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“The average ecommerce conversion rate is 1.48%”

I didn’t say that….

The respectable folks at Moz did.

In their 2016 eCommerce Benchmarks Study, the Wolfgang team at Moz found that retail websites average a conversion of 1.36%.

The same study found that “committed retail customer would visit the one retail website multiple times on their journey to purchase.”

Now what if I told you that you can easily and effectively double or even, triple the conversions YOUR eCommerce or online store is currently getting?

Did you drop that pen you were twirling in your hand while reading this?

Or maybe, you sat up straighter and moved in a little closer to the screen?

I don’t blame you. Doubling your conversion rate can make a significant impact on your overall sales and money earned.

If right now, you’re making $15,000 net… imagine what you’d be able to do with $30,000.

Nice, right? You bet.

Now what if I told you the strategy I’m going to share with you doesn’t cost you anything more than your time and a bit of effort.

Yep. No fancy $1000 tools or $2500 courses here, m’friend.

Just a good, ol’-fashioned, proven-to-work content marketing hack…

I’m talking… eBooks!

Thaaat’s right.

eBooks are probably the least known, most underutilized content marketing strategy by eCommerce storeowners, when in fact, they can be a powerfully simple way of establishing trust, building authority, creating a community and most importantly, turbocharging sales and conversions.

Let’s find out exactly HOW.

But first… if you’re already thinking… I can never write an eBook because my product is SO niche… I invite you to snag the 42 Exciting eBook Ideas freebie NOW. You can thank me later.

Now, read on.

How eCommerce Storeowners Can Use eBooks for Doubling {or Tripling} Traffic, Conversions and Sales

1. eBooks are Rocket Fuel for Building Your Email List

As an online storeowner, your money is in your list. Period.

You want a list of people who sign up happily and then, part with their money merrily to shop with you.

eBooks do that.

When a visitor lands on your site and sees that you’re giving away a gorgeously designed and info-packed eBook to help him or her solve a problem, you have them falling in love with you, one word at a time.

By giving away an eBook as an opt-in freebie, you’re deploying two powerful sales-boosting tactics in one easy swoop:

  1. You’re adding a targeted subscriber to your email list and that subscriber will go on to purchase from you, effortlessly, especially if you have a solid sales funnel in place too.
  2. You’re implementing the psychological principle of Reciprocity {source: Influence, Cialdini} and creating a “give-take” relationship with said subscriber. Again, this boosts sales and melts away objections, like butter on toast!

2. eBooks are an Easy First Buy and Increase Sales for Your Store

Say, you don’t want to give away an eBook to your subscribers. Why would you do that, I can’t say, but let’s say… you don’t want to do that.

Well, then, eBooks can be a fantastically effortless way to add an additional income stream to your sales pipeline.

How, you ask?

Here’s how, I answer.

Sidenote: Yes, I’m being a bit sassy today, but I’m blaming it on my double shot Caramel Macchiato.

Say, you write an eBook and decide to sell it for $5.

The average price of a product in your store is $35.

If a first-time visitor were to land on your site and after signing up, came across this eBook that cost well, less than the Macchiato I’m drinking, they’d end up buying it because it would be a tantalizingly low-risk offer.

You’d add a customer who’s interested in your offerings to your list and who you can then, continue to nurture and engage with an autoresponder sequence… and because they’d have bought from you once, it’ll be easier for them to buy from you again and again.  Plus, it’ll be cheaper for you too, because…

82% of companies agree that retention is cheaper to execute than acquisition. {source: SocialAnnex}

3. Establish Authority… Disarmingly

Well-written eBooks are a high-voltage authority booster.

If you can craft an eBook that offers splendid value and shines a neon-light bright spotlight on your expertise.

For instance, say you own a jewelry store and write an eBook on How to Buy and Care for Silver Jewelry So You Can Treasure it Forever.

Not only will you show potential customers that you know your stuff, you’ll also show them that you care about them and want them to enjoy their silver jewelry for years to come, regardless of where they may buy it from.

4. Build Trust… like a Boss

eBooks build trust for the exact same reason that they build authority.

They share information and information is currency when you’re creating a powerful presence for your brand.

Who would you trust more?

Someone who pushes their product in your face or someone who gently and charmingly shares what you should know before {or after} your buy said product?

My guess? The latter. Am I right or am I right?

So, product-based businesses can easily use the humble eBook to build a relationship of trust with potential customers and smash through objections and resistance when it comes to conversions.

5. Share Products without Being Pushy or Salesy

Did you know that eBooks can be wonderful product catalogs?


Let’s say, you have a yoga apparel store. How about writing an eBook on the 5 Best Yoga Poses for Losing Weight.

In that, you can mention what yoga outfits would work best or you can use product images to showcase the different poses.

Easy, useful, fun and most importantly, fantastically non-sleazy for sales!

6. Create a Remarkable Community that Raves About You

Finally and most importantly, eBooks, because of all the aforementioned reasons – authority, trust, usefulness – are a sensationally simple way to create a community that loves you, like Nutella loves bread.

You create a community that connects with you, loves your expertise and trusts you. Who would they think of when their friends want to buy a product you offer?

Yes, that’s you. You, smart cookie, you!

There you go.

6 dynamic, dramatic, dazzlingly simple yet effective ways eBooks can help you skyrocket those sales and conversions.

What are YOU waiting for?

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