How to Save Time, Increase Sales and Attract Targeted Traffic This Summer

How to save time.

…Increase profits or sales.

…Get more traffic.

Do any one of these show up in your entrepreneur or blogger wishlist too?

If so, you aren’t alone.

Nearly every single business owner or blogger I have ever spoken with over the last 7 years has expressed a desire for at least one of these and sometimes, all 3.

Because let’s face it… more time, more money, more visibility are what you want from your business or blog.  

But then, you throw summer into the mix and life for a home-based parent entrepreneur or blogger gets all the more interesting {read, stressed out!}.

Summer can be quite the season for us, work-from-home business owners. 

We can’t just shut down for 2 months.

We can’t go at the same pace.

Worse, we look around and see others {those without kids or family commitments} move forward and that, though inspiring, just tends to depress us because we don’t have that “luxury”.

We stress. We become cranky. Family members complain. We stress more. We sit down to work and guilt creeps in. Relate much? 

I know this because honestly, I’ve been there. 

I know this because I’ve been a shoulder to lean on for many a friend who goes through this.

So, the way I see it, you have 2 options: 

One, you go through the same cycle every year and it either gets worse or you burn out and throw in the entrepreneurial towel and move on.

Two, you decide to take action. You put systems in place. You take real steps towards freeing up space on your plate so you can actually step back without stepping away from the biz. 

This post will show you how to make that second option happen so you can save more time, increase sales and get more visibility while really enjoying the slow summer season as well.

Ready to create a chilled out business or blog that brings you readers and results without you sweating over it?

Grab a glass of something cool, curl up your feet under you and read on.

How to Save Time, Increase Traffic and Earn More This Summer

While I’m sharing these “coolers” for the summer, you can really, use them anytime when you need more space in your schedule.

How to Save Time, Increase Sales and Attract Targeted Traffic This Summer

1. De-Stress Your Social Media Presence

Social media overwhelm goes to an all-time high during the summer and I’m not surprised.

You’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and maybe, even Google+…so, how on earth will you manage all of these while travelling with the family, playing with the kids, savoring the season?

The summer cooler for you: The Social Spread. 

It’s a feast of 600+ ready-to-use updates {including photo templates, giveaways and more!!} that you can just copy-paste into whatever scheduling tool you use or network you’re on and voila, social media presence sorted.

Save time. Increase engagement. Stay visible.

Breathe. Click here. 

2. Brew a Better Blog

Want a better blog by the time summer ends? Wondering where to start? Or how?

Let’s have coffee together. Virtually.

That’s right. My Coffee ‘N’ Critique sessions are designed to make it easy-breezy for you to get an expert’s {read, mine!} eyes on your blog to identify areas of improvement, actionable plan to work on to get great results, email access to me for 30 days and accountability to get things done.

Ready to brew a better blog? Book your coffee ‘n’ critique session now.

3. Chill with Cool Content

Worried that you blog will suffer because you’ll take a break and traffic will fall off?

Stressed over how you’ll manage blogging while sitting on the beach?

Time to let all of that slip away and instead sip on your summer cooler: The Grab and Go Summer Delight.

It’s everything you need to save time, increase targeted traffic and grow your brand’s social presence with ease. You get TWO done-for-you original and custom blog posts with socially shareable, branded photos, 60 social media updates custom crafted for your brand AND scheduled for you as well. 

Plus, since I know you’re really sweating over this, you get a sizzling special on it too. Click here to Grab and Go, your summer cooler! 

4. Laze and Learn

Summer slide isn’t just for the kiddies.

Business owners need to watch out for it too. It can be tough jumping back into the saddle when September comes around and find that our learning skills have gotten rusty.

A self-paced eCourse is perfect for learning and still have time to our selves and for our families.

Regular learning is key to keeping those grey cells sharp and yes, preventing summer {or any season!} slide.

Your summer cooler, my friend is: Content Cookbook.

Packed with actionable strategies, step-by-step tutorials and worksheets to help you learn practical content creation lessons so you create a social presence that’s sizzling hot and totally in sync with your values and vision.

Not just that you get 1:1 access to me and a bunch of other entrepreneurs, like you in The Content Café.

Click here to get cooking with Content Cookbook. 

5. Pep Up Those Product Descriptions

If you are a product-based business owner, you know that your descriptions can make or break your sales. They are the difference between browsers and buyers.

If you’re ready to have more buyers this summer without stressing over how to make it happen, you need delectable done-for-you product descriptions that pack SEO with sweet copywriting to give you a package that’s bound to bring sales streaming in.

Read to experience the thrill of more sales and targeted traffic without lifting a finger?

Pick a Delectable Done-for-You Product Descriptions cooler here.

6. Sizzle Up Those {Affiliate} Sales

Affiliates are awesome. They support your products or services, sharing them with their community, giving you increased traffic, more sales and of course, their seal of approval.

Make it simple for them to share your awesomeness with their audiences this summer with the Affiliate Abundance “cooler”.

It includes ready-to-use, custom crafted social media updates, email swipe copy and pinnable images, plus a strategy guide and calendar.

Yes, let those affiliate sales skyrocket over the summer while you can sit back and enjoy sunsets.

 So, which summer cooler will YOUR small business be sipping on to save time, increase sales and get more traffic?

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