The last time I checked I’d liked around 1600 pages on Facebook! Yep, 1600.

That was also the time I decided that if I really wanted to connect with these pages and businesses, I needed to organize my Facebook page likes so that I can actually see their updates regularly.

You see, as a business owner, when you like pages from your personal profile you do so not only because you think the other business is quite awesome but also because you hope that you may be able to collaborate, partner or work together in some way, in the not-so-distant future.

In order for that to happen, you need to get those Facebook pages organized so that you can connect with them easily and regularly.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to organize your Facebook Page likes:

1. Go to a page you ‘like’.

I’m choosing The Mogul Mom’s page, since it is one of my favorite pages for entrepreneurs.


2. Click the ‘like’ button or if it is already ‘liked’, hover over the button.

 3. Scroll down to + New List


4. Click Create New List

This is the page that you’ll be directed to.

At this time, if you want you can add some of the other pages you’d like to include in the list. If not, you can always add them later.


Click Next

 5. Give Your List a Name 

Make it simple and easy for you to remember what the pages in that list are all about.

Select the Privacy of the List. Mine are all set to Only Me.

6. Click Done

Now go ahead and simply add pages to the list or create new ones as you see fit.

The next time you ‘Like’ a page, hover over the Like button a little while, your lists will drop down and you can simply check off the lists you want to add the page to. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

Also, when you hover over the ‘Liked’ button, uncheck Show in News Feed. The posts will continue to show up on the Interest List page without getting lost or clogging up your personal page news feed.

Now you can simply visit the Interest List page of your choice {it will show up in the left sidebar of your personal Home page} and interact with pages you want to build and nurture a relationship with. Whether it is blogs you want to guest post on, businesses you want to work with, or people you want to get inspired by, you can stay tuned with updates easily and without getting overwhelmed on a daily basis.


Ready to get organized? What Interest Lists will you create for your Facebook Page Likes?

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