Last updated on March 12th, 2019

Alrighty Blitzers!!

You’ve nailed who you want to write for, what you want to write about and how you’ll make it a productive, intentional affair.

Now, it’s time to really crunch those out-of-shape blog muscles and start seeing traffic.

No I’m not talking about that lone reader who landed from a random FB post you’d done.

I’m not even talking about the stragglers who come across your blog because your mom decided to email all her book club friends about it.

I’m talking about real, targeted, interested-in-what-you-have-to-say traffic.

Let’s go get ‘em, tiger!

Blog Blitz Bootcamp Day 3 How to Increase Blog Traffic

How to Increase Blog Traffic Without Getting Glued to Your Laptop or Dishing Out Dollars on Advertising

So, my promise to you is this…

These are traffic-generating tips that I have personally used to skyrocket both my own and our clients’ blogs.

These are tips that, like good eating habits, take a bit of time to show results but they are 100% free and don’t require you to be stuck to your laptop with Super Glue.

That is my Bootcamp Leader pinky promise to you. Now, let’s get to work.

1. Build {and Implement} an Intentional Outreach Plan

Start by going where you readers are. That’s right. Guest blogging has been one of the best ways for me to grow my traffic and reach an audience that wants to read what I write about.

So, create an intentional outreach plan and identify where can you guest post, creating an instant stream of targeted traffic for your blog.

2. Share It on Social

Written a post? Don’t let it languish in your blog’s musty archives. Instead, create 2-3 social media updates and pop them into Buffer and share it on social media.

Better still, have a cohesive social media strategy that is focused not random and geared towards building up your traffic, the organic way.

For instance, you could publish a post on your blog on Thursday, share it once across social networks on that day, then once after 3 days, 9 days and 20 days.

Tools, like Buffer and CoSchedule make it super easy for you to do that in one sitting. How cool is that?

3. Build Your Email List and Email Them

Finally and most importantly, start building your email list from Day 1. That’s right. Whether you offer folks an opt-in or not, make sure you have an email capture form in the following places:

–       Above fold or at the top of the site

–       In the side bar

–       Below blog posts

–       In the footer

–       On your About Me page

And then, once you start capturing emails, make sure you email your list when you publish a blog post. You have NO idea how many bloggers tell me that they only email their list when they have something to sell!! Noooo, don’t do that.

Email them when you publish a post. Period.

It doesn’t have to be a long fancy email either. I love how straightforward and crisp Neil Patel’s emails are


Mine aren’t too bad either 😉


Having said that… if you publish 5 posts a week, I’d recommend emailing them a weekly digest instead of 5 daily posts.

There you go. Three turbo-charged tips to pump up your blog traffic for free.

Now, you know what to do next…

Snag the Do It Yourself Drill AKA Worksheet: Make sure you’re signed up to The Blog Blitz Bootcamp to get your ‘take action now’ worksheets because whipping that blog into the best shape possible will take some work 😉

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