how to double triple or quadruple your sales and get more customers without losing your mind or your money..

Have you laid awake at night wondering if you’ll ever see the sales you’d dreamt would come flowing in?

Have you added new products to your store and then, waited and waited for folks to buy them?

Does it feel that you’re missing something when it comes to marketing your business?

Are you frustrated that everything that seems as if it could teach you how to sell is either way too expensive or too complicated?

Well, my friend, you aren’t alone.

Nope, you aren’t.

As someone who’s worked with literally hundreds of business owners, helping them to supercharge their sales, using strategies that are usually free or very low-cost, I’ve been witness to these frustrations and disappointments, first hand.

I know that even if your products are amazing, incredibly unique, lovingly handcrafted, sales can be tough to find.

The initial launch flow may slow down to a trickle or worse, stop altogether.

You battle doubt, overwhelm, exhaustion and sleepless nights as you wonder “What is it that I’m missing?”

You read up marketing blogs or take business eCourses and try some of their strategies in the hope that some may stick.

It just all seems so much and so random, doesn’t it?

I get this.

You wish you just had a step-by-step approach to test out strategies and create a marketing plan that’s consistent and yet connected to who you are.

You wish you had someone to guide you so that you’d be able to implement proven and effective tips so that you didn’t end up spending money only to realize it didn’t work for you.

Most important, you wish you had a bucketload of free sales-boosting tips to try out because well, slow {or no!} sales usually means a limited cash flow, right?

Well, my friend, your wishes just came true.

The 31 Days to Get More Customers, Increase Traffic, Boost Sales eBook and eCourse

Last year, I ran a 31 day challenge sharing an actionable, easy-to-implement and usually free or low-cost sales-boosting challenge to help you get more customers.

It was a HUGE success, so much so that some of the people noticed almost instant increases in their sales.

That successful… yeah.

So, now we’ve compiled all the challenge activities and put it together into a spiffy, little eBook and easy-to-implement eCourse so that you don’t have to dig through the archives looking for what to implement in order to get more customers and double or triple your sales this year.

You can get instant access to either the eBook or the eCourse and go through it, step-by-step, day-by-day.

You’ll learn-

How to ensure you’re welcoming your customers right on your website so that you never turn a casual browser away.

How to share your story without seeming arrogant, bragg-y or boring so that people relate to you, your values and your offer.

What questions should you be asking of your audience so they whip out their wallets faster than you can say “hot chocolate!”

Discover and fix the pain points of your website so sales flow in faster and easier.

The 10-minute social media overhaul so every minute you spend on social connect AND converts.

3 Do’s and Don’ts for flash sales, A quick-fire FAQ page creation recipe, Facebook party or Ask-me-Anything session topic ideas, 3 sales-boosting, referral marketing strategies so you know everything you need to about these incredible sales superchargers.

Swipe-my-copy templates to reach out for testimonials, collaborations and more to boost your business, the organic {and free!} way!!

And SO much more, without it being overwhelming, too complicated, “I-dunno-what-they’re-talking-about!”.

If you’re ready to see the sales roll in instead of trickle,

If you’re ready to stop reaching for that jar of Nutella each time you launch something only for it to fall flat,

If you’re ready to untie that tight knot in your stomach as you look at the bills and payments due,

If you’re ready to sleep better, relax more, and actually enjoy this business ride, you need to get your copy of 31 Days to Get More Customers, Increase Traffic and Boost Sales.

For just $9, it’s a month’s worth of proven-to-work sales-boosting strategies that you can rinse-and-repeat for less than the price of a couple of lattes.

Ready to get those sales notifications flowing in? Awesome. Click here to get the eBook and here to enroll for the eCourse.

 proven, effective and low-cost strategies increase your sales and get more customers.

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