pinterest tool for scheduling pinsContinuing with our cool Pinterest tool series {check out PinAlerts-the tool that alerts you to pins}, today I have something that will make you swoon. That is, if you’re the type who swoons over social media tools. Read, me.

Any way, you know how you sometimes go to pin one thing and get sucked into the smorgasbord {yes, I swoon over social media tools and use words like these!} that is Pinterest? So, to make your time on Pinterest just as productive as it is on say, Facebook {ahem!}, let me introduce you to PinGraphy, soon-to-be-your best friend forever. In other words, let me show you how to schedule pins on Pinterest. There, isn’t that fun?!

 What Makes PinGraphy a Cool Pinterest Tool?

PinGraphy is a cool tool that lets you schedule pins.  Yes, if you’ve ever wondered how to schedule pins on Pinterest, here is your answer.

 Simply put 4 things give PinGraphy its cool factor:

1. It is FREE! Yes, we love that here.

2. It is easy-to-use. Again, BIG blessing for non-tech folks like yours truly.

3. It frees up your time and makes you more productive as a business owner. Ah, we like that now, don’t we?

4. It gives you useful data on repins, likes and comments for ALL your pins.

 How to Use PinGraphy?

Like I said, it is easy-to-use. So, here’s my step-by-step guide to get you started right now:

Set up a Free Account

pingraphy pinterest tool setupHead over to and set up a free account. You will have to login with your Pinterest email and password.

 Set up the PinGraphy Bookmarklet

pinterest tool pingraphy bookmarkOnce you login, you’ll see this screen. So, drag the red pingraphy button to your bookmark bar. This will let you schedule pins whenever you’re online, reading and browsing.

 Start Scheduling

pingraphy bookmark

To schedule a pin, I click on the pingraphy bookmarklet {image above} when I’m on the page I want to pin. Clicking opens up the screen with all the pinnable images. By default, they’re ALL selected, as you can see in this image below.

pinterest tool pingraphy first screen

Click Unselect All and just choose the image you do want to pin, like I’ve done in this image below.

pingraphy scheduling step 1

Click the green Next button.

Pinterest scheduling step 4

You’ll come to this screen {image above}, where you can choose the Board on which to pin, tweak the description if you need to, the URL is auto-filled. Click the orange Schedule button.

schedule pins

Enter the time, date and time zone. Click Confirm. You’re done!

This is how it will show up in your Dashboard.

how your scheduled pin looks

The ONLY downside to this seriously cool Pinterest tool is that you can’t edit or reschedule a pin. You can only delete it. But it is still new, so maybe that functionality will be added to it later.

So, go ahead, free up your time, optimize pinning and make Pinterest a productivity booster instead of a time suck!

How will YOU use PinGraphy for your business? Share with me in the comments.

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