how to start your day right as an entrepreneur

Ever have one of those workdays when nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing goes according to plan.

You can’t focus.

Interruptions and distractions drive you batty.

You start and stop a bajillion different things.

And at the end of it all… you feel you did absolutely nothing. Which isn’t far from the truth. Which makes you feel worse.

As work-at-home entrepreneurs, we’ve already established that our time is our greatest asset.

So, how about we really leverage that asset by setting the right foundation??

Yes, the secret to having a productive, profitable and peaceful work day is to… start right.

How to Start Your Days Right as a Work From Home Entrepreneur

1. Your Days Start the Evening Before

That’s right.

Your work day starts the evening before. So, make sure you’ve spent 15 minutes or so during the evening jotting down the 5-7 most important things that need to happen the next day.

I also use this time to review our meal plan to see what’s cooking, literally.

And also, check the calendar and schedule in any phone calls or meetings.

15 minutes is all it takes and it will mean that you will hit the ground in the morning with a clear head and a plan of action.

2. Ease Into the Day

I hate waking up late because it means I’m rushing around like crazy and by the time, I sit down to work, I’m already exhausted and craving chocolate.

So… ease into the day.

Whether you like to:
drink your bulletproof coffee or lemon-infused water,

take 5-10 minutes to quietly do that.

It will help you center yourself and really, ease you up.

Yes that is how I feel. I’m easing up into my day.

3. Do NOT Get Sucked into Social Media

I don’t know about you, but my “job” is social media so yes, I check all our clients’ social networks to make sure everything is going smoothly… BUT I only do that.

I don’t get sucked into replying to personal comments, messages or tweets, or checking Pinterest out.

I’m in and out… fast.

Unless, your job, like mine, is social media, I’d recommend skipping it altogether. Sidenote: if you have The Social Spread, you’ll be able to save time throughout the day as well 😉 

Instead, use that time to prioritize your to-do list to see what you’ll be tackling first. Speaking of which, tackle your money-making tasks first.

4. Eat Your Breakfast

An empty stomach makes a cranky entrepreneur.

Trust me. You’ll have brain fog and you’ll be cranky, like your two-year old. Not very productive or peace-filled.

Instead, use 5 -10 minutes to eat your breakfast.

Mayank and I do that together and we go over our day simultaneously. It helps us check in with each other and also, get some quiet time together.

5. Get Dressed for Work

Seriously. Working from home can be casual Fridays all week long, but there is something to be said about dressing professionally.

I mean, you don’t need to be all suited and stuff, but I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in my productivity and self-confidence when I’m smartly dressed.

A quick shower, brush through the hair, some lip gloss, clean well-coordinated clothes, some fresh accessories and voila, done.

Are you ready to have more productive work from home days?

Notice a significant improvement in how you feel?

Experience the rush that comes from doing the things that matter straight off the bat?

Well then… Start right!  

the secret to productive days as an entrepreneur

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