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As small business owners, the start of the year is probably THE most important time of the year. It is a new beginning. A fresh start. It is when we set the pace for our future success and growth through the year.

And now is a good time to plan for a productive, enriching and most of all, profitable New Year.

On that note, I’m sharing my 7 super ninja tools that have helped me to nearly triple my productivity and profits as a mom and entrepreneur in 2012.  Click here to download the free guide now.

The Super Secret Key to Success

let's work together

{Does the quote above give you a hint of the secret? No? Read on.}

As I’ve often shared with you,YOU, my dear readers are the reason we do what we do. It is our goal to help you make more money and spend less time doing it in 2013.

One of the things I discovered in 2012 was that I can’t do it alone. I can only do so much. We {Mayank and I} are blessed to be working together but even then, we needed to reach out and work in partnership with other entrepreneurs. That was awesome on two accounts:

1. We freed up our time so that we could more of what we are meant to do and make more money in the process.

2. We helped other entrepreneurs, like ourselves, to grow their own businesses by giving them a steady stream of work.

Yes, the secret that will supercharge productivity and grow your business instantly is – working together. 

So, today, I’d like to help YOU take advantage of this amazing, powerful way to increase sales AND free up your time and, share with you THREE awesome ways in which we can work together to help YOU take your business further, realize your goals for your business and basically, help you to rock 2013!

1. One-on-One Coaching to Help Create Your Map for Success

First up, I’m now accepting one-on-one coaching opportunities to help you be more productive, build a better business, grow your profits and do MORE as an entrepreneur in 2013.

1. Work-at-Home Mom Coaching and Consults are ideal if you are a work-at-home mother wanting to amp up your entrepreneurial goals.  These sessions are designed to help you be more productive organized and of course, profitable as a mom entrepreneur. It isn’t easy being a WAHM but I can help you streamline, set up systems that work and in the process retain your sanity!

2. Blog Coaching and Critiques to help you take your blog to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner blogger looking for direction or a seasoned one wanting to grow your blog AND earn a living from it, I can help you drawing from over 5 years of experience as a business blogger.

3. Small Business Social Media Coaching to empower you to leverage online media marketing and boost your business, grow your sales and expand your network.

All coaching sessions are personalized to your needs and include:

  • a pre-session questionnaire that will help me identify your needs and create a session that will give you maximum value,
  • a 60-minute one-on-one coaching session via Skype/Facetime,
  • a .PDF download outlining EVERYTHING that we discuss on the call, plus any additional things that I think of after we’re done
  • An accountability check-in email after 2 weeks of our session to assess your progress, answer any additional, related questions and motivate you to stay on track.

Ready to GROW? Spots open for January 2013.  Click here to book your spot now!

2. Holiday Special on Sponsorship Opportunities with The Mom Writes

advertise with the mom writes

Next, I’m also offering a holiday special of 33% OFF on ALL our sponsorship opportunities  on The Mom Writes in 2013. You can choose from 125×125 ad packages that will run for 3 months, sponsored posts and social media outreach programs for your brand and business. From prices starting as low as $120 for 3-months of on-site, sidebar advertising, this is affordable business building at its best! Click here to get more details. 

3. Done-for-You Social Media and Content Solutions to Free Up Your Time

Like I shared above, as business owners ourselves, we realize how overwhelming it can get trying to do it. That is why we have done-for-you social media and content solutions to help you create a community on Twitter or increase visibility on Facebook or most importantly, create a strong and  engaging hub of optimized content on your blog 

This is PERFECT for you if:

  • If your goal in 2013 is to spend MORE time doing what you love and specialize in and outsourcing the rest, this is what you should choose.
  •  If you want to focus on building an engaged and thriving community of customers and readers without spending endless hours on Twitter or Pinterest, let’s make it happen.
  • If your goal is to get your business blog to bring results – traffic, new customers and money, but don’t want to waste your precious time learning SEO and content creation and optimization.

You Get:

1. Blog Post Writing – Have a blog but need the content? We are happy to write search engine optimized posts for you that are engaging, relevant and original. We can also help you with uploading the posts, tagging them appropriately, finding and adding photos and moderating comments. Yep, the whole deal.

2. Website Copywriting – We can craft tightly focused, optimized content for your business website, About Pages, product descriptions, standalone pages, so that you get content that resonates with your audience, niche and overall brand presence.

3. Newsletter, Press Release and Autoresponder Writing – Want to connect and engage more with your customers and audience? Start a newsletter or autoresponder series but ensure that it has kickass content that they’ll love to read.  Get us to write these for you to answer customer queries, share new products and build your business. Launching a new product in the new year? Let’s put together a seriously awesome press release for it and help it get the eyeballs it deserves.

4. eBook Writing – eBooks are an easy yet powerful way to build your authority, give value to customers AND increase traffic to your site. Having written 5 eBooks and in the process of writing 2 more, I am experienced in not only writing eBooks that engage your customers but also in editing and formatting them for easy readability.

Interested? Email me at prerna(at)socialmediadirectbiz(dot)com with details of your project.  

So, there you are. Our secret to supercharge productivity and profits in 2013 – working together to make it happen. Make sure you download the productivity toolkit to get started right away.

What will be YOUR strategy to supercharge productivity and grow your business in 2013?


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