would respond.

Ask what they want to see.

2. Share Views with Respect and Gentleness

Another beautiful way to inspire those around you is to share your views with compassion, respect and gentleness. It doesn’t mean brushing the wrong under the carpet. It means being fair, being strong, being thoughtful.

Megan Tietz of Sorta Crunchy is a blogger I love and respect because she can share the most sensitive of topics in a way that’s compassionate, respectful and yet, puts forth her honest view of things.


Megan Sorta Cruncy

3. Inspire with Images

Images are inspiring. Period. They tell a story that usually doesn’t need many words to go with it.

Whether it is the sight of a mother hugging her child at school drop off, highlighting the myriad of emotions in play or the image of two little boys at a refugee camp in a wheelbarrow trying to get to Grandma’s house.

Yes, Humans of New York uses images to tell a story, to inspire, to bring people together.


Humans of New York

More than 250 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day [source: Jeff Bullas], we can surely work wonders if we make them inspiring, right?

4. Weave Encouragement with Words

Quotes inspire. These are words with meaning, with power, with feeling that have been etched in our memories. It isn’t surprising that quotes are the most popular form of content on social media. Combine it with a stunning visual and you have a winner!

What are some of the quotes that inspire you? Pop them on a photo or turn them into an image using a fun, free tool.

ZigZiglar’s page is a source of constant inspiration to me and many others {as is clear from the shares on the image below!} because of the power-packed quotes they share both from Ziglar and others.


5. Shine the Light with Real Life Stories and More

Know of someone who’s made an impact?

Meet someone who’s creating change?

Highlight them. Interview them. Share their story. Again, the HONY page does this brilliantly by sharing stories of everyday courage.

Let more people know about those who’re being ripples of change and be inspired by them. Because at the end of the day, people inspire people. And that, my friends, for me, is being social.

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